Jamie Campbell Bower in Florence + the Machine Video

Adding to the number of Twilight stars dealing with music this week is Jamie Campbell Bower.  He’s playing a very creepy, dark, icy character in Florence + the Machine’s video for “Never Let Me Go.”  The band was featured on the Eclipse soundtrack, so TwiFans have double the reason to be interested.  Here we have a behind the scenes look at the video.  Tell us what you think in the comments!  Do you like the song?  ANd how do you like this darker side of Jamie?



  1. I LOVE this song and I think this video looks amazing. Thanks for posting

  2. Heather B says

    I just watched the video on MSN… It’s amazingly awesome. Florence has such a hauntingly beautiful voice. Not many artists these days make me emotional when listening to their music, but she always does. I have both of her albums and I actually have the Eclipse soundtrack to thank for introducing me to her. “Heavy In Your Arms” really inspired me to check out her music and I fell in love instantly. So thank you to the people who are choosing the songs for the Twilight Saga soundtracks. You are picking music that is beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Vampire-girl says

    I watched video on MSN, and I love the haunting qualities of it, her hair is nice dark too. I also only got into Florence and the Machine when I heard heavy in your arms, and fell in love. So thanks to Twilight for introducing us to more diverse music

  4. Love the song and the video. Her voice is so strong and distinct yet has an ethereal quality. It was also nice to see Flo and Jamie looking more their actual young ages.

    When I searched on MSN for Flo’s video, it also brought up the video for “I Was Broken” by Marcus Foster. I love that song too, and I didn’t know that Kristen was featured in the video. I read that Marcus dedicated the song to her when she and Rob went to see him in LA earlier this year. Now I guess I know why.

  5. Never let me go is my favorite son on their album!!!


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