Friday News

 In Style had the oppurtunity to chat with Twilight costume designer, Wendy Chuck.  She gives a breakdown of why certain outfits were chosen and where you can find them! 

Thanks Kaila for the heads up!

The magazine VMan has a great photoshoot and article about the men of Twilight.  Ladies beware photos many cause fainting.


New Movie Pictures

The Official German Movie site for Twilight has been launched and there are some amazing new photos.  Check them out here.

Baseball Giveaway is giving away an autographed Baseball.  Check out all the details on the site and enter to win.

Evening News

Media Blvd has a new article from Stephenie and Catherine.

Stephenie, how does your vision of Edward and Bella, and all the other characters, match with the actors who were cast in the movie?

Of course, I have a mental picture and, unfortunately, people can’t climb into my head and pull those out to use them. But, I’m actually amazed, particularly with Rob because Edward was a really hard one to cast.


Torrid the sister store of Hot Topic is now carrying Twilight T-shirts.  Torrid offers clothing in sizes 12-26.  You can view the products here. 

Spin magazine has an article about Paramore contributing a song to the Twilight sound track.  Check out all the information here.

Where in the World is Kellan?!

We know where he will be and some lucky fans will have the oppurtunity to see Kellan.  He will be making appearances at a few fan conventions.  And those of you living in New England and England should be very excited!!


The New England Fan Experience hosts celebrities in Cambridge, Massachusetts annually.  One of this year’s special guests is Kellan Lutz, who will appear during opening weekend of "Twilight" the motion picture.
CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS (September 15, 2008) – – The New England Fan Experience (NEFE) is proud to announce the appearance of Kellan Lutz at this year’s convention at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, near Boston, Massachusetts.  The weekend that the film "Twilight" premieres across the United States, November 21-23, 2008, is the perfect time for the handsome young actor portraying Emmett Cullen to visit with the fans of this exciting book and movie. 
The New England Fan Experience has run this a multi-genre fan gathering that hosts celebrities from Pop Culture, Anime Kaiju, Science Fiction, Science and Technology, and Gaming for 18 years.  This year’s Pop Culture Experience will host not only fans of Twilight, but also fans of Back to the Future, as Lea Thompson will be making her first North American convention appearance.  Other celebrities that will take part in NEFE include:  Johnny Yong Bosch (the anime voice actor for Ichigo – Bleach), Don Frye (Captain Gordon – Godzilla: Final Wars, and UFC fight champion), George Takei (Heroes, Star Trek), Story Musgrove (NASA Astronaut and most traveled man outside the Earth) and more.




Kellan is the first guest announced for the Eternal Twilight Convention happening in the UK in Feb 09.  You read about his appearance on the site.



 Shock til You Drop has news of a new trailer  due out in mid-October.

Media BLVD has a great picture of the cast from the VMAs.  You have to scroll down the the bottom to see it.



Lake County News– The article talks about how people who have read the books travel to Forks.  The Lake County Library has created a travelling scrap book of Forks.

Frances Clark Sayers, in “Summoned by Books,” commented that “… it takes an extraordinary amount of vitality on the part of the author to set people on literary pilgrimage to haunts that have been described in his books.”

There is a blurb about Michael Welch in Playbill.  It discusses his upcoming play Speech and Debate and has a picture at the bottom.

Twilight Filming “New Scene” Next Week

MTV has announced that some of the cast will be filming added scenes next week.  Chek out the article for all the details.


OK now that we are back we are going to try and catch up on some news we missed.  It is likely you have seen this elsewhere but just in case here is some cool news from around the world.


Popstar is holding a contest and here are the prizes

Fans who participate can win free movie tickets to the premiere, sets of the books, and more! 

t’s easy to enter; you just write letters to the cast following the rules of our Annual Celebrity Love Awards, here.

EDITED: The folks at Popstar have seen your questions and have provided an update


Empire has announced that Twilight will be takinf part in the BFI Movie -con in late August.

We apologise in advance for any possible screams, but there’s likely to be a strong reaction when Twilight unveils footage at Movie-Con.


The lovely people over at Mugglecast had an interview with Stephenie last week.  Here is a link to the full news stroy and a link to the actual mugglecast.


A big thanks to Devon from Robert Pattinson online for sending a link to her youtube video of Robert’s phone interview at the Rhode Island Film Festival that took place on Thursday night.