In Case There Were Any Lingering Doubts…Breaking Dawn Is Officially PG-13

The MPAA has finally made official what seasoned Twilight fans have known for months. Breaking Dawn would receive a PG-13 rating. Despite various folks wanting an R-Rating it was never going to be if for no other reason Stephenie Meyer would not have supported such as move as she, herself does not watch R movies. Rest assured when part 2 goes up for rating it will also be given a PG-13.


  1. is that in England as well?

  2. Even if I were not a Twilight fan I would still have a lot of respect for Stephenie Meyer for being an example of creative control and artistic integrity. And I also have to credit Summit, Melissa Rosenberg, and Catherine Hardwicke from the beginning of the film franchise as well. Usually creators’ visions are massively meddled in the process of adapting them to screen or television. Twilight provides a model of faithfulness to a work (despite super-fans’ complaints about relatively minor deviations) that yields enormous financial success, which can only be a good influence on future adaptations of works by other creators. I might personally prefer to see more of the violence and gore described in the books, but I totally respect Meyer’s wish not to have films based on her stories be R rated.

  3. nikita angelia says:

    omg still on jacobs team. <

  4. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    In reality, I NEW there was never any question of it rated more than a PG-13. The big reason being, is if they made it R-rated, it could affect its target audiance. Believe me if Titanic could get away with partial nudity, tons of foul language, and realistic death scenes and STILL keep a PG-13… Breaking Dawn wasn’t going to have a problem.

  5. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I love how you phrased this: “The MPAA has finally made official what seasoned Twilight fans have known for months.” It will be nice to no longer HAVE to insist that I do know what I’m talking about. BD1 IS PG-13. 🙂

  6. TeamTaycobHeartsU says:

    All the underage Twihards would try to attack Summit if it was rated R anyway.

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