Top Ten Things Noticed About the Breaking Dawn One Sheets

  1. Edward is wearing his wedding ring on his left hand.
  2. Bella is wearing her engagement ring on her right hand. (Is her wedding ring on the unseen left?)
  3. In the trailer Bella wears the engagement ring on her left hand as she goes down the aisle.
  4. In the trailer she is not wearing her engagement ring when she realizes she is pregnant, but she is wearing a simple band on her left hand.
  5. The background of the Edward and Bella one sheet is Isle Esme.
  6. The wolfpack is visible in the back of the Jacob poster.
  7. The number of wolves accounts for all pack members including Seth and Leah before the split except for Collin and Brady.
  8. The description on Yahoo movies just lists the Denali coven by their first names. (We were happy because Denali isn’t their last name any more than Jesus’ last name is Nazareth. It’s just the town where they currently come from.)
  9. The pinkish colors of a literal Breaking Dawn are in play. Dawn definitely breaks over the water in Brazil in the East, however West in La Push…not so much. Maybe it’s a weird cove 🙂
  10. We can’t wait until they show a longer TRAILER! Yahoo movies says it’s coming November September 13th on Bella’s birthday!


  1. 5 DAYS TILL THE #2 TRAILER!!!!! OMG!!!! :DDD

  2. Just wanted to make a clarification! Yahoo Movies says the trailer will be on September 13th, not November 13th. I’m sure most fans would have figured it out since it does say Bella’s birthday, but for those that didn’t notice, just wanted to clarify the actual date.

    I can’t wait!!! =)

  3. Riverfaerie says

    Um, Bella’s Birthday is SEPTEMBER 13!!!!

  4. Mella Cullen says

    September 13 for Bella’s birthday :).
    Typo, I know, since you all are the best source for Twilight info!

  5. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

  6. Bell’s birthday is September 13.

  7. Somebody over at Yahoo clearly needs to visit this site to get their facts straight if they are saying Bella’s birthday is in Nov.

  8. Olympic coven says

    CAnt come soon enough and then we will be thirsty for more. I’ll take whatever they release. Anticipation is unimaginable

  9. IM1LuckyWoman says

    In the full size one sheet of Bella and Edward….you can see that they have airbrushed out Rob’s moles that reside at his hairline. They are GONE!! THAT is just wrong. Completely.

    • Lynne Stringer says

      The guide does say that vampires don’t have any moles or freckles. Maybe they thought it was better to remove them.

  10. So excited for a 2nd trailer! I was wondering when we’d get one. I had assumed it would have been on the MTV VMA’s but since it wasn’t I’ve been anxiously awaiting it!

    I love the Bella & Edward poster. It’s so different from the previous movies. I love it. Mr & Mrs Cullen.

  11. Trailer on my birthday? Yes!

  12. There are some things I really like, and a couple small things that ‘bug’ me (but I will get over it).

    I really like the similarity to the original ‘twilight’ one sheet, of Vamp Edward in a looming, protective stance over Bella. That one will always be my favorite, but the new one sheet here is a nice ‘kick-back’ to it. Although, now in this one Edward and Bella are more ‘even’, on more equal ground. And this poster, absolutely shows how much closer they are. Where as, in the first one, Edward was there, but not touching…and in this one, he has a good hold of her. And, Bella looks almost like she is swooning, lol…mayhaps a bit too much.

    I would have preferred to see Bella looking up at Edward. It is a very passionate embrace, but I just would have liked the eye positioning a little different. And same for Edward’s, you just can’t see much of Edward’s face. But, I don’t know how you would change that in this position.

    And, again…he is a Vampire people! Cold, white, hard (no pun intended), and dangerous. Still, no matter how much Edward battles himself to not hurt Bella, he still does a bit that first night. And, I get no vibe of that here. He looks human, tan, and harmless. Now, that would be a more fitting Edward image for BD, Pt 2! But, in part 1, he is still our undead hero. In part 2, Bella takes over. For this film, I was hoping to get back to Vamp Edward one more time before it’s over. =/

    The dawn breaking in the background is beautiful!

  13. Help Help Help!!!!! Where will I be able to watch the trailer on Sept. 13 (Bella’s Birthday!) please help!

    • Yahoo will have the trailer on Tuesday..around 7:30pmish…and then most likely the other major media outlets will have it including iTunes.

  14. TRAILER! YAY! :O

  15. Actually, it looks like the sun is just about to break on the horizon for Jacob’s poster. It makes sense the sun has risen on Bell & Edward as their lives together just began, but Jacob? The sun not yet risen can either mean his heart is about to break, or it has yet to see “the sun.”

  16. TeamTaycobHeartsU says

    I hate when the Denalis are credited with the last name “Denali”! Kate is NOT “Kate Denali”! That’s like saying my last name is “America”…Uh, no it’s not.

  17. What I notice that her engagement ring is total differnt


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