Teaser Image From Summit Entertainment Bella’s Ring

According to Summit, “Early tomorrow evening, Entertainment Tonight (check your local listings) and Yahoo! Movies (immediately following broadcast) exclusively debut two THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 teaser one-sheets! ”

What else do you think will be in the main poster reveal?


  1. Interesting that it’s on her right hand instead of her left.

  2. Honestly, with a ring like that, why would you WANT a wedding band? It bothers me that its on her right hand…

  3. Is it just me, or is the ring Bella’s wearing look like a slightly less ugly version of the monstrosity known as her engagement ring she wore in EC?

  4. The ring looks absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait for the movie!! 😀

  5. Also, its kind of weird that her hand is so tan. Bella’s suppose to be pale. She use to live in Arizona and she said she couldn’t tan (look back at twilight) and now all of a sudden she’s tan?? ….

  6. didn’t even notice that the ring is on the wrong hand 🙂 in Russia we wear wedding rings on our right 🙂

  7. Brittany Jackson says:

    I have no idea why her hand looks tan..maybe just lighting? I did notive that in some stills released of the honeymoon in Rio she had only a small wedding band on her left hand. That bothered me but I guess it makes sense that this ring is too big to be worn with a band and needs to be on the right hand. I think the 2 rings is unnecessary since this ring is so grand.

  8. Ok I don’t really care about the ring,what I want to know is why is it we only have one trailer?? Is that all were gonna get before the movie comes out? Are they purposely holding out on us!

  9. i must admit i do like this ring a little more than the one in eclipse. and i am ok with the engagment ring on her right hand. if you look at the stills after the wedding. she is wearing the band on her left hand and the diamond ring on her right . perfectly common when they wont fit on one finger.

  10. I thought for fun I’d google the whole engagement ring vs left hand/right hand. In Germany, the engagement ring switches to the right hand, so with all German customs aside, it isn’t an unheard-of concept 🙂


    • totally especially when the engagment takes up your entire finger. elizabeth taylor, may she rest in peace, did it.

  11. Most modern brides wear their engagement ring over their wedding band. The older tradition is to move the engagement ring to the right hand. I know a lot of people who wear theirs like that. Her engagement ring is not a solitaire and can definitely not be worn with her band. That is obviously a post wedding picture.

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