George Lopez: Kristen Stewart

Shout out to Kristen’s dad who is one of the industry’s top notch stage managers working live events like the Oscars. He is also the regular stage manager on the George Lopez show.

Last night George began with Twilight Talent Week. He showcased Charlie Bewley’s Rugby skills and Booboo Stewart’s martial arts skills. Now it’s Kristen’s turn.


  1. awwwwwww…Kristen’s dad is so cute with her, and Kris although she looks a little bit nervous, she was having fun…I loved it when she mentioned Rob…wwwww

  2. Jennifer says

    Kristen has come such a long way. She was so relaxed & funny. And that whole Billy Burke toothpick thing could have gone sooo wrong…

  3. She’s a doll.

  4. Twilight’s got talent! That’s a hilarious title! Oooh the spin-offs in my mind: Twilight Idol, Twilight Survivor, Twilight’s Biggest Loser…sorry just couldn’t resist 😀

  5. la_petite_femme says

    Thank you GEorge for making Kristen comfortable!! Such a great interview!!

  6. this was a really fun interview, you could tell she was relaxed and comfortable

  7. Awesome! George rocks. So much better than those Letterman and Regis ‘interviews.’ And Kristen won’t be wigged for BD! Yipee!

  8. WOW Billy and the toothpick tongue thing…*fans self* my my my .. what can i say..LOL


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