Catherine Hardwicke: So Little Time, So Many Projects!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Catherine Hardwicke may be the busiest director in Hollywood. Never mind “female director”, director—period!

THR states:

“The director is in negotiations to helm “The Girl with the Red Riding Hood,” the Warners reboot of classic fairy-tale “Little Red Riding Hood” that the studio is developing with Leonard DiCaprio’s Appian Way.

She’s also in early talks with Sony to take on its feature version of “21 Jump Street,” the undercover cop tale that, like “Twilight,” centers on high-schoolers with unusual abilities, though other directors are in the running on that project as well.

It’s unclear if Hardwicke could helm both pics — while both projects are at the development stage, they’re considered priorities for their respective studios, which could create a scheduling issue if both go next year. On top of that, Hardwicke is also on tap to helm the  modern-day adaptation of “Hamlet,” the Emile Hirsch vehicle at Overture that could bump up against the other pics.

Still, hers is a high-class problem — an abundance of projects at a time when studios are cutting back and gigs are harder to come by.”

Check out the full scoop on THR’s Risky Business Blog.


  1. cheering4twi says:

    She deserves every bit of the success that has come her way. So much to say about her, but I love her fresh, positive, yet edgy, outlook. I would see anything that her creative juices were flowing through. Go Catherine!

  2. I really hope Catherine gets to direct the 21 Jump Street movie. I love that show and I think she would do wonders at directing it. I wish her all the best =]

  3. Well if she works as hard on these as she did on Twilight than she shouldn’d have to do too much work.

  4. I thought she’s be directing Maximum Ride? Is that going to be a movie or not? Last I heard she was the director for that.

  5. mrsmkeyman says:

    shes awesome(; i ddnt see MR in there 🙁 i guess they got a new director…or not doing it yet…or not doing it at all:( witch would ttly blow

  6. lol I think I’m the only twilight fan that doesn’t like her…

    • not exactly, I didn´t like “thirteen”, but that´s the only “catherine´s movie” I have seen, apart from twilight. And in this case, i think that she made a good job, she stayed true to the story, through makeup, wardrobe, locations, actors! (except for Rosalie…)
      Besides, I´m curious about what she´s going to do next…

  7. Bella Swan says:

    What’s wrong with Rosalie?

    • not the book character, I don´t think that Nikki Reed matches the book description, but actually I think she´s a good actress, just not right for that character…

  8. Bella swan says:

    I love Niki. She is a great actor. I thought she did a great job as Rosalie. I imagined her like that. Maybe a little different. I get what your saying. I mean…it’s hard to put into words what I think.

  9. woooow 🙂

  10. team edward says:


  11. …..MR?

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