The Big Buzz on Eclipse

triobannerrevealYahoo News Via Reuters is talking about the big buzz that Eclipse is creating. We’re also all kinds of happy that they even quoted us!

“Ben Carlson, president of Hollywood buzz monitoring firm Fizziology, said “Eclipse” is generating as much buzz as any film this year, and is on par with “Toy Story 3” which enjoyed an opening weekend box office of more than $100 million.

One of the blogs generating that buzz is Joffs’, where the Tennessee mother of two children addresses such topics as “Eclipse’s” new director.

Joffs said Slade, who previously made the horror film “30 Days of Night,” had fans worried that he “was just going to be so dark as a horror movie director.” But after seeing the film, Joffs said those audience concerns will evaporate.

“He understands that the love triangle is what keeps fans coming back for more,” she said.”

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  1. Gee, congrats!!!! It is such a rewarding experience to work so hard on a concept, an idea, something that you love and be acknowledged in ways that can be shared with the whole world!

    I have my own lil’ blog but I will have to delete it because of illnesses. Lexicon is my daily hub for Twilight news, as you can understand, being a thirty-something mom of two can’t visit tweenie Twilight websites.

    I am ecstatic that Taylor is here in PA and started filming; visit the Pittsburgh media and catch news on how he’s doing. I can’t wait to figure out where he’s at. He seems to be such a nice guy, and smart to top it off.

    As I used to do with both my kids, we watched on TV “The Tales Of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”, and my daughter, 6, who’s on Team Edward, saw Taylor and I explained to her that “that’s Jacob”.

    So Team Switzerland got to see “My Shark Boy”. X-D

  2. congrats Lex for being quoted! GREAT article!

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m not certain self-promotion counts as real Twilight news per say.

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