Crucial Scene Details from Breaking Dawn Trailer

One of our Lexicon readers Kim wrote in to tell us the following:

I noticed that in the first “stand off with the wolves” shot from the trailer that Jacob was nowhere near the Cullens or the pack and then in the next second he is screaming out “If you kill her, you kill me”. I think he is not in the shot when the wolves first arrived because he was imprinting on Renesmee! Also Edward shirt color changes from the line “they won’t touch her” to the fight. I guess we will know in November but that shirt is way too blood stained for it to be anything else. What do you Twilight experts think?

What other tiny details have you noticed?


  1. Now you have to consider that the trailer is different scenes from the movie. So it can make sense that Edward’s shirt changes color, because it is possible that there can be other scenes between those two, or there can be a day or two between the scenes. So I wouldn’t consider it as a mistake. And I think the same with the scenes with Jacob.
    And about the fact when Jacob should not be in the scene: The movie can’t be 100 % after the book. There might be some changes, but it is better than if they changed the whole movie..

  2. Given the way Summit has chosen to market Jacob’s role in the series, and how much both SM and MR love the boy, I came to the conclusion the two times I’ve watched it that Summit/MR/SM were playing up Jacob being his “noble” self when it comes to Bella. For all I know and given Summit’s past marketing and development of Jacob, Bella could darn well still pregnant at this point and the studio, the scriptwriter and SM want to continue making Jacob look like the better choice even after Bella marries Edward and is pregnant with his child. If I’m taking the scene out of context, it’s the fault of the studio, MR and SM because of their bais towards Jacob that’s been pretty clear from NM onward and not my own cuz I have no reason to trust those three to portray Edward and Bella in a postive light like they have Jacob.

    • Rebecca, I agree with you. The tone of the relationships between B&E and B&J has strayed from
      the books. I wondered why SM would take part in that because she’s the one that wrote the love
      story between Bella and Edward that we all fell in love with. I don’t understand why they had
      to take that away from us. CH’s Twilight got it right but from then on Edward’s character was
      weakened and pushed aside too much to let Jacob look like the stronger character and Bella’s
      preference, that was displayed so much so in Eclipse. When did Bella, in the book ever speak
      so harshly to Edward as she did in Eclipse?
      Maybe I’m being picky but for me the tone set
      in the movies of this love story seems bias toward Jacob and in too many places.

      • I totally agree. I wondered too, why in s last films Edwards charakter ist totally other than in Books… Its little bit sad

        • Evie Louise Cronin says:

          I’m not so sure that I agree with this assessment. In the book, Bella is very drawn to Jacob and won’t let him go anywhere once she’s pregnant – of course that is actually the baby creating those feelings. Edward would be very confused by this –
          She does act very in love with Jacob in BD, but it is Nessie who is in love with Jacob… we just don’t realize that until after she is born. I was VERY confused about Bella’s feelings while reading BD for the first time.

          As far as Eclipse – where are you talking about her speaking harshly to Edward? I didn’t pick up on that.

          I think so far that the movies have done the best they can to convey the story from the books in a much, much shorter time frame.

  3. I think the two stand offs with the wolves are two separate scenes. The first one is when the wolves found out that Bella is pregnant with an unknown threat and so they were planning to attack. The scene where Jacob is yelling at the wolves is probably after Bella had Renesme and he had imprinted on her. It makes sense what he said “If you kill her, You will kill me!” because according to their imprinting, you can’t live without your partner once you found her/him. Again, we’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

    • Also notice at the 1:37 Jacob is cryng wearing the same shirt as when Bella delievers, he is mourning for Bella’s “death”. At the 1:58 notice there are no Rosalie or Jacob standing with the rest of the Cullens, because they are with Renesmee. The clothes are consistent in the scenes. Jacob is wearing the flanell shirt he wore when Bella is in labor when he is crying(1:37). Edward is wearing the same blue shirt as when Bella is in labor but now it is blood stained. Watch the trailer again and you will really notice it.

  4. Monica james says:

    Ok I think everyone needs to remember that this is a trailer. So many different scenes are put together for the greatest impact on the viewer. As for the Jacob scene where he tells the wolves “if you kill her,you kill me”. I think that is before Nessie is born, when Bella is prego and it’s the moment that Jacob confronts the pack because he has left them to protect the Cullens, well more like just Bella. But that is just my guess until we get to see the movie. Btw can’t wait!!!!

    But here is another question for you. What scene would have Charlie crying like that?? You can tell by the background that he is not at home. Is that when he finds out that she is so sick??

    • I think that is a scene that they added and not from the book…they probably showing Charlie feeling some emotions for his daughter after finding out news that she came back from her honeymoon ill.

  5. I’m guessing it’s Charlie looking at Bella in a casket. Jake keeps wondering how the cullens will explain bellas “death” and he imagines her pretending to be dead when she comes back a vampire.

    • Angie Shimp says:

      Charlie is informed that Bella is very ill. He can’t even go to her. She will reveal herself to him when she’s changed in the 2nd movie. So far, the preview does the book justice. Can’t wait to see it!!!

  6. I agree with Brian. When I first looked at the picture of Charlie, I thought that his surroundings seemed to be those of a funeral home. I also believe that Jacob is speaking of Renesmee when he tells Sam, “If you kill her, you kill me.” LOL. I think most of us have been going under the assumption that BD1 will end when Bella becomes a vampire but I’ve thought it may go so far as to when Irina sees Bella, Renesee, and Jacob and reports to the Volturi. Just a thought.

  7. I just watched a vid and according to a USA Today article that quoted Wyc (sp?) Godfrey, part one ends

    (right b4 Bella gets turned)

    Which IMO doesn’t make sense b/c why would Edward be OUTSIDE if he hasn’t already turned her. Unless they mean b4 Bella wakes up?

    I will be avoiding anything BD related until the movie comes out from now on!!!

  8. I don’t know what to think! I assumed from things I’ve heard that part 1 will end when Bella is turned she opens her eyes as a vampire the end. And that anything about Jacob imprinting would be in the 2nd film. Bella doesn’t know until after her 1st hunt & I never thought it would be brought up before then. Also I don’t think Edward would be out w/the confrontation after Jacob imprints. He stayed by Bella’s side the whole time she was changing he was so worried that he did it in time for it to work & for her to live. And in the book Jacob goes himself to tell the wolf pack that he imprinted. I don’t remember for sure it’s been too long since I read the book. I’m just going to try to not think about it until I see the movie.

  9. Edward would not be outside while Bella is still on the table. It said quite clearly in the book that he did not leave her side for any reason.

    • And we all know they stick to the book…um ….wait….that’s not right. Did you see the picture? Edward’s shirt is so stained with blood. Why else would his shirt be that stained?

  10. I still say that they show Irina going to the Volturi saying she has seen an immortal child in the trailer. Who else could the blond be shown in the Volturi chamber? This leads me to believe that part 1 may go all the way and show Renesmee, Bella and Jacob hunting, and cut off when they find out the Volturi are coming.

    • from another melissa LOL! No, I don’t think that is Irena in the Volturi chamber.. unless something else was added in, like Irena found out Bella was preggo and went to the Volturi b4 Bella had the baby, then came back to spy on them, and reports of Nessie in part 2.
      Plus everything that I’ve read, all point out that the movie stops right around the time Bella is turned.

  11. You’re right, they don’t strictly adhere to the book BUT it would be totally against Edward’s character to leave her while she’s so vulnerable. I wouldn’t think they would go in that direction, no matter how much dramatic license is taken.

    • Not trolling but why else would there be that much blood all over him? Please give me an alternate theory. Take a look at the times on the trailer that I pointed out. The wolf pack never attacks the house in the book yet here they are in the Cullen’s yard fighting with Alice/Jasper. I think it’s safe to say we can’t use the “that’s not in the book” line. Edward would also never yell at Bella. He kept his pain hidden from her b/c stress made her worse yet we have Angryward yelling. The books and the movies are totally separate entities and should be treated as such. After three movies of this that should be obvious. Again Not trolling you just can’t really compare the two that much. We could all make tons of list about the differences between the books and the movies!

      • I agree with PattyQ. In the book Edward refused to leave Bella’s side for any reason while she was changing. And while I totally understand there will be changes from book to movie, altering that would be completely out of character and just wrong. Unfortunately we are no strangers to this type of thing (see the motorcycle scene from Eclipse). However, after looking at the screencaps I get the feeling that you are indeed right Kim, in which case I am NOT happy. I don’t think there is any explanation they could give for this change that would make it acceptable to me.

        • I totally agree. When Bella left Edward and hopped onto Jacob’s motorcycle, I was livid and wanted to scream in the theatre. I was so heartbroken for Edward and that scene made him look like a sad puppy dog. I also wanted to slap Bella when she yelled at him at the cliff scene. Eclipse ruined the Twilight movie experience for me.

      • I am really hoping the part where it looks like Edward is yelling at Bella isn’t correct. I’ve noticed a lot of times in trailers that scenes they put together in a trailer aren’t always like that in the movie. So I’m really hoping he’s yelling at someone else there. Because he would never do that.

        And I agree Edward would never leave Bella’s side. He is there during her whole transformation. Something else they changed that is out of character.

  12. Rember the very first trailer we saw had Edward hitting Jacob and throwing him across the room? Take a look at what they are wearing. Edward has blood on his mouth when he goes to hit Jacob, it is hard to see in the trailer but take a look at the screencaps. Why would Edward have blood on his mouth unless he had just delivered Renesmee? I may be completly wrong but I don’t see any explaintion for all the blood. If anyone else does I would really love to hear it!!!

    • There is also one more thing. In 1:43 Jake says to Bella “you’re the enemy now, Sam won’t hesitate, you will be slaughtered”. In that scene he is also wearing the same shirt as in the 2 pointed scenes. But if you look carefully at Bella in the background, she is still looking rather ok. Not too zombie like, and her belly doesn’t seem that big (and they said it’s gonna get huge). So either Jake didn’t change his clothes for a really long time, or this all happened in a single day (which seems kinda too fast for me). But don’t have the explanation for the bloody t-shirt. sorry 🙂

    • One more thing to back up my theory. When Jake says that to Bella on 1:43, Bella wears a grey-blue darker sweater, and in the scene where she falls and Edward catches her, she has something in a bit more lighter color on herself. And I don’t remember she had time to change when she spilled the blood cup from her hand just before delivery. But then again, it can all be explained with Jake not having time to go home and change, so he wears the same shirt 2 days in a row. 😀

  13. Edwards shirt looks bloodstained-so obviously Bella’s delivered. It appears to me in this scene that Jacob is “advising” the wolfpack of his imprinting [rather than going to see them as mentioned in the book], he’s also still wearing the shirt he has on when he’s trying to keep Bella’s heart going.. Therefore if they’ve changed the setting/book for dramatic purposes, it makes sense that both Edward and Jacob would be there to defend Bella and the baby [obviously just after she’s born].
    BD is starting to look REALLY good to me. I’ve already bought my Tickets..for the Midnight showing and again at 9.30am the next morning. Pity we have to wait another 12 months for Part 2 – very frustrating – Harry Potter didn’t need 12 months in between and they made more money for part 2 than any of the other movies in their franchise !

  14. Bottom line is that the movie is following the book but will add its own conflicts to make the story flow into part 2.
    Yes in the book, the wolves didn’t show up at the cullens but were contemplating the attack in their minds. Obviously they can’t make the movie more interesting if the wolves play out the scenes through out the movie in their minds, people will complain that there’s no interactions but us twi-hards knows the story from the book and probably doesn’t care as long as they follow the story. Anyhow, from what we saw on this trailer 2 is awesome I think and it gives us a preview as to what we are waiting for until the movie opens in November. In my opinion, the movie Bella, Edward, Jacob are different from the book characters in some ways…yes, in Eclipse, Bella keeps yelling/snapping at Edward which in the book she would never do that…in New Moon, Bella punches a werewolf (Paul) and didn’t break or sprain her hand which was not in the book but in the movie which shows that Bella would hurt them for Jacob and in Eclipse after punching Jacob, her hand was hurt which is what’s in the book and movie…So my point is that what we are seeing on this trailer is not all in the books and it’s ok, they seem to get all the main ones in there right? Edward angry, Jacob crying, Charlie crying, Bella crying were all added so the audiences can feel the story as well seeing it.

  15. This scene happens after Renesmee is born – Jacob is telling them that if they kill Nessie they will kill him. This is a scene not in the book – but we know that Melissa likes to add things that may not be there from Bella’s viewpoint, but happen none the less.

  16. I think the trailer looks amazing and I agree that the scene where Jacob says “If you kill her, you kill me” is after Nessie is born. I think they will end it just after Bella changes into a vampire. So far I think the changes they show in the trailer that are not in the book are fine. They have to show a little more action and emotion to keep it entertaining and the fact they are still trying to get other people besides us “Twihards” interested in the film. I think maybe Edward does leave Bella’s side from when she is changes because if he felt that Bella or Nessie was in danger and that he needed to fight to keep them save he would. So if that changes in that way I am completely okay with it. But we shall have to wait for the movie in Nov. which I can’t wait for!! Maybe this year I will go see a midnight showing and go see a morning after showing. I always want to go see it right away anyways 🙂

  17. Whatva great point. So maybe Edward attacks Jacob for imprinting on his baby and that gives Jacob & the filmmakers a chance to explain how imprinting isn’t really sick and creepy(even thought it really is! 😉 ) that seems like a good way to do it to me.

  18. After all I’ve heard that part 1 ends after the birth, the trailer doesn’t make sense! Charlie is barely in the first part and isn’t at the cullens home until after Bella has changed. And, who I’d assume to be Irina, is being dragged away by the Volturi and that doesn’t happen until she sees Renesme. If this is the case, I pray they cut the film where they should have all along – when they find out the Volturi is coming after them! That is the beginning if the second story!

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