Adam Lambert Vamps It Up

Twilight lover and American Idol Runner-up, Adam Lambert, hams it up with catherine Hardwicke at the Young Hollywood Awards.

Check it all out on PopWrap.


  1. He’ hot. Love the Edward hair he has there.

  2. Adam would be amazing in one of the movies..have to think of who he could play…

  3. No Adam Lambert

  4. heatherh says:

    She annoys me to no end.

  5. This picture made my day a lot better. It makes me smile 🙂

  6. I think he would be amazing, maybe as a volturri or in breaking dawn as a nomad–which nomad hooked up with kate at the end? the scottish one? Adore Adam and love that he loves the books !

    • Garett was with Kate, I think he’s American. It would be funny to see Adam as Marcus lol… Nah, I know that role’s been filled.

  7. Adam is an incredible talent. Just look at some of his Wicked clips on Youtube to see that he’s a wonderful actor as well as a singer and dancer. The is certainly a triple threat. I really wish he would have been discovered another way besides Idol. Idol gives artists a stigma that they often don’t deserve. I’m afraid people aren’t going to tame him seriously.

    On the pic… is it just me or does Cat look really miserable?

  8. No Adam Lambert PLEASE! That would ruin it.

  9. AlbertaJenn says:

    Considering everything that has happened, it still raises my eyebrows that she is still considered THE Twilight Saga director.

    Guess we have to wait for NM to come out for Chris to be THE director.

    • Technically, she IS the director of TWILIGHT. Chris is the director of NEW MOON.

      • Cecilia says:

        “Twilight”… Not “The Twilight Saga” (thank goodness for that!) I grateful that she did it and not some other wacky person… Though she’s pretty out there… but I’m happy that someone more pro is behind New Moon!

  10. Adamfan says:

    OMG!!! I love Adam Lambert!! This totally just made my day!!!

    GO ADAM! You are the true american idol winner!

  11. Veronica says:

    I would love for Adam to sing on the Eclipse soundtrack. I think he got robbed on American Idol. He was DEFINATELY the better talent.

    • Twilighter14 says:

      omg i totally agree!!!!! I LUV ADAM he is so AWESOME!!! but i rly dont like catherine she gives me the creeps whenever i see or hear her!!! im rly glad she’s not directing the other movies!

  12. Oy. They both irk me.

  13. Savannah says:

    oh my gosh, I looooooooove Adam!!!
    & it makes me so happy that he likes Twilight too.
    dude, I would kill to be Catherine in these pictures…

  14. yenieuq says:

    This picture makes sense— they are both weird.. lol

  15. twilight is legandary says:

    just weird…no other words

  16. twilight is legandary says:

    the girl in the backround is tying to look the other direction

  17. all I have to say is ewww! :/

  18. Just say NO to Adam. Ew

  19. thpakle says:

    She looks like she’s in complete ecstasy, lol! Very weird pic!

  20. Haha I love Adam…strange picture though

  21. jazjade says:

    So tired of the very obvious and boring Adam Lambert just trying to rub up against anything that will get him in the press, dull if you ask me.

  22. I LOVE Adam. You can’t deny that he is seriously talented. The boy can sing.

  23. melanie says:

    No Adam on the soundtrack PLZ!

  24. Leave it to me to be the blind one, but until I read this comment board I had no idea that it was possible to not fanatically adore Adam Lambert.

    I LOVE him.

    I would kill to be Catherine Hardwicke there.

    Did I mention I hate her?

    She’s always bothered me. I’m so glad she’s not directing the other movies.

    And Potch, you brought up a great point. I wish that he hadn’t been on Idol, because I’ve noticed that Idol contestants always tend to be called ‘Idols’ long after their talent exceeds the competition. Adam deserves way better. He’s FANTASTIC.

    Nothing would make me happier than for my other obsession besides Jackson Rathbone, Adam Lambert, to be in a Twilight movie.

    That would KICK!

    Okay, novel over. 😀

  25. Shannon says:

    This picture bothers me, a lot.

    I don’t like either of them. At all.

  26. Gross on both accounts. They both bother me to noo end.

  27. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    To him, not her. Catherine’s cool and she seems like she likes everyone so she is forgiven lol

  28. Can’t stand Adam! Really really hate his personality and his singing voice.

  29. therealmrswhitlock says:

    Sweet lord, Adam should definitely have won AI! I firmly believe the only reason he didn’t is because Danny got eliminated and his fans hate Adam big time. So they all called in and voted for Chris. Poor Adam.


  31. cristina says:

    I love him,he is so sexy

  32. I cringed when I saw this, I’m not a big fan of either. If you like Adam sorry but I think he sounds like he’s just SCREAMING all of the time. Just a very strange picture.

  33. crazy4more says:

    I thought he would be perfect for a Twilight song. I was so happy when Randy mentioned Twilight right after Adam’s performance at AI finale.

  34. I thought he’d be singin 4 New Moon when my friend told me dat adams pic was on lexicon but even dou dats not what happened but man o man i luv his hairstyle. typical ed sort. wish he had won idols. but cant undo da past. wishhh. anyways reallly really spellboundin pic

  35. arazcal says:

    Umm,okay? Not really a fan of Adam’s. Seen it all before and done better (we had better glam rockstars back in the 80’s) but to each his own,.. and I wish him luck in the future.
    As for Catherine, I can’t really understand the extreme negative energy that some Twihards have for her. I think that she brought a lot to Twilight. Have you taken a peek at her director’s notebook? from clothing to scenery to location she wanted in on all of it. People, you do realize she played an immense role in casting Twilight?! Without Catherine there would be no Rob,Taylor,Kristen, etc. I wish her all the best and thank her for the choices she made. You go girl 😉

  36. Um, no to Catherine. She butchered Twilight. It was embarassing. As for Adam? He seems like a nice guy and I had no idea he was a Twilight fan. Cool.

  37. HE’S GAY!!!

  38. NO ADAM LAMBERT. Ewy. He’s a terrible screeching singer who looks like a 50 yearold woman in drag. he seems very nice, but I just cant stand his voice. =( I really hope He’s not on the soundtrack.

    Catherine did the best she could with thee verging on microscopic budget she had for Twilight. Theres only so much you can do.

  39. ok adam lambert is so cute and i think he should play garret if he was in thew twilight series

  40. i love adam dont get me wrong but rob,taylor, and him in one movie omg i would die holy crap o good lord

  41. Adam Lambert has great voice and his showmanship is superb. for me, he is already a winner because of his superb performance.

  42. i voted on Adam Lambert in the show American Idol. for me, he is the best contestant in that show.

  43. Adam Lambert is a very talented singer and i admire most of his performance. i wish that he had won the American Idol contest though.

  44. Adam Lambert is a very good performer, me and my boyfriend voted for him on American Idol. So many in the business have really noticed Adam. Given his talent, I would guess Adam will be someone many will want to work with, but he is a highly creative artist and won’t slip into someone elses shoes for long.

  45. I could say that Adam Lambert has got to be the winner on American Idol. He has excellent stage performance and nice voice too. :

  46. i thought that adam lambert should have won the american idol singing contest.’*`


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