Catherine Hardwicke: So Little Time, So Many Projects!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Catherine Hardwicke may be the busiest director in Hollywood. Never mind “female director”, director—period!

THR states:

“The director is in negotiations to helm “The Girl with the Red Riding Hood,” the Warners reboot of classic fairy-tale “Little Red Riding Hood” that the studio is developing with Leonard DiCaprio’s Appian Way.

She’s also in early talks with Sony to take on its feature version of “21 Jump Street,” the undercover cop tale that, like “Twilight,” centers on high-schoolers with unusual abilities, though other directors are in the running on that project as well.

It’s unclear if Hardwicke could helm both pics — while both projects are at the development stage, they’re considered priorities for their respective studios, which could create a scheduling issue if both go next year. On top of that, Hardwicke is also on tap to helm the  modern-day adaptation of “Hamlet,” the Emile Hirsch vehicle at Overture that could bump up against the other pics.

Still, hers is a high-class problem — an abundance of projects at a time when studios are cutting back and gigs are harder to come by.”

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Twilight Stars Reuniting With Catherine Hardwicke

Catherine Hardwicke talked with Larry Carrol of MTV about her upcoming Hamlet project and how some Twilight names might be involved. Get the whole story on MTV.

Catherine Hardwicke: Bryce Dallas Howard Original Choice

According to The LA Times,  Catherine Hardwicke, who commented at the taping of the Teen Choice Awards,claims Bryce Dallas Howard was the original choice to play Victoria. (Be advised if you click the article there are spoilers for the results of the awards show that airs tonight.)

Catherine Hardwicke: Directing the Kissing Scene

Catherine Hardwicke dishes what it was like to direct the “kissing scene” from Twilight. There are also four other videos in the series. ( One Three Four )

She also talks about the studio who passed up Twilight because they thought it wouldn’t make any money.

Catherine Hardwicke in Reuters

Catherine Hardwicke tell Reuters what life has been like since Twilight:

Q: “Twilight” cost $37 million and made nearly $382 million worldwide. Do you feel pressure to top yourself?

A: “I don’t think that’s possible, and I don’t think that’s a healthy way to think. “Twilight” was a phenomenon — the stars just aligned on that film. Thank God (director) Ridley Scott didn’t stop after “Blade Runner.” He made “Thelma and Louise” and “Gladiator” and a million other interesting movies. I still want to make other good films that won’t lose money.”

Q: How have things changed for you since “Twilight”?

A: “Right now I can say in a meeting: ‘Well on ‘Twilight’ this is how we did it and this is how we made it work.’ And people go, ‘Oh wow, that movie made money.’ They listen to me a little bit more than before.”

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Catherine Hardwicke On Access Hollywood

Adam Lambert Vamps It Up

Twilight lover and American Idol Runner-up, Adam Lambert, hams it up with catherine Hardwicke at the Young Hollywood Awards.

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The Origins of the Spider Monkey line.

One of the most quoted lines of the Twilight movie is the “Hold on tight spider monkey.”  delivered by Robert Pattinson  just before he and Kristen Stewart take off into the trees.  As die hard Twilight fans realize, that line was not in the book.  So, did screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg pen that particular piece of dialogue? The answer is “no”.

Catherine Hardwicke tells MTV,

“I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought, ‘They’re going to be climbing that tree, and they’re not going to have anything to say. It’s just going to be another scene of them looking into each other’s eyes.’ ”

Unfortunately, the Writers’ Strike had begun, and “Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg was no longer available to provide dialogue. “So I typed up, like, 10 ideas,” Hardwicke recalled. “And thought, “OK, maybe they could say this …’ “

Catherine Hardwicke Interviewed For MTV Awards

Catherine Hardwicke and her infamous bed made it to an MTV interview in preparation for the Movie Awards.

“Talking about the Best Fight nomination for “Twilight” was very interesting. As you know, the fight scene between Edward and James wasn’t actually written in the book — Bella just wakes up in the hospital — so for this, Catherine was able to completely conjure up the scene. She pulled out all the storyboards and talked us through the anatomy of the scene and how both actors prepared mentally and physically for the roles. With a small budget, she even resorted to using a combination of string cheese and chicken for the torn bits of flesh.”

See the whole interview on MTV.

Catherine Hardwicke to Speak at University

According to Instant Riverside,

“Catherine Hardwicke, director of the hugely popular vampire-romance film “Twilight,” will discuss filmmaking at Cal State San Bernardino on Wednesday.

Hardwick will talk about her experiences as an art director, production designer, writer, director and producer. She won a Sundance Film Festival Directing Award for her 2003 film “Thirteen.”

Hardwicke will speak from noon to 2 p.m. in the Recital Hall of the Performing Arts building on the CSSB campus, 5500 University Parkway.

Admission is free; parking is $5. For more information, call Mo Bahk at (909) 537-5820 or go to