Eclipse Red Carpet Streaming via AP Live

AP Live brings this summer’s most anticipated blockbuster premiere live, with interviews on the Eclipse red carpet! AP’s Marcela Isaza hosts this star-studded red carpet coverage this Thursday evening on and on

Watch live streaming video from aplive at


  1. Okay, for some reason this stuff stresses me out! maybe because I haven’t seen the movie yet and I’m DYING for it, but I just turn into a nervous wreck watching this stuff live! I can’t imagine being asked the same questions over and over again…actually, I think I may just wait for a recap on my beloved Lexicon 🙂

  2. scuba doo says:

    Why is that chick from the new 90210 on the red carpet? Who cares!

  3. me too, cant get the live streams to work well, guessing its because so many of us are trying. I can see all the good stuff when Lex puts it out there for us!
    However, i am keeping my twitter active tonight with all the great pics!

    Thanks Lexicon!

  4. Okay, I gotta give kudos to the fans–they all look so gorgeous and dressed to the nines! Very very nice. I love Rob. He’s simply attentive though he looks a bit tired.

  5. why does it look so freaking LIGHT OUT its 1:48 in the morning….apparently i dont think its live..


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