Michael Sheen on Craig Ferguson

Michael Sheen stopped by the Craig Ferguson. It was just as hilarious as the last time.


    I love Michael Sheen…I can’t believe I missed him on Craig (who is my FAVORITE late night host)….AGAIN!

  2. This show is so funny! Love Michael Sheen he seems like such a funny guy and has a good outlook on life!!

  3. omg!! hi-lar-i-ous!!! i have become such a fan of michael sheen’s & this just made me love him even more! thnx for posting =)

  4. Most fun interview ever! I need to start watching this show for sure!

  5. Just as good as the 1st interview! Man, the chemistry these 2 have-they play off each other! Maybe Michael will take on a comedic role in the future

  6. omg that was funny! i have loved Michael Sheen since i found out he was playing aro…….i have always loved aro and when i found out who was playing him i was like “hes gonna be a great aro…..but dude he looks fomiliar” and it turns out that a couple weeks before i had watched a movie called “Underworld” and Michael stars in that and he plays the head werewolf how irionic is that? he goes from playing head werewolf to head vampire

  7. Michael Sheen is h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!

  8. 2opinionated4m3 says

    Whenever I see interviews of actors and actresses from the UK, I’m left with the thought that they seem to have that much more depth? They are witty, self-deprecating, funny, more knowledgable (widely read), multi-talented (they can sing, or play an instrument, or dance), they seem more honest and humble? You can’t help but admire them and want to root for them. At top of my head I can think of Rob Pattinson, Hugh Laurie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Beckinsale (Michael Sheen’s ex and the mother of his daughter), etc.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I also think of Hugh Grant. God, remember the whole prostitution/solicitation thing? Then he goes on Letterman? (Or maybe it was Leno?) Letterman (or Leno) says “what were you thinking?” and Hugh just grins with his crooked English teeth and says “I don’t know.” The audience went wild. Rupert Grint is another one. “What are you gonna do with all your money?” He says, “buy an ice cream truck.” And I think he did.

  9. Love, love, love this interview! I can’t believe I missed it. Michael Sheen is so funny and I love that he plays Aro!

  10. Hilarious! I love Graig’s accent. 🙂