Will Breaking Dawn Quotes Make the Breaking Dawn 2 Movie?

Twilight Examiner has a comparison of Breaking Dawn quotes from the novel and how they are morphed when they appear on screen.

Current items from the teaser:

1. Bella (Kristen Stewart): “After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary, I’ve finally found that I can shine.”

Book Version (Ch. 26, p. 523): “After eighteen years of mediocrity, I was pretty used to being average. I realized now that I’d long ago given up any aspirations of shining at anything. I just did the best with what I had, never quite fitting into my world. So this was really different. I was amazing now – to them and to myself. It was like I had been born to be a vampire. The idea made me want to laugh, but it also made me want to sing. I had found my true place in the world, the place I fit, the place I shined.”

She also has a collection of not to be missed quotes to look out for in part 2.

“You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?” – Bella Cullen (Ch. 22, p. 451)

“Bella” chose the name “Renesmee,” but while she was muscling through the torment of transformation, “Jacob” not only imprinted on her daughter, but he also gave her a very odd nickname. Mama Cullen is none-too-pleased here. Needless to say, things get entertaining.

The BBC Mentions Breaking Dawn in Year End Review

The BBC lists Breaking Dawn as a film that brought out the passion in UK fans.

Via TwiFans.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Ranks a Number 2 Newsmaker on MTV’s list

MTV has a list up of the top ten news generating items on their website. Breaking Dawn came in at number 2. Not bad, considering that number one was Lady Gaga.

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You can also check out the analysis on MTV

Next Movie Does Twilight Ice Cream and Breaking Dawn Poll

Next Movie has done a really hilarious job of parodying a bunch of 2011 movies as Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors. Check out the Twilight one here, but hit their site to see the rest including take offs on New Year’s Day, Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, and Midnight in Paris (starring Michael Sheen).

Also while you are over at Next Movie, vote for Breaking Dawn 2 in the most anticipated 2012 movie poll. Currently it’s an intense battle between The Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn.

Vote for Breaking Dawn as Best Movie Ensemble on MTV’s Hollywood Crush

Wild surprise we know, but right now we are neck-in-neck with the final installment of Harry Potter. Head on over to MTV and vote for your favorite!

On the Breaking Dawn Set: A Glimpse of Life as an Extra

Many people talk about how they would have wanted to be on the set of Breaking Dawn. Here are the glamorous and not so glamorous details for a movie extra.

Working on any movie is a lot like camping, but being an extra in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, with its secret remote location and total ban on electronic devices, made us feel like inmates in a prison camp.

As guests at the biggest vampire wedding in film history, we were bussed from West Vancouver to Squamish and offloaded at the base camp, or “circus,” which snaked down an easement in the forest. After wardrobe, hair and makeup, we passed through “checkpoint charlie” metal detectors, then rode in vans to the extras “holding” tents where we sat for hours eating junk food.

On a couple of nights, one of the producers came to warn us about their security team, including frogmen on the river, to prevent anyone from photographing the set. We must not inform anyone of the set’s location and must report any coercion, he said. And no speaking to the actors, no matter what. We were among the “fortunate few” to be chosen, he reminded us, but our participation depends on our compliance with security. Have a nice evening.

You won’t see me in that night’s scene, where the happy couple exit the reception, since I was practically standing in the forest. Nor was I visible in the next day’s wedding ceremony, when I was placed so far from the aisle as to need binoculars.

We sat in the wedding set for two days, on logs that seemed to grow into benches under a canopy of wisteria. A quick shot to rise and turn toward to the bride, then more waiting and shivering. And was that thunder or an avalanche in the distance?

See more on the Vancouver Sun

Breaking Dawn Causing Seizures?

When we first heard this we figured it was a hoax. Now there are 3 incidents. So in the interest of providing information, here are the two best videos we’ve found on this with medical personnel giving explanations and more importantly advice on how to avoid the problem if you are sensitive.

MTV Finds Out: Why Is Breaking Dawn a Repeat Hit at the Box Office?

MTV decided to try and figure why Breaking Dawn has such a buzz, with lots of fans (moreso than the last film) talking repeat viewings. By repeat viewings we don’t just mean two times, we mean like 4 plus. One of the people that they asked was the Lexicon’s Laura. It’s not often that we get taken by surprise around here, but you can see what Laura said to MTV. A massive shift in emails, Tweets, and blog comments spurred us to make the referenced poll.

“Twilight” expert Laura Byrne-Cristiano, who runs TwilightLexicon.com, said she’s noticed a lot of fans changing their opinions about “Breaking Dawn” the book now that the film version has opened.

“I’ve also noticed a real shift in opinion that caught me by surprise so much so that I ran a poll about it,” said Byrne-Cristiano said. “When the novel ‘Breaking Dawn’ came out, it was a love/hate thing. But from what I’ve seen, people have really started to change their minds about it, and have come to like it.

“The people who got into ‘Twilight’ after the movies came out seem to pick ‘Breaking Dawn’ as their favorite book by a landslide, which is something that never occurred to me in a million years because of all the backlash when it first came out.”

Apparently MTV is on to something, because the amount of sites linking to this poll is unlike anything we have ever seen. Like we said earlier, we don’t get totally blindsided around here too often. This one took us by surprise, Check out other fans and experts giving MTV their opinion here.

Did you participate in yesterday’s poll? Were you surprised at the results?

Monday Morning Review: ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1’ from a Fan’s Perspective

Be warned the review that lies ahead contains massive spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the film, don’t read it. It’s part of Movies.com’s latest series called Monday Morning Review (MMR). The concept behind MMR is “…a review of a film the Monday morning after it arrives in theaters. As such, this review is written for people who have seen the film, and will discuss plot points, spoilers, etc, so read it only if you’ve seen it or if you don’t mind knowing everything that happens.” The Lexicon’s Laura (who freelances a a bi-monthly column for Movies.com) was asked to pen this review.

It would be really easy to jump on the “Wimpy Heroine, Sparkly Vampire, Shirtless Werewolves are Banal Abominations” train. Let’s face it, proportionately there are as many reviewers taking that stance as there are going to be folks lining up for midnight sales on Black Friday. Certainly there is more than enough room to poke fun at far-fetched plot lines, predicable longing looks, and implausible dialogue. So taking all of this into consideration, why did The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 rake in an estimated $30.25 million on midnight screenings alone, and, later, $139.5 million? Far from falling on its economic face, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is well placed to shatter several box office records, and to finish its cinema run as a top five movie of the year.

Given that the novel Breaking Dawn is considered by many fans to be a huge letdown, and that it is the least popular book in the franchise by far, it does make you wonder why the movie version is doing so well. By in large it’s been established that this franchise is being fueled but its loyal female fanbase. There are a few fanboys out there known as “Twiguys,” but the male audience seems to be largely comprised of men that end up getting dragged along under duress to a screening by their girlfriends, wives or friends. So given that it’s a movie “for the fans” that weren’t really that happy with the novel, let’s take a look at why Breaking Dawn Part 1 is succeeding.

See the rest on Movies.com

Mark Kermode: A Guy Who Gets It, Reviews Breaking Dawn

We have been covering Mark Kermode’s assessment of the Twilight Saga since New Moon. Mark Kermode is well aware the series (like we are ) isn’t in danger of winning an OSCAR, but understands it’s escapist, romantic fun. He is also highly critical of reviewers who seem to think it’s a treatise on abstinence, a Mormon conversion piece, or a defense of abusive male behavior. Check out Mark’s latest and scroll down for links on his previous reviews.

Check out Mark’s Eclipse opinion here and his New Moon Opinion here

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