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Media Blvd has a new article from Stephenie and Catherine.

Stephenie, how does your vision of Edward and Bella, and all the other characters, match with the actors who were cast in the movie?

Of course, I have a mental picture and, unfortunately, people can’t climb into my head and pull those out to use them. But, I’m actually amazed, particularly with Rob because Edward was a really hard one to cast.


Torrid the sister store of Hot Topic is now carrying Twilight T-shirts.  Torrid offers clothing in sizes 12-26.  You can view the products here. 

Spin magazine has an article about Paramore contributing a song to the Twilight sound track.  Check out all the information here.


  1. Wow, do you guys know about the twilight movie website giving a way a signed baseball?

  2. Haha I was just about to say that nicole!

  3. I’m so glad to hear that they are giving away a signed baseball. its so awesome.

  4. the link to torrid is all screwed up jsut to let you know

  5. Did you see Smeyer on Ellen today? It was less than 4 minutes long.

    So much for the *actual* interview I expected. Was anyone else a little surprised?

    I was thinking they might actually ask specific questions about the book, but they were all questions that’ve been covered a million times already.

    Oh well, Smeyer’s getting old, I suppose.

  6. Ok the Torrid link should work now

  7. wow paramore! YAY!!

  8. OMG YAY! I love paramore!

  9. The Stephenie/Catherine interview was great. Every time I read something new with Catherine, I get a surge of hope that maybe, MAYBE I won’t walk away from the movie saying, “That was NOT ‘Twilight’!”

  10. i’m so excited torrid is carrying the shirts! the hot topic shirt was just a bit snug, but i bought it anyway. now i won’t have to worry about it!

  11. I excited that Torrid is carrying them too. I was hoping they would. Hot Topic girl shirts are sizes way too small. I hope they’ll end up carrying all of them… and the jacket.

  12. *I’m

  13. I didn’t know that there was another script before the current. I’m glad that they nitched it. I would have been extremely upset and left with my mouth hanging open, arms/hands raised to the sky and screaming toward the Heavens, “WHY?”

    I hate to say it, but I’m NOT a movie going person. I love the atmosphere of it all but afterwards I’m left saying to my companions, “Wow. Seech, that was a renter.” There are so many movies that aren’t worth the movie theatre price but worth the rental fee you pay at your local movie rental place a couple of months later.

    This is the ONE movie this year that I instantly knew that no matter WHAT the reviews said, I would see it at the theatre, hands down.

    After reading the article on Media Blvd, I am now more than stoked!!
    What a great article!!!!!

  14. TwilightTexan says:

    Heck yes, Paramore is my favorite band! It’s funny because the other day I was actually thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Paramore was doing a song for Twilight?”

  15. I agree with Erynne. Completely.

    At this point, all any of us can do is sit back and hope for the best, fingers crossed and beloved and well-read copies of Twilight in our arms.

    I’ve read the script. I’m hoping the actors can do the characters justice with what they had to work with.

    I’m doing the best I can to show my support for Steph, and I went ahead and entered the contest for the baseball. Yippee, Woo hoo, Go Stephenie!

  16. Stephenie Meyer updated her website with a book suggestion.

  17. starlight_starbright says:

    oh my freaking god! I think i would kneel over with happiness if paramore got a song in the twilight movie




  20. Paramore is on the soundtrack!

  21. I have high hopes for the film, it does seem like Catherine tried to stay true to Stephenie’s vision. I think that Rob will be awesome as Edward because it sounds like he really embraced the role. I will admit, when I first heard all the people that were cast for the main parts I was dissappointed at best, but after hearing a lot of them interview I am a lot more excited. We only have a little over 2 months left!!!

  22. o…m…g! no way! yaaaaaaaaaay!

  23. oh cool!! Twilight shirts at torrid!! XDDD I’m so buying!!
    And WOO!! a signed twilight base ball!! YES!!!

  24. ahhh i love paramore! and twilight! it’s the perfet mix!

  25. yay some Paramore in Twilight would be AMZING!

  26. Bella as a track star?! Guns?! Night-vision goggles?! JET SKIS?!?!? Thank Carlisle for Summit!

  27. I really don’t know how this movie will turn out. I’ve read in other interviews that Angela and Eric are involved in yearbook, and Edward shows how he needs to “quit Bella”. In the book, he holds back in the beginning but he decides if he’s going to hell for Bella, he’s going to do it properly. Their love for each other is intense from that point. He is hesitant after James attacks her, but that is at the end. I guess we’ll find out on Nov 21! I am excited and looking forward to the movie. I want to love it as much as I love the books!

  28. I think I am the only one who is not enthused about Paramore’s contribution. But then I’m generally not impressed with the state of music coming out of the radio these days.

    I just don’t feel that Paramore’s pop-punk (*coughs*) vibe is right for Forks, Bella, or Edward. I think it would throw off the atmosphere like a discordant noise. If they needed upbeat music, I’m sure they could find it elsewhere. I mean, Muse is on the soundtrack, that sets a high standard for me. But then they do make soundtracks to sell to the masses. I know I’m hoping for a soundtrack like the one to Donnie Darko or The Crow.

  29. that was a great article…
    very excited for the movie now!
    BARELY two months and then it comes ouuutt!!

    oh and did everyone see the picture of the cast on MediaBlvd?? :O
    if you click next at the bottom of the steph/catherine article there’s a story about the vmas with a picture of Cam, Taylor, Kristen, and Rsexy down near the middle/bottom of the page. ūüėÄ

  30. Stephenie is quoted about being so excited about Rob, understandably so, but Kristen Stewart is going to blow people away as Bella. She is a wonderful actress.

  31. Parimore is AWESOME!!!!!!!

    I’ve never heard of spin, thogh. Where is that sold? Anywhere?

    Rob wasn’t how a pictured Edward, either. But I’LL TAKE IT!!!!!!!

  32. omg!! paramore is like, my favorite!! yay!! ūüėÄ

  33. Shitake Mushrooms!!!

    Are you for real?????

    They are soooo awesome, I’ve been dying to see Paramore linked somehow Twilight………

    and its like a total bonus to know that Haley (lead singer) has READ EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE TWILIGHT BOOKS!!!!!!!

    YAY! Paramore is pure awesomeness. They ROCK!!

    Just like my last comment, I will say:


  34. OME!!! Paramore!!! On the soundrack!!! YEAAHH!!!

  35. *sighs* >.<

  36. Enia Cullen says:

    YAY!!!!! I?<3 Paramore!!! YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! That has just made my day!!!!

  37. i love paramore!!!! these books are my fav. books ever!

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