15 Second Breaking Dawn Teaser Broken Down Shot-By-Shot

We are breaking down the images from the 15 second teaser to the longer trailer coming on the 12th or maybe the 13th…there’s some debate. In any case check out our analysis.

This shot is the one that we wonder about the most. Is Jake in it pretending to be on Sam’s side (based on Comic Con footage) or is he in the house with Bella and Rose (the only Cullen not outside). Are the two extra wolves Collin and Brady?

Check out all the shots here.



OK, 1-6 we pretty much saw before at the MTV movie awards back in June. Not really a whole lot more to analyze here.

Hello worried Carlisle. With apologies to A Chorus Line: Acting 10, Hair 3… did someone forget to fluff the wig that day?

And now we know why Rob called Kristen an alien when talking about this scene. It’s a good alien though. She completely looks like she is dying and unlike the Bella we have seen before.

Totally dead in the eyes and emotionless Edward (and that’s a good thing). Again something we haven’t seen before.

We’ve seen this shot before, but now I’m wondering is it Edward or Jake to her left (screen right) I’m leaning Jake.

Background is hard to tell. Is it Seth or Leah. Looks like Seth’s haircut, but Leah’s body type. Very hard to tell.

CGI on the wolves looking good and they are each a different color unlike the poster where they were  the same color in the shadows.

Work that mind reading Edward!

Check out our take on this photo up above

So is this Sam over Jake? Russet fur underneath makes me think yes.


  1. wow

  2. I think the last one is Sam over Edward. As in Edward is trying to say he doesn’t like the situation either.

  3. Olympic coven says

    Always look forward to the breakdown analysis. Thx

  4. Love what u guys do

  5. Wow, great break down! Thanks! Regarding the Leah vs. Seth debate, I think it looks like the person is wearing a 3/4 sleeve top with a camisole underneath, which makes me think it’s Leah over Seth. As for her hair looking like Seth’s, maybe it’s in a ponytail?

  6. They should have released the trailer today–its Renesmee’s birthday. We always celebrate Bella and Edward’s, why not their daughter?

  7. Awesome breakdown. Thanks!

  8. Are you sure, that this is Edward on the right side in the first pic?
    It doesn’t look like him.

  9. I think the one where you have “Leah?” is actually Jake. The three grey wolves are Embry, Leah and Paul (if I could see their faces, I could differentiate). The black one is obviously Sam. 1, 6 and 7 are, in my opinion, Jared, Quil and Collin, because Collin is described as having reddish brown fur, so he’d be similar looking to Jake, I think, so he might be the “double-agent Jake” you have listed. ‘Course, that’s just my speculation.

  10. I still can’t believe Bella’s face during pregnancy..!! OMG it’s a misery !! and am waitin to c how Rob will act like burning on front of Jacob and birth scene is a huge deal… guys, if Kristen and Robert perfectly acted their roles specialy Kristen… i can garentee the Oscar for them.. BD part1 really is full of too much emotions .. full of BFDs… can’t wait for it!!

  11. It’s sorta unfortunate but Breaking Dawn won’t be considered for an Oscar…. Or anything like that….

    • Joshua L. Roberts says

      IF the movie is good, and good because it is a good movie, and not because it is just Twilight, it could have a chance. Oscars are awarded for films of high quality. ANY movie can have a chance… however the film has to be decent. The Oscars aren’t anti-Twilight, the Twilight films just haven’t been up to par. Hopefully this one will be different.

    • There have been movies of higher quality and consistency like Harry Potter that have’t been nominated yet, so I highly doubt something like the TW series will get a nom with how inconsistent and low quality it’s been. And to be honest, the only movie in recent years that’s been based on a book or series that’s won an oscar is the last LOTR movie.

      • Totally agree. Even if non Twilight fans admitted that the movie was great, it would still never be considered for an Oscar. Avatar was only nom for special effects and not acting or best movie. I wasn’t a huge fan of that movie, but so many people were.

        Harry Potter, Twilight and other “teen” fantasy movies always get overlooked.

  12. I’m so excited but I’m not excited because this means that only one more movie and it’s over! 🙁

  13. Wait… we’ve seen the shot of Bella pulling her t-shirt down over her pregnant belly before?? Did I miss something? *confused*

  14. I think it’s Leah. In the books, she has really short hair. However, the Comic Con scene has Leah with her longish movie hair. Maybe it’s slicked back. I hope so! Seth should not be wearing that.
    I think it’s Sam over Jasper. The Alpha versus the fighter makes more sense.

  15. Everything looks awesome. My only criticism is Carlisle’s hair looks orange. I liked his old blonde. Although – Peter Fac au natural as a brunette is way hotter than Carlisle.

  16. TeamTaycobHeartsU says

    Great breakdown.
    And I am glad Bella doesn’t look good here; she isn’t supposed to.

  17. Leah over Seth definitely.
    Bella looks like death…. I’m excited about that! 🙂
    Carlisle needs a hair makeover A-S-A-P! Ew!

  18. I am really worried about that first pic you analyze. Why are the wolfs looking like they are going to attack & the Cullens have to protect their home & family? That’s not in the book. Yet another example of added “action” to the story where there really doesn’t need to be.

    • What do you mean that’s not in the book? I think you better read it again!

      • Lynne Stringer says

        Traci, I’m pretty sure that Jenny means that the Cullens never had to come out and defend their house in a direct confrontation with the pack like this. She’s right; they didn’t. But we know they certainly were planning to attack before the split, so I don’t think having them there is a huge stretch. Personally, I’m interested to see how it plays out.

    • I wonder if the first pic could be a…not a dream sequence, but it could happen while the wolves are planning to attack – like this is Sam telling them all what they’ll be doing, and they’re all seeing it happen?

  19. Carlisle’s hair is atrocious and so is the makeup. I expected more from Condon but I am not too surprised. The hair and makeup have been laughable for a while now in the films.

  20. Yea I think its sam over jasper. I think its seth in the other pic.

  21. Lynne Stringer says

    I think, in the shot with the wolves and Cullens fighting, the only wolves on the Cullens’ side are Seth and Jacob. Leah is a bit greyer than that wolf, and I think this is probably from just after Seth and Jake have split from the pack, so I’d say Leah is still on the other side at this stage.

  22. Nice breakdown. As for the shot with the close up of Jake and the person in the background. Jake says they are coming for Bella. Lets keep in mind that at this point in the story line, Jake has broken off from the pack & was followed by Seth & Leah to the Cullen’s house. Leah also had a short hair cut in the previous film. I see it as Leah in the background just by looking at the clothes & the way the arms are being held.

    The last shot is Sam over Jake. Sam was always black & much bigger then the others.

    As for the breakdown of the fight scene outside, Jake is not a “double agent”. As mentioned before, Rose is not outside as she would be in the house to watch/protect Bella. I believe that is also where Jake will be helping to protect Bella.

    Just my thoughts on it.

  23. I think the gray wolf is Leah, while the darker colored one is Seth. I don’t think Jacob is in this scene at this point. I imagine that right after the quick shot we get of Sam rearing up to attack Edward (or maybe Carlisle, or whoever’s at the bottom of the shot) Jacob is going to leap in to to protect him, surprising everyone and cementing his rebellion and independence from Sam. For teh dramas. I think a Sam vs Jacob battle could make for a rather nice action climax to the film, especially when you consider that the climax of Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be the Cullens and the Volturi…talking for fifteen minutes.

    • Addendum: Considering their positioning in the previous shot I think Sam might be looming over Jasper.

  24. Wolf/Cullen fight pic is wrong.

    Seth is the wolf standing next to Edward, (of course, they’re friends) and Leah is in back by Emmett. See how she’s silver in color and her head is thinner. Jacob is not in the pic at all, he’s inside the house, imprinting. This is all going on right after Renesmee is born, Bella is going through the change, and Rose is feeding Ness inside when Jake sees her for the first time. After Jake imprints, he comes outside to stop the fight.

    I am 100% sure of this, so just believe me ok.

    • i believe you. maybe when edward says “you are not gonna touch her” he is referring to his wife AND his daughter

      • Lynne Stringer says

        Seth isn’t reddish, as that wolf is. And he is gangly, so it’s perfectly possible that the wolf in the back is him. And Edward isn’t supposed to leave Bella while she is transforming, but I guess they could change that. I

        • Seth is supposed to be a sandy color, but with the lighting of that pic, I think he looks a little darker. And, he’s grown since the last movie, not to mention you can tell he’s still a little smaller than the others, but the angle of the picture (he’s closest) he looks bigger.

          Edward doesn’t leave Bella in the book, but they changed it for more ‘action’ purposes. That Laney gossip chick said she read a draft of the script, and what she described is exactly this scene.
          It’s the end of the movie (Or right before) I’m pretty sure after Jacob imprints and stops the wolf/Cullen fight, the movie ends with a close up of Bella opening her eyes, and they’re red. Thats what Steph said it would be.

        • Cullenderson says

          Edward does leave Bella during the transformation. The trailer shows that, when he throws Edward across the room for imprinting on Renesmee

  25. TeamTaycobHeartsU says


  26. love this clip but think you have seth and leah wrong cos leah is the grey wolf not seth lol x

  27. do u rreally think this will be it i think she will go on to make more x

  28. Thats Jake in the picture with Bella’s preggers tummy. Check out his shirt in the other photos and compare, same shirt. 🙂

  29. Apparently Stephenie was absent when filming Carlisle’s scenes because he looks HORRID.

    • I think the worst part is that they look so different from the first movie. They are vampires, frozen in time, why do they keep changing? I get that they’re just actors and naturally change over years, but damn, they could at least make the hair and makeup look the same.

      Carlisle’s hair looks slightly better in the wedding scene, so I’m hoping that he’s just stressed and it’s fallen a bit (again, shouldn’t happen with vampires, but whatever)

  30. yes i think that that is Jacob with Bella in the belly shot, from when in the book bellas shirt moves out of the way and jake sees her stomach for the 1st time

  31. guys, that one where you’re not sure if it’s leah or seth in the background in human form, it’s def Leah. I saw on another website a pic of her wearing that exact top, with her hair pinned back in a ponytail with a clip, which would explain the hair.

  32. you got Seth and Leah mixed up and then you lost count of wolfs, there are the original five Sam, Paul, Jared, Quil, Embry then Collin and Brady.
    Sam is the black one-4
    Quil is the brown one-6
    Embry is one of the grey ones-5
    Paul is brownish-1
    Jared is normal-7
    Collin and Brady are both grey-2,3


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