Kiowa Gordon Talks Filming the Wedding Scene

In this video Kiowa Gordon talks with PopStar about filming the wedding scene, his Breaking Dawn Experience and more.

In Case There Were Any Lingering Doubts…Breaking Dawn Is Officially PG-13

The MPAA has finally made official what seasoned Twilight fans have known for months. Breaking Dawn would receive a PG-13 rating. Despite various folks wanting an R-Rating it was never going to be if for no other reason Stephenie Meyer would not have supported such as move as she, herself does not watch R movies. Rest assured when part 2 goes up for rating it will also be given a PG-13.

Crucial Scene Details from Breaking Dawn Trailer

One of our Lexicon readers Kim wrote in to tell us the following:

I noticed that in the first “stand off with the wolves” shot from the trailer that Jacob was nowhere near the Cullens or the pack and then in the next second he is screaming out “If you kill her, you kill me”. I think he is not in the shot when the wolves first arrived because he was imprinting on Renesmee! Also Edward shirt color changes from the line “they won’t touch her” to the fight. I guess we will know in November but that shirt is way too blood stained for it to be anything else. What do you Twilight experts think?

What other tiny details have you noticed?

New Breaking Dawn Stills Via Twilight France

Twilight France let us know about the following stills put out by the French distributor. TY to Twilight France!

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Top Ten Things Twilight Fans Want in the Breaking Dawn 1 Trailer

The Breaking Dawn Trailer is set to release tomorrow, and according to Love Film it will release at the stroke of midnight in the UK (that means 7:00pm eastern for us USA folks). So what are you hoping for in this trailer? Here are our top 10:

  1. A look at the brides maid’s dresses
  2. Jacob at the wedding
  3. We know we won’t get the dress, but how about a little bit of the “I do’s”
  4. Skinny dipping at Isle Esme
  5. A little more headboard sequence couldn’t go wrong
  6. Jacob and Rosalie name calling
  7. Wolfpack split
  8. Some reference to Bella being in labor
  9. A Jacob/Bella moment
  10. Renesmee moment: kicking, crying, Edward hearing

15 Second Breaking Dawn Teaser Broken Down Shot-By-Shot

We are breaking down the images from the 15 second teaser to the longer trailer coming on the 12th or maybe the 13th…there’s some debate. In any case check out our analysis.

This shot is the one that we wonder about the most. Is Jake in it pretending to be on Sam’s side (based on Comic Con footage) or is he in the house with Bella and Rose (the only Cullen not outside). Are the two extra wolves Collin and Brady?

Check out all the shots here. [Read more…]

Breaking Dawn Makes E!’s 25 Hottest Fall Movies List

Not only did Breaking Dawn make E!’s list, but so did other Twilight connected films. Taylor Lautner’s Abduction is on the list and so is Kellan Lutz in The Immortals.

We all know everyone here will see Breaking Dawn, but which would you rather see Abduction or The Immortals?

Top Ten Things Noticed About the Breaking Dawn One Sheets

  1. Edward is wearing his wedding ring on his left hand.
  2. Bella is wearing her engagement ring on her right hand. (Is her wedding ring on the unseen left?)
  3. In the trailer Bella wears the engagement ring on her left hand as she goes down the aisle.
  4. In the trailer she is not wearing her engagement ring when she realizes she is pregnant, but she is wearing a simple band on her left hand.
  5. The background of the Edward and Bella one sheet is Isle Esme.
  6. The wolfpack is visible in the back of the Jacob poster.
  7. The number of wolves accounts for all pack members including Seth and Leah before the split except for Collin and Brady.
  8. The description on Yahoo movies just lists the Denali coven by their first names. (We were happy because Denali isn’t their last name any more than Jesus’ last name is Nazareth. It’s just the town where they currently come from.)
  9. The pinkish colors of a literal Breaking Dawn are in play. Dawn definitely breaks over the water in Brazil in the East, however West in La Push…not so much. Maybe it’s a weird cove 🙂
  10. We can’t wait until they show a longer TRAILER! Yahoo movies says it’s coming November September 13th on Bella’s birthday!

Two New Breaking Dawn One Sheet Stills on Yahoo Movies

We can give you a brief glimpse here since yahoo has the exclusive today. Go over there for full coverage of Bella and  Edward poster and the Jacob poster.

What do you think? Which do you like better?

Teaser Image From Summit Entertainment Bella’s Ring

According to Summit, “Early tomorrow evening, Entertainment Tonight (check your local listings) and Yahoo! Movies (immediately following broadcast) exclusively debut two THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 teaser one-sheets! ”

What else do you think will be in the main poster reveal?