15 Second Breaking Dawn Teaser Broken Down Shot-By-Shot

We are breaking down the images from the 15 second teaser to the longer trailer coming on the 12th or maybe the 13th…there’s some debate. In any case check out our analysis.

This shot is the one that we wonder about the most. Is Jake in it pretending to be on Sam’s side (based on Comic Con footage) or is he in the house with Bella and Rose (the only Cullen not outside). Are the two extra wolves Collin and Brady?

Check out all the shots here.



OK, 1-6 we pretty much saw before at the MTV movie awards back in June. Not really a whole lot more to analyze here.

Hello worried Carlisle. With apologies to A Chorus Line: Acting 10, Hair 3… did someone forget to fluff the wig that day?

And now we know why Rob called Kristen an alien when talking about this scene. It’s a good alien though. She completely looks like she is dying and unlike the Bella we have seen before.

Totally dead in the eyes and emotionless Edward (and that’s a good thing). Again something we haven’t seen before.

We’ve seen this shot before, but now I’m wondering is it Edward or Jake to her left (screen right) I’m leaning Jake.

Background is hard to tell. Is it Seth or Leah. Looks like Seth’s haircut, but Leah’s body type. Very hard to tell.

CGI on the wolves looking good and they are each a different color unlike the poster where they were  the same color in the shadows.

Work that mind reading Edward!

Check out our take on this photo up above

So is this Sam over Jake? Russet fur underneath makes me think yes.