The Runaways: Box Office Hit? Let’s Look at Some Facts.

DakotaKrisRun1It’s funny how fast things get judged. There are various reports out there comparing The Runaways’ opening weekend to Remember Me’s opening weekend. Unfortunately they seem to be over looking several key factors.

1.  The Runaways is only open in limited release. There are many cities that won’t get it until April.

2. On Friday, Twilight fans went to DVD release parties then played the DVD, slept in and then did it again. On Sunday they did everything else that they should have done the previous two days. They’ll see the flim next weekend.

3. The film is rated R which is going to cut into a chunk of the Twilight audience, not all of it, but a chunk of it.

In any case the film seems to be meeting with wide critical appeal from fans and critics. Let’s see what happens when it goes into wide release.

Kristen and Dakota also gave an interview to LAish. Check part of it out below.

LAist: One of the first things you did to get into character was cut your hair off.

Kristen: I needed to feel sweat dripping down my face. I would have felt like a fraud if I had a wig on. I’ve worn wigs in the past and they can look great. A lot of actresses won’t work without them. Dakota’s wig looked amazing, she worked really well with it. With the wardrobe and the hair it slowly becomes like a reality that you can believe. It can feel like this huge job, like, “How am I ever going to approach this?” And then you get on set and it all comes together. I can’t really bring myself to do anything until I’m on set. We didn’t see her do “Cherry Bomb” until we shot it. We were all floored. It was so cool.

LAist: Did you guys watch old videos of the band performing to prepare for your roles? I know I went home and watched them on YouTube after seeing the movie.

Dakota: You compared them, ooh.

Kristen: Yeah… you can do that…

LAist: No, you guys did such a good job.

Dakota: Yeah, there’s a lot of footage of them performing. When I first read the script I wasn’t familiar with who they were and who Cherie was. I had heard of Joan Jett and was familiar with her music, but not really “The Runaways.” So, I looked up their old videos and pictures of them and when I saw her perform “Cherry Bomb” I knew that I really wanted to do that.”


  1. It’s not playing where I live :/

  2. Leave Kristen Alone says:

    Thank you for writing this. Kristen has received critical acclaim for this movie at Sundance but yet the Twilight hating critics are trying to find fault with The Runaways. It’s in limited release. You are right I normally would have seen it this weekend but I was watching my New Moon DVD all weekend. I like the majority of Twilight fans will support Kristen’s movie just like we did w/Rob. And by the way, when Rob’s movie opens oversees, his box office will increase. The critics panned his movie so badly (I recommend looking at Roger Ebert’s review for an honest opinion) that I think they did it on purpose to keep the non-Twilight public away. I believe his movie is good. He did a tremendous job and he was believable. Again, both movies were small indie movies which Rob’s was only made because of Robert.

    The both should be really proud of their work and I’m looking forward to seeing more projects of theirs outside of the Twilight movies.

    • I am with you on all you said. The critics are bashing the hell out of Kristen & Robs films just because they were in Twilight. Its as if they are setting them up just to watch them fail. OK critics, they are young actors and have some growing to do but I think they are pretty damned good at what they do now. So, give them a few more years & they’ll be great. Please don’t sink their careers before they even have a chance to get off the ground.

      I too think they should be very proud of the work they’ve done.

  3. I saw The Runaways this weekend and LOVED it. I went in with NO expectations – just curiousity. I went with two 50-year old, two 19-year olds, a twentysomething, and myself (31) and we all loved it. Kristen & Dakota are amazing and we all went home and downloaded some music on our iPods.

  4. The limited thing is what’s really killing it because me and several of my friends want to see it but It’s not playing within an hours radius. Heck not even a two hour one.
    Remember Me is one of the best movies of this year(Eclipse isn’t out ;). It’s sad that now if something doesn’t have tons of CGI, action, and degradation of women it sucks.

    • The Runaways will open wide on April 9th. You will all get to see it and you should it is an amazing showcase for Kristen and Dakota. Amazing.

  5. I wish it was playing where I lived… 🙁
    Not only because of Kristen and Dakota (I do love them), but it is also because I’ve been a fan of The Runaways and in particulary, Joan for some time now. My first Joan Jett song was when I heard it in Shrek. 🙂

  6. wh00ps. I was going to say what song. Bad Reputation… <3

  7. saw it they really needed to go further with more detail,loved the performences,kristens voice is not as good as joans,but she got everything else down,dakota,performed better for me,love kristen to just dont think she as strong as dakota.

  8. tessnowhite says:

    Quoting Kristen Stewart, “I would have felt like a fraud if I had a wig on.”

    Does she feel like a fraud when portarying Bella Swan?

  9. You can tell your another suppossed reviewer who has their nose so up Kristen’ a__ that you won’t give a real review. The movie has to make 19 million to break even just like Remember Me has to make 30 million. The studio only makes around 55% of a movies gross. I saw the movie in New York and at least 6 people walked out in the middle of the movie. The theater was almost empty anyway. You can pervert the truth but in the end it’s still there.
    The movie is awful you realize the girls didn’t make it because they weren’t satisfied being lesbians they wanted to be guys. So, everything in this movie is about how awful men are. When truthfully you had a group of major druggies with only a little talent. Men were not responsible for there failure they were! There is nothing about this movie which makes it worth promoting.
    Kristen was awful, Dakota did okay.

    • catherine says:

      No offense Liz, but you sound like a hater. You’re the first and only person I’ve heard say that the Runaways was bad. You are probably not their target audience. No worries, the critics liked it and so did non-twi fans which is very important for Kristen’s career.
      Kristen cutting her hair was a gut check. She passed. Doesn’t really matter a whole lot if you are impressing people who hate you when you can impress critics instead. And she accomplished that.

  10. I was bummed that Miami was not part of the limited release but now I’m even more bummed to find out that Miami is not going to be part of the wide release either :'(

  11. @Liz,are u a Miley Cyrus fan or sumthin? Did Kstew take anything away from u? Those people that walked out maybe ran out of sodas for their jumbo popcorn, or needed to pee. If u like classical music, or a boring Disney movie why did u spend ur money to watch the girl you hated so much? You need to double your dose and leave the girl alone. Seriously, u need more than over the counters.


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