Catherine Hardwicke Interviewed For MTV Awards

Catherine Hardwicke and her infamous bed made it to an MTV interview in preparation for the Movie Awards.

“Talking about the Best Fight nomination for “Twilight” was very interesting. As you know, the fight scene between Edward and James wasn’t actually written in the book — Bella just wakes up in the hospital — so for this, Catherine was able to completely conjure up the scene. She pulled out all the storyboards and talked us through the anatomy of the scene and how both actors prepared mentally and physically for the roles. With a small budget, she even resorted to using a combination of string cheese and chicken for the torn bits of flesh.”

See the whole interview on MTV.


  1. Lol I loved reading that in her directors notebook.
    For fake flesh we used creatively melted cheese!

  2. Jeannaly says:

    poor catherine she had to work with a smell budget it doesn´t seem fair that chirs had had all this money… i really do hope that they re-make twilight in the future so we could see how the movey had should really looked like

    • I agree, she had small budget and sucky script to deal with and then she can’t do the second one. Maybe they will let her do one of the others. It was the time thing right?

    • AlbertaJenn says:

      Ah, but don’t forget, Chris has his own production company, so he can also raise funds for his movies.

      That’s why I’m sad he and his brother aren’t doing Eclipse. I’m afraid that Summit will only contribute their $50 million or however much.

  3. You can see that she put her all into the movie… that she really loved her work. It’s somewhat sad that she was unable to do the second movie. She really put her heart into the project, you can only appreciate her dedication to the fans. I know that I appreciated her dedication to the film, especially with the budget that was given to her to work with. She did an awesome job in my point of view.

  4. Cont the the previous comment…. kudos Cathrine

  5. whitney says:

    I really like twilight i didn’t think it was as good as it could of been but you got to take in to account that they didn’t have a lot of money to work with it was a small budget movie, but i still like it and watch it all the time.

  6. vanessa says:

    Oh,how I wish Catherine captured the moment where Rob fell off the bed! I want to watch it! And well, “But then, once he was in the rhythm of things, Catherine actually had to remind Robert that the film was PG-13 as he was getting a little too …” xD

  7. OMG. I’ve seen part of the New Moon trailer from ET! Bella asks Edward to kiss her. 😀

    And also, you guys should post this. 😉 An actual fan footage of the video in Montepulciano. SO spoilerish!

  8. ET has 15 seconds of New Moon
    “I love you”!!!

    • that looks like part of the trailer…. these news shows always get part of the trailer before the “exclusive debut” and blow my willpower all the hell.

      thnx tho.

  9. Argh everyone is going to hate me for saying this but i didnt like the clip well i did but kristen just seemed a bit miserable but not. What did you guys think of her?

    • i thought that’s her normal demeanor, not miserable but that’s just how her Bella comes across?

      and there is the thing about Bella moping in the book, at the beginning, about how she’s a year older and Edward just stays the same… maybe that’s what she’s thinking.

  10. yeah probably! i re watched it again lol and thought she didn’t seem as bad as i thought. So yeah i think that is her normal demeanor, i just keep thinking of kristen being the bella i have in my head.

  11. what do they mean by “Catherine Hardwicke and her infamous bed” ???

    i thought she looked a bit sad because thats the night after the jasper thing happens with the paper cut, and she notices him being weird, and so shes quite worried that something bad is about to happen – they speed up everything of course going from book to movie


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