Catherine Hardwicke in Reuters

Catherine Hardwicke tell Reuters what life has been like since Twilight:

Q: “Twilight” cost $37 million and made nearly $382 million worldwide. Do you feel pressure to top yourself?

A: “I don’t think that’s possible, and I don’t think that’s a healthy way to think. “Twilight” was a phenomenon — the stars just aligned on that film. Thank God (director) Ridley Scott didn’t stop after “Blade Runner.” He made “Thelma and Louise” and “Gladiator” and a million other interesting movies. I still want to make other good films that won’t lose money.”

Q: How have things changed for you since “Twilight”?

A: “Right now I can say in a meeting: ‘Well on ‘Twilight’ this is how we did it and this is how we made it work.’ And people go, ‘Oh wow, that movie made money.’ They listen to me a little bit more than before.”

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  1. She had nothing to do with Twilight’s success. She is the main thing that is wrong with the movie.

    • True Twight made money because of the book fanbase. The way she did the movie made a lot of book fans upset. Some things she did alright on but other things she took liberties with that she shouldn’t have. The actors and the book fanbase are why the movie was such a success.

      • I agree, it was the fanbase and the fact that we were getting to see our favorite family in the physical for the first time. I know she is a talented director but the movie really lacked so much, but seeing them was addictive. On the other hand, she did great considering the tiny budget she had and the lame script, at least she gave us some interesting visual to try and make up for it. She had to fake so much because of the lack of money for effects. (and the lack of script)

        • THANK YOU KAREN!! I hear people bash the film and Catherine Hardwicke all the time, but they seem to forget that she had a sub-par script to work with. Although there were a lot of problems with the film, most of them were script and editing related.

  2. Julie M. says

    She did make a great foundation. She gave us Kristen, Rob, and the rest of the cast. She should get some credit.

    • Yes, she picked out this great cast and did nothing with them. I think one of the reasons why there’s a lot of KStew hate out there is because she had horrible direction.

  3. I think she’s in a very dynamic parallel.

    There is one point of view that we all can give her credit for: she loved the book and wanted to make the movie true to it. I’m not too sure how many directors would have done that. The ego’s pressure to always include your own stamp on a classic usually overrides purity.

    The other point is what the former readers are saying. She had nothing to do with Twilight’s success; She only rode the wave Twilight was surfing on. There are a lot of people who look down on the documentary style filming and silently giggle at the over (and sometimes under) acting done by the actors who were all practically considered “fresh meat” in the industry.

    I think both sides are right and both sides offer further insight to why Twilight and Catherine did well: She stayed true to the book while the film itself made her a more popular name in the industry.

  4. I have read all the books at least 6 times each and yes there are things in the book that was not in the movie but I think that most teens out there probly have not read the book until after they seen the movie. The movie, the cast, Hardwicke, Meyers and a few others made this what it is today. Lets not point fingers. We love the books and we love the movie. Movies can’t put every single thing in it and sometimes the movie has to edit and add a few things but all in all we are hooked. Lets give it up for them, someone may have been able to do a better job but consider this- Summit had no idea if this movie would even make enough to pay for itself. Hardwicke had to make it work with what she was allowed and knocked it out of the park. She did a great job and although it was not perfect with the book (which I liked better)I still bought the movie after seeing it and reading the book.

    • “The movie, the cast, Hardwicke, Meyers and a few others made this what it is today.”

      Stephenie Meyer is what made this. Period. She is the creator of the series. Her words and characters are what got, not just teens, but all kinds of people out to the movies to give Twilight a 70+ million dollar opening weekend.

  5. Brittany says

    This is so funny…and off topic…but she’s standing in the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum in Austin, Tx…that’s where I had my wedding reception 🙂

  6. Ok yes she took liberties and yes she had a small budget but my problem lies in her putting things in the movie that were not even anywhere close to fitting while keeping things out that should have been there. She filmed them but she took her own twist and wanted to add her own little thing to it. The whole boat scene with James,Laurent and Victoria killing the one guy who was never even in the book, that took longer and I’m sure more money than it would have for them to do a better meadow scene. And that’s another thing, she even had a good meadow scene but instead did another one and used it. Not to mention if you watch some of the outtakes she went way off base in the outtakes from the book. I got the Target one and IDK if other versions have this but on the iTunes outtakes she has it to where Bella and Edward are walking in the woods and Bella turns to Edward and asks him if he wants to taste her blood, so she sticks her finger in his mouth and he sucks on it and they look like well I won’t go there but yeah NEVER in a million years would that have happened. So she wasted that budget and time doing stupid things like that rather than putting her all into what should actually have been in it. My husband who is not a huge critic of movies and never reads books read Twilight after seeing it and was extremely mad and upset with what they kept out and with what they put in. He said that while reading there were scenes he was expecting (the boat one I mentioned) but of course it’s not there.

    She did not do a good job, I’m sorry to those who worship her for making Twilight. I’m obsessed (to the point I have dragged my husband and 5 year old daughter into my obsession) and I have watched Twilight a couple times, I went to the midnight viewing here and have read each books 8 times and read everything there is to read on Twilight etc… But she did a horrible job, she chopped it up and didn’t give the whole story of Bella and Edward, she focused more on Bella and Jacob’s and Bella and Charlies relationships more than Bella and Edward, she put the secondary characters in more than the primary and just overall messed it up.

    Someone needs to set her straight and let her know that she is not the reason for Twilight’s success and those other people out there that “listen” to her now b/c she did Twilight need to come to Lexicon and all the other Twilight sites and see what the truth is, not what is portrayed.

    • I have to say Shannon, I completely agree with you! Everytime I watch the movie, when Edward grabs Bella by the arm and says “you need to see what I look like in the sunlight” I get so mad—never would have ever ever happened!! The climbing in trees I can deal with, the Cullens making her dinner-although it made no sense-I can deal with, it kinda showed how welcoming they were to her and I really had a problem with the fact that there was no rocking chair in her bedroom! Such a small thing that could have made a difference. As far as movies go this one is horrible-the story works b/c of Stephenie no Hardwicke.

  7. Ditto, I was also blown away by what stuff was added, particularly that Waylon (a character not even in the book) gets more dialoge than the Cullens.

  8. Michelle says

    I have to agree with everyone else’s posts, too. Bella’s house was not close to what was described in the books, the diner scenes were added in, the whole boat scene and the biology field trip were way off base. The movie cheapened the books. I would have preferred them spending more time with the Cullen family than with scenes that weren’t in the book.

  9. I thought the movie was what was to be expected. I never expected it to be perfect because any movie made from a book isn’t going to be exactly like it, so I wasn’t disappointed. Yes, I wish it was better. But, I don’t know who is to blame. Summit for not allowing a bigger budget? Catherine for her direction? Melissa for the script? Rob and Kristen for fighting to keep things out of the movie? I don’t know. But I think we should appreciate it for what it is and look forward to the next movie.

  10. Also, I heard Melissa say she wrote the script in “record time”. I think that says a lot. Hopefully she takes her time with the next ones and gives us something quality.

  11. Does anyone know where that picture was taken? It looks like the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin, TX.