Jamie Campbell Bower Talks His Fantasy Role Trends to InStyle

InStyle Magazine talked to Jamie Campbell Bower about Camelot and how he seems to like fantasy projects. Here’s what he had to say about Twilight.

“You’ve been in both Harry Potter and Twilight, was it a different experience on each set?

Every job is different. My time on Harry Potter was very, very short, whereas my time on Twilight was quite long and extended. Every job brings a new life experience. I was able to come back home when I was in Potter, whereas when I was in Twilight I was out in Baton Rouge and Vancouver for five months together. Every job should just bring something new and exciting and should help you grow.

Who would win the battle between team Twilight and team Potter?

Now, I got asked this question the other day, but if it was just the two leads – Edward vs Harry. I said Edward would win in that situation, because once you get the wand out of Harry’s hand, he’s dead. But, you’ve thrown a new dynamic into it because if it was a team battle, honestly then, I don’t know. I probably have to say the vampires again, they do move at super speed but the other guys have wands and you can stand back, you don’t have to get so close. Who knows? It’s a debate that philosophers have been thinking about for years now!”

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