Jamie Campbell-Bower Carrying a Large Torch in Breaking Dawn

Jamie Campbell Bower told Zap-It about one of the downsides to playing Caius:

“I have this big, flaming torch in the last movie,” Campbell Bower tells Zap2it, “and it was one of those things you look at on the first day and you think, ‘Yeah, I am going to be so badass with this!’ — and by the end of filming, it was, ‘God, I HATE this thing, I never want to see it ever again!’

“That torch was just so heavy it was ridiculous, and I had been holding Excalibur for the past six months of ‘Camelot,’ so my arm was getting bigger, but that big bronze torch must have weighed, I don’t know, 400 pounds or something. I was glad to be rid of it.

“I’ll let the fans have that one, because they love that kind of stuff.”

Via TA