Top Ten Things Noticed About the Breaking Dawn One Sheets

  1. Edward is wearing his wedding ring on his left hand.
  2. Bella is wearing her engagement ring on her right hand. (Is her wedding ring on the unseen left?)
  3. In the trailer Bella wears the engagement ring on her left hand as she goes down the aisle.
  4. In the trailer she is not wearing her engagement ring when she realizes she is pregnant, but she is wearing a simple band on her left hand.
  5. The background of the Edward and Bella one sheet is Isle Esme.
  6. The wolfpack is visible in the back of the Jacob poster.
  7. The number of wolves accounts for all pack members including Seth and Leah before the split except for Collin and Brady.
  8. The description on Yahoo movies just lists the Denali coven by their first names. (We were happy because Denali isn’t their last name any more than Jesus’ last name is Nazareth. It’s just the town where they currently come from.)
  9. The pinkish colors of a literal Breaking Dawn are in play. Dawn definitely breaks over the water in Brazil in the East, however West in La Push…not so much. Maybe it’s a weird cove 🙂
  10. We can’t wait until they show a longer TRAILER! Yahoo movies says it’s coming November September 13th on Bella’s birthday!