The Big Buzz on Eclipse

triobannerrevealYahoo News Via Reuters is talking about the big buzz that Eclipse is creating. We’re also all kinds of happy that they even quoted us!

“Ben Carlson, president of Hollywood buzz monitoring firm Fizziology, said “Eclipse” is generating as much buzz as any film this year, and is on par with “Toy Story 3” which enjoyed an opening weekend box office of more than $100 million.

One of the blogs generating that buzz is Joffs’, where the Tennessee mother of two children addresses such topics as “Eclipse’s” new director.

Joffs said Slade, who previously made the horror film “30 Days of Night,” had fans worried that he “was just going to be so dark as a horror movie director.” But after seeing the film, Joffs said those audience concerns will evaporate.

“He understands that the love triangle is what keeps fans coming back for more,” she said.”

See the full article here.

Eclipse Red Carpet Live Streaming via MTV

It’s Premiere Day! Watch the Red Carpet happenings live! Also be sure to follow the Lexicon Twitter as we tweet the experience!

MTV is live streaming the Eclipse Red Carpet Action. We have their video below so once it goes ‘live’ you can watch it here.

Eclipse Red Carpet Streaming via AP Live

AP Live brings this summer’s most anticipated blockbuster premiere live, with interviews on the Eclipse red carpet! AP’s Marcela Isaza hosts this star-studded red carpet coverage this Thursday evening on and on

Watch live streaming video from aplive at

E! To Live Stream the Eclipse Red Carpet

Add E! to the list of those livestreaming the Eclipse red carpet.So far this makes MySpace, MTV and now E!.  According to E!:

“The big week is finally here! The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premieres this Thursday June 24. Scream! What will Kristen Stewart wear? Will she and Robert Pattinson interact? Hold hands? Exchange knowing eyes? Will Taylor Lautner‘s smile be whiter than ever?!

These are all very real and very important questions which is why we’re excited to announce we will be live streaming the entire red carpet right here on E! Online. We’ll get the show going at 5:30 pm PT/ 8:30 pm ET, so head over here and don’t miss a second of the action.

We’ll also be asking the Rob, Kristen and the gang your questions so tweet us @RedCarpet and let us know who and what you want us to ask!”

MTV: Eclipse Featurette and Taylor Lautner

MTV has posted the following:

‘Eclipse’ Featurette Includes New Scenes From Film

Read the article here: ‘Eclipse’ Featurette Includes New Scenes From Film

Taylor Lautner Calls ‘Eclipse’ The Most ‘Guy-Friendly’ ‘Twilight’ Film

Read the Article here: Taylor Lautner Calls ‘Eclipse’ The Most ‘Guy-Friendly’ ‘Twilight’ Film

Kristen Stewart Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’, ‘Wanted 2’ and more with MTV

Kristen Stewart ‘Excited’ About ‘Breaking Dawn’ Being Two Movies

Read the whole article here: Kristen Stewart ‘Excited’ About ‘Breaking Dawn’ Being Two Movies

Kristen Stewart Would ‘Definitely’ Want Role In ‘Wanted 2’

Read the whole article here: Kristen Stewart Would ‘Definitely’ Want Role In ‘Wanted 2’

Kristen Stewart Says She’s ‘Having Fun’ Promoting ‘Eclipse’

Read the whole article here: Kristen Stewart Says She’s ‘Having Fun’ Promoting ‘Eclipse’

Kristen Stewart Relates To Bella ‘Generally’ In ‘Eclipse’

Read the whole article here: Kristen Stewart Relates To Bella ‘Generally’ In ‘Eclipse’

Eclipse Premiere Camping Update

We just received this update from Summit:

L.A. Lakers Victory Parade Information

Due to the Laker parade on Figueroa Boulevard on June 21st, some streets around L.A. LIVE will be closed from 4:00am – 12:00pm, so please access L.A. LIVE via Olympic Boulevard. If you require parking, we recommend Lot 1, which opens at 5:30 AM and can be accessed from Cherry Street, or any other adjacent lots. Lot W and Lot C are NOT available for fan parking. Security check points around L.A. LIVE on the 21st are designed to only allow TWILIGHT Fans access to the NOKIA Plaza for camping set up. No parade attendees will be permitted on the NOKIA campus; only Twilight fans will be given access.
For more information, please see the L.A. Lakers’ parade information page:

Lakers Parade Info Page

Summit has also created a website with all the Eclipse Premiere information at

New Eclipse Footage from E! News and Moviefone

There are lots of spoilers in this footage – at least what I consider movie type spoilers.  For those of you really anxious to see the action in Eclipse, this clip will give you a great look at the many action sequences.  But do be warned, for those of you trying to stay somewhat spoiler free, that there is quite a bit in this that hasn’t been seen yet about the Cullens and the wolves working together.

And if that isn’t enough for you, Moviefone has even more footage in HD on their website. Pel is in the air right now or I’m sure she would know how to embed this media! But for the time being, you can click the link to Moviefone and enjoy the video over there.

Fans Get to See Eclipse and Get a Surprise Visit and Eclipse Review

Last night visitors to Twilight fansites got to see a preview of Eclipse right across from where the cast was taping the Jimmy Kimmel show. Well, here’s what happened according to some of the Lexicon’s representatives:

Pam’s reaction:

“Thank you soooo much!!! We had Dakota, Peter, Elizabeth and I think Xavier in person show up at the theater.

Rob, Kristen and Taylor were on a live feed at the Jimmy Kimmel show (which is across the street from the Chinese 6). Someone shouted, “Rob come here” and he repeated it so they heard us!!! We were about 15 minutes or so into the movie when the screen went blank… and they said there was some difficulties and them Jimmy K. shows on our screen. That’s when they introduced R, K and T…. then the others came out in front of the audience.

Thanks again for a very memorable night!!!! Can’t wait to see this movie again and again!!!”

Clair’s reaction:

“It was great; you’re going to love it!! Thanks SO much @twilightlexicon for the opportunity to see Eclipse tonight. *HUGS* @DAVID_A_SLADE You are a genius, sir. I bow to you!!! Thank you for making such an AMAZING film. XO.”

After the cast visit and the shout out from the Kimmel show fans from various fansites and their webmasters got to see the movie. Alphie gave her review of Eclipse about two weeks ago, which the rest of the admin team agrees with. We got to see the movie on Friday in IMAX. Here’s what other fans had to say coming out of the show (done under the cut to save people who are trying to be spoiler free) [Read more…]

Interview: Kristen Stewart Talks The Twilight Saga: Eclipse via IESB

With more of the action, love, friendship, jealousy and passion that the series has become known for, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ups the ante with a revenge-fueled, romantic continuation of the internationally popular vampire story, based on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling book series.

With a the evil vampire Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) and a Newborn Army (led by Xavier Samuel) after her, Bella Swan struggles to get her love, vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), and his family, to work with her best friend, werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), and his Pack, to protect her and keep all of them safe from the Volturi (which includes Dakota Fanning).

At a press conference to promote the upcoming release of the film, actress Kristen Stewart talked about her love for acting, the journey of Bella Swan and why she’s happy that Breaking Dawn will be shot in two parts.

Click here for the full Interview