Breaking Dawn Part 1 Ranks a Number 2 Newsmaker on MTV’s list

MTV has a list up of the top ten news generating items on their website. Breaking Dawn came in at number 2. Not bad, considering that number one was Lady Gaga.

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You can also check out the analysis on MTV


  1. is MTV the only place Twilight cant succeed? No wonder their awards shows are obviously rigged in favour of twilight’s awful films….O WELL IT IS NOT A PRESTEGOIS SITE LIKE THE ACEDEMY AWARDS/OSCAR.

    Hey Lexicon maybe it’s time you report that a more prestigious and less biased site like TIME MAGAZINE and ROLLING STONE listed breaking dawn as one of the WORST FILMS 0F 2011.

    • The lowest form of haters are the ones who troll fan sites.

      As for the critics at prestigious periodicals whose judgment we’re supposed to defer to, keep in mind that critical consensus often changes over the years but fan-driven and cult films tend to endure. The list of now-classic movies that were initially dismissed by critics, or once-critical darlings whose reputations have faded, is long.

      ‘Truth’, you can whimper and writhe in your own bile all you want, but consider visiting Box Office Mojo’s list of genres and look at the top box office in Vampire, Werewolf, Romantic – Fantasy, and Teen Romance categories. Twilight rules them all and probably will for a long time. Contemplate that. You’ll probably just whine all the more.

      • Love your posts. Thank you for always contributing thoughtful and logical responses…makes it so much harder for the shallow arguments of others to stand! (Though those with preconceived critical opinions will always find something to criticize!)

        • Thanks! I’m flattered.

          Out of curiosity I looked at some responses to the first Twilight novel that appeared on the internet within the first year or so of its publication: New York Times and other newspapers, YA book sites, a couple of vampire sites. Largely positive. I’m not entirely certain, but I think that the the obsessive, virulent, trolling, hater phenomenon only really got going after the July 2008 Comic-Con.

          • Interesting! It would not surprise me at all that the current backlash from those who dislike the saga is primarily based in the fact that, to them, it’s popularity and fan-devotion is inexplicable…in the same way that critics, though they would never admit it, are probably much harsher than they might have been originally or ought to be now, because they feel it’s success is somehow unmerited. Therefore, they are predisposed to offer critical evaluations of both the books and the movies, because they have negative preconceptions of it’s popularity and conclude, wrongly, that it somehow stands against cinema and literature which they hold to meet “classic” standards of “good” entertainment and social “value.” The books really ought to be evaluated on their own merits and within their own genre, and the movies should be evaluated in relation to the original story and whether or not it is a successful and enjoyable visual adaptation!

          • Also, sadly, I think it’s just a natural inclination to shy away from that which seems too popular because, if you jump on the bandwagon, you’d no longer be different or unique. In having that unacknowledged perspective, however, you often miss out on that which makes that thing so unique in actuality, that special quality that strikes a chord with so many different people and generations. I know…I was the same way with Harry Potter years ago when it first burst on the scene. I had no desire to read the books, for no good reason other than that it seemed too popular. I criticized what I “thought” I knew about the books, without ever having read them for myself. But, I was convinced to give them a chance, and I’m so glad that I did! They are fantastic! The Twilight Saga is a similar phenomenon (as much as some HP fans like to hate on it.) When notice of the books hit the mainstream, it seemed to change everything…but for those who give it a chance, I think they would be pleasantly surprised in discovering just what makes it so enjoyable and relatable for so many!

    • You should learn to spell prestigious.
      And relax, they aren’t saying it was the best film of 2011 – they’re saying it was a top headliner, which isn’t surprising due to the number of people interested in reading about it.

      Keep up the good work, Lexicon! 🙂

    • The Twilight movies are amazing! and and succeed wonderfully in MANY places! Dont hate. Appreciate!

    • Why all the hate? No one has ever said any of the Twilight films are Oscar, Golden Globe,etc award winners. As long as the fans like them then that’s all that matters.

    • It’s really pathetic that your life is so empty all you do is troll.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Why hello there Truth and Dolly or should I say IP address that you both share. Seriously whatever point you may have had you lost when you made up a sock-puppet to try to strengthen it. Also we may have a lot of things around here but the truth is not something we’ve ever claimed to have. The truth as the adage goes is rarely pure and never simple. Particularly with something subjective like entertainment, you’re never going to find the truth, but happy trolling, have a cookie, you look kinda angsty, if might make you feel better.


    Truth is right….It might be a harsh thing for him to say but his words are of PURE FACT.

    I mean look at their awards, they give twilight everything despite the fact that all twilight film ARE NEGATIVE REVIEWED and CERTIFED ROTTEN with an AWFUL RECEPTION. However they award twilight because Twilight gives them publicity and ratings (Thanks to teen girls) It’s sad to see what MTV has become…




    BREAKING DAWN will probably win over DEATHLY HALLLOWS 2

    MTV is like FOX/MSNBC news…all what they report are lies and biased to favout Twilight Movies….movies that are truly AWFUL.

    • You might want to check your keyboard; the shift key seems to be sticking, so a lot of words are coming up all caps.

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 vs… The Hobbit! 😛

      • Ahahahahaha! Nice one. 😉 (Of course, what most rational fans realize it that these “contests” are supposed to be for fun. No one is saying that LOTR of Harry Potter or Batman or whatever else aren’t ALSO good, enjoyable movies. I for one loved Twilight AND Harry Potter. And next year I will also excitedly look forward to Breaking Dawn 2 AND The Hobbit!)

    • You seem to be having some problems with spelling, as well.

      “Propaganda” has never had an “E” or an “R” in it. And, as a Harry Potter fan, I’m insulted that you put an extra “L” in “Hallows.” BLASPHEMY!! HOW DARE YOU??!!

      As for being “certified rotten,” I wasn’t aware that the movie industry was run by the Rotten Tomatoes website. Neither Rotten Tomatoes nor the critics it surveys have any say in what movies are made, and, judging by the success of the Twilight movies, they don’t seem to have a very good idea of what people who are not themselves might enjoy. What’s more, I have never once seen “certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes” listed on the case of any DVD, lol.

      But, seriously, it’s just the MTV movie awards, not the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes. And, in case you missed it, MTV is hardly one of the major news networks. MTV is more interested in what is popular among their own viewers than they are in whether The Descendants was the best movie of the year. The Descendants, I have heard, was boring as heck, even if it did have “value,” so I’m glad that there is something like the MTV movie awards around to recognize movies for their entertainment value, as opposed to their “enlightening social commentary” or whatever.

      BTW, how did New Moon win Avatar? Is that the name of another award that New Moon won? I thought it was a movie . . .

      Thanks for the laugh, “Dolly,” but if you thought you’d achieve anything by posting this here, you aren’t very bright . . .

      • New Moon wins over Avatar…

        Amy you are missing the point, the twilight films are awful and badly rated, everyone knows it, the laughable dialogue and horrendous lack of plotline has become an embarrassment for the actors.

        MTV awards cannot be taken seriously despite it been a fun awards show…..the awards are not voted by the people, MTV purposely gives it to twilight because it is the only way to keep their teen girls fan base.

        BOX OFFICE success does not mean QUALITY

        All twilight films has easily been on every WORST MOVIE LIST YEAR BY YEAR,

        People don’t remember box office success films…they remember GREAT FILMS

        The twilight films are an embarrassment to the movie industry…ALL 4 FILM ARE POORLY RECEIVED…..(this is something that cannot be ignored.

        Like it or not and deny it or not…… CRITICAL RECPETION IN FILMS MATTERS

        Breaking Dawn part 1 is a 26% rotten on RT and a 4.8/10 on IMDB even MSN named it the WORST FILM OF THE YEAR.

        Majority of the public have spoken and the Twilight films are completely terrible.

        Its time MTV restore dignity to their already ruined reputation.

        • Dolly,

          For such terrible movies, they make an awful lot of money. Twilight is one of the most loved and hated franchises of the last few years – you usually don’t get one without the other. The books, too, have been on the “worst” lists . . . quite often at the same time that they are on a “best” list compiled by the exact same survey.

          I think YOU’RE missing the point. No one here loves Twilight (the books or the movies) because they think they’re the next Citizen Kane or Maltese Falcon. We know they aren’t. The fact that you feel like you even need to hammer that point home is completely absurd. What next? Will you try to explain that that big shiny thing in the sky is the sun? You don’t say!!

          We are, however, allowed to think for ourselves and to like what we like, regardless of what someone else may think. We aren’t silly enough to let someone else make up our minds for us, so when *someone else* says we shouldn’t like something, we choose to decide for ourselves whether or not we like it (as is our right), instead of blindly obeying the Lord high movie critic or whoever else thinks we shouldn’t have the right to like something that they don’t. If we decide that we like it, then we like it, and that’s between us and the movie, and no one else.

          Now, as for the “laughable dialogue and horrendous lack of plotline [becoming] an embarrassment for the actors,” you obviously don’t know what you think you know. None of the actors have ever complained and have expressed nothing but gratitude for Stephenie Meyer and the fans. Kristen Stewart has admitted in more than one interview that she is probably the biggest TwiHard out there.

          And while it is obviously true that MTV is going to gravitate toward the interests of it’s viewers, I highly doubt that MTV is terrified to stop promoting Twilight for fear of going out of business. (Dear heaven! After the last movie comes out next year, MTV will lose all of its viewers and go belly up!) LOL!!!

          You’re right, Summit Entertainment is deeply embarrassed by the Twilight Saga and the horrendous amounts of money that they are making from it. They’re embarrassed all the way to the bank, lol!! (Mark my words, studios are businesses, nothing more. They aren’t out there to produce quality – they’re out there to make money. There’s not a studio out there that isn’t wishing they had a money tree like Twilight.)

          As for critical reception, it might matter if this movie was TRYING to be deep and thought provoking, but (as you’ve already pointed out) it’s not trying to be. It’s nothing but pure entertainment for the people who are entertained by it. The fact that it has made as much money as it has PROVES that people didn’t listen to the critics. If they had listened to the critics, they wouldn’t have gone in the first place. (And don’t say that teenagers don’t pay attention to critics – half of the people who went to see Breaking Dawn the first weekend were over 25.) What’s more, look at the box office numbers for the previous films – by now, a LOT of people have seen the movies, enough to know whether they like them or not. I don’t imagine that millions of people were taken totally by surprise by the *4th* movie in a series. People don’t walk in to see the *4th* movie in a series unless they are familiar with the previous three and want to see the 4th . . . unless they’re extremely stupid, that is.

          And, a closing thought – sadly, people DON’T remember great films. Remember “The Apartment,” “The Lost Weekend,” or “Cimarron?” Tell me what they all have in common . . . WITHOUT GOOGLE. (No, really, I want to know if you know.)

          People don’t remember films (or books) because someone else labels them as great – they remember films because something about that film touched them – whether it was the story, or an actor, or maybe just a particular scene. When I look at the movies I own, I think things like, “that one makes me feel like hope can survive in the worst of situations” or “that one makes me believe in love” or “that one is so happy and so sad all at once that I never know why I’m crying.” BUT I can’t look any of the movies that I love and remember one single review it got from a critic . . . or what score it got on Rotten Tomatoes.

          Okay, Dolly, your turn . . .

          • alwaysedward says:

            couldn’t have said it better Amy !!!!

          • Kristen Stewart does not like twilight…….she said in an interview last year that he doesn’t know who bella swan is and how many times has Rob dissed twilight?

            Rob said Edward was so beautiful that he had to cream himself and every line of the twilight books was an attribute to Edward’s beauty, Rob also said Edward was a ridiculous and unrealistic character.

            Even the twilight actors are aware of how shallow and superficial their characters are.

            Box office success means nothing…look at the Transformers franchise, like the twilight films they are one of the worst films ever ,Transformers 2 made over 800 million dollars yet the director of the film said that his own movie sucked

            Ciritcs matters, if you can’t accept the critics view and the public reception of twilight then you shouldn’t say twilight is better than anything because you cant prove it

          • Excellent response Amy! (I’d also like to point out that if high brow, intellectually stimulating, meaningful dialogue is the goal for every movie that seeks critical AND fan acclaim…go back and watch any of the Star Wars movies. Dialogue is not stellar. It’s downright cheesy most of the time! And yet there are plenty of diehard Star Wars fans out there. How come no one criticizes them?)

          • I’d also like to point out that part of the success of the movie AND it’s dialogue is that we can relate to it. Anyone who has been in love or experienced heartbreak can empathize with the characters and appreciate those feelings and situations and the things they say as they experience those conflicts and joys. The dialogue is real in that it connects with the audience. It doesn’t have to have manufactured or contrived literary “elegance” to be great. It serves it’s purpose and draws an emotional response. That’s what makes it good for the fans!

          • Twilight_News says:

            Dolly, darlin you’re having a little problem with this context thing. The article talks about it being a top newsmaking story, not a top film. As many have said here we enjoy it as escapist fantasy. Start researching top films of the last decade. The vast majority are escapists fantasies that were never in line for an academy award. People find them entertaining and went. They aren’t about to join Johnny Depp as a pirate, strap on gear as a transformer, or swing a stick and start yelling avada kedavra. It’s all down to what people are enjoying, and I for one enjoyed all of the above, Twilight, The Kings Speech, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who…a wide diversity of things. On the other hand I don’t particularly care for the Kardashians, Beevis and Butthead’s comeback isn’t my cup of tea, and I’d rather gouge my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon than watch Snooki and JWow on The Jersey Shore. However, you don’t see me on a mission to save the fans of those items from the watching what they like. i don’t feel the need to “give them the truth and force them to accept it” because people like. As long as they aren’t doing anything illegal that’s about to cause me immanent bodily harm live and let live. Try it sometime, it takes lots of energy to troll a fansite. If you want to change the world, put that energy into something useful that actually matters say like campaigning for a charity.

          • DOLLY,

            1. I’m fascinated. Where are these interviews with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? I’ve only ever heard Kristen go into DEEP detail about Bella’s character and never heard her say she didn’t know Bella. In fact, in this interview, she sounds pretty protective of her and very much like she identifies with her (if it lets me post a link):


            Do you have a link for the interviews that you mentioned? I’m also curious about how you claim Rob has dissed Twilight. Unless you provide links, I’m going to call BULL$HIT.

            BTW, of course Edward is an unrealistic character. Did you miss the memo that explained he was a vampire? (Ha ha ha!) He’s a mythological creature – how can he be realistic? News flash – werewolves aren’t real either . . . (sorry if I’ve just burst a bubble or two).

            2. “Box office success means nothing” – okay, what do you think we were implying that it meant? Box office success proves that a movie is popular or it wouldn’t have people spending money to see it . . . what point do you think *you* are making when you claim box office success means nothing? That it isn’t going to win an Oscar? You’re apparently the only one here who thought that had even crossed our minds, since you keep trying to argue the point that it won’t happen . . .

            3. The public reception of Twilight is coming close to $650 million, if it hasn’t passed that already. On what planet is that a NEGATIVE reception? Your argument is illogical.

            4. We never said we didn’t accept the critics’ views. The critics, like us, have the right to their own opinions. And who said Twilight was better than anything? What is it that we’re supposedly claiming it is better than? Did you even read anyone’s post here? Or are you just spouting off the same thing over and over, rather than responding to our posts?

            Or do you just not have rebuttals for the points we’re making? Come on, it’s been AGES since I’ve had a good debate, and you aren’t even trying. 🙁

        • Once again, why are you on this site with all this hate?

        • BTW Dolly, if Kristen and Rob really had such an abhorrence for their characters, it strikes me as odd that they would put so much thought and effort into analyzing the reasoning behind the motivations and actions of their characters, to really “get to know them.” If you really listen to their interviews, they put a surprising amount of thought into the way they portray Bella and Edward and have very deep insights into the meaning behind their actions in relation to the story. Doesn’t strike me as something actors who “don’t care” would do…or talk about during interviews.

    • The MTV Movie Awards are by popular vote (unlike the Oscars and Golden Globes) and Twilight fans always turn out in droves to vote. As for critical reception, I could care less what they think. I’ll make up my own mind about whether I like a movie or not.

      By the way, I think DOLLY and Truth may actually be the same person, based on the lack of spelling skills and gratuitous use of the Caps key. 🙂

      • “By the way, I think DOLLY and Truth may actually be the same person, based on the lack of spelling skills and gratuitous use of the Caps key.”

        Most definitely, but I’m actually enjoying the conversation . . . or at least I will until they give up when they realize that they aren’t going to convert anyone here. 🙂

    • Twilight_News says:

      See the response to your alter-ego above. While you claim to have the “truth” you might want to master the spelling of those SAT words, or at least figure out spell check.

      Why hello there Truth and Dolly or should I say IP address that you both share. Seriously whatever point you may have had you lost when you made up a sock-puppet to try to strengthen it. Also we may have a lot of things around here but the truth is not something we’ve ever claimed to have. The truth as the adage goes is rarely pure and never simple. Particularly with something subjective like entertainment, you’re never going to find the truth, but happy trolling, have a cookie, you look kinda angsty, if might make you feel better.

    • You are an a** and you talk like you don’t know what you’re talking about. These movies are seen by people of all ages, not just by teen girls. I am 57 and I love these movies and foremost the books. Why do you even bother coming to this sight if you have no interest in all things “Twilight”!!!

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    As many have already stated, MTV is all about “What’s In” “What’s Hot” and “What’s going down with da youth”… This is exactly why Kristen Stewart was able to trump award winning actress Sandra Bullock… why New Moon trumped Avatar, and why Twilight wins in every single catatory, no matter how much better in quality the other contenders are. It’s because fans like what they like…and right now they like Twilight.

    MTV is all about the now, no matter what its about. Most of Hollywood doesn’t take them seriously for that very reason… They are all about youth and fun, and by golly if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. 🙂

    I think my fellow Twi-hards hit it on the nail. Most of us aren’t blind, and we’ve all had our complaints when it came to the quality of the movies and in some cases choices Stephenie made in her books, but all in all, that didn’t stop us from enjoying them, nor supporting them. We know they aren’t Oscar material, honestly and truthfully, as a screenwriter/novelest myself, it pains me to know that they COULD have been, but I’m not going to weep over spilled milk…or blood in this case. I think we could all think of changes that could have made the films better… In the end, while they aren’t perfect… They still made me happy…and that is what counts.

  4. I don’t understand why haters are so critical of a love story that also deals with family conflicts. To add to Amy’s point,the actors in the films appreciate Stephenie’s work for it’s own sake. They’ve been nothing but greatful that an opportunity like the Twilight saga came along and has helped move their careers forward. So I think what it comes down to with these haters,is just out right jealousy and their opinions are fueled by that. Either you love the series,which most of us here do or you don’t get it. It’s a mythical tale that happens to feature vampires and werewolves and it deserves to apart of the fantasy genre,along with the other great fantasy novels.

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      Generally speaking “haters” don’t create discord because they are jealous. They “hate” because it provokes response…meaning they do it just to rile people into a tizzy. Unfortunately many Twilighters fall into their trap and get all angry and upset over something that just isn’t worth it…

      As I’ve said many times, it doesn’t matter what other people say, as long as you are having fun.

      • I understand what you’re saying. However, most of the hater rhetoric on the internet is not in the service of trolling, but to rile up other haters against Twilight and its fans. The motivation and content of hater rhetoric is not like other inter-fandom rivalry. A lot of it is truly virulent. (Twilight fans shouldn’t be allowed to breed etc.) At best it’s patronizing and condescending. Haters don’t see Twilight as a rival fandom, but as an illegitimate fandom. Haters aren’t going to have more respect for Twilight fans if they concede that Twilight isn’t good (something I’m not prepared to do because I don’t believe that).

        The celebrities who diss Twilight are a different matter. They have the right to trash it, and we have the right to disagree with them. I won’t accept the argument that I should simply defer to the views of the great Stephen King and Anne Rice, acclaimed as they are as paragons of highbrow literature. (If SK and Rice fans are going to look down at us, they should be aware that there are those of even more ‘refined’ taste who look down on them as well.)

        I’m not trying to stir up Twilight fans to get upset about haters. My point is this: Twilight fans have nothing to apologize for, not in terms of literary/cinematic quality (the notion of objective culture criticism is dubious and critical consensus changes), nor in terms of sociopolitical ramifications (it’s fiction, not a party platform), nor in terms of fidelity to vampire lore (vampire lore has changed over time and Twilight is well within the human-vampire romance tradition). Fans should never feel intimidated nor shamed by the haters.

  5. it’s not that i love robert but when i watched twilight breaking dawn on-line @ i understood that he was better in twilight eclipse..

  6. Haters are jealous?

    So Stephen King ,Anne Rice, James Franco and Miley Cyrus and George Takei are all jealous of Twilight


    Face it …Twilight is an awful series that is why it gets bad reviews and has no positive critical reception…,the only twilight fans out there are dumb down teen girls and house wives who fantasies about teenage boys like Taylor and young men like R-Patz

    • Laura Byrne Cristiano says:

      Please do continue with your stereotyping trolling if it makes you feel better about yourself, really it just perpetuates the image of a hysterical female raging on about a point and avoiding the specific topic at hand.

      Incidentally, this site is run by a group of volunteer women, all over the age of 30, all with college degrees, some with PHDs and Masters degrees, some are married, some are single, some have significant others and children, some do not. All work either raising their children or in offices or both. The one thing I am proud of is to call every one friend, and to see everyone as an individual, and to know that they have more class than to attempt to correct others for whom they are not the parent on a subjective choice of what they want.

      As for fantasizing, guilty as charged, though, my dear you have the players wrong at least for me. If you’re going to accuse me cougaresque & sloppy drool there very least you could do is get the players right. I freely admit to fantasizing about Jackson Rathbone and Michael Sheen (have you seen Underworld) . I also can’t say that haven’t thought about George Clooney, Colin Firth, and Brad Pitt in exactly that manner too. Oh and as not to leave my favorite TV shows out Josh Charles on The Good Wife frankly leaves me panting. And lastly, I think my ovaries spontaneously youthen every time I see Kit Harrington on Game of Thrones. And really, if you think there is something wrong with fantasizing you need help.

      Do I think those celebrities jealous? Not particularly, they’re expressing a choice as is every fan on this site. The difference is you don’t see them over here trying to correct our thinking or presuming to know what we think, who we are, and what is good for us. There’s another name for that.

    • “dumb down teen girls and house wives”

      See, now you’re resorting to childish insults. That means you’ve realized that you can’t beat us with logic and have resorted to childish temper tantrums.

      That actually kind of disappoints me. 🙁 I’ve been wanting to actually TALK to a Twilight-hater for a long time, but none of them ever want to have a real honest-to-goodness debate with me. 🙁

      No (and I’m completely serious here, no sarcasm whatsoever, I am truly disappointed. I’ve been wondering forever how anyone can hate something so much that they are just as obsessed with it as the people who love it. The entire concept fascinates me. I wonder if they spend as much time on the things they love as they do on the things they hate? What is their health like? Their quality of life? It doesn’t seem like a very emotionally healthy way to live . . .

    • My apologies, DOLLY (or is it Truth? Sorry, I can’t keep up)! I did not even see the beginning of your post!

      Exactly which quotes by Stephen King and Anne Rice are you referring to? If you actually research them, quite a few of the quotes that have been attributed to them actually turn out to be fabricated.

      It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes –
      “The thing about quotes on the internet is you cannot confirm their validity.” -Abraham Lincoln

      As for Stephen King and Anne Rice, both are writers of popular fiction, just like Stephenie Meyer. Neither one of them is likely to be winning a Pulitzer or a Nobel prize for Literature any time soon, lol, so they’re far from being the “literary police,” themselves.

      James Franco did submit some negative comments about Breaking Dawn in a review, but everyone around here knows about his fascination with Twilight, which went on for quite some time. We also remember when he asked Bill Condon to cast him in Breaking Dawn. Needless to say, Condon didn’t. Here’s what Franco had to say to Jimmy Kimmel about it –

      Miley Cyrus. Seriously? Is this the BEST you can do???? LOL!!!

      And, as for George Takei, did you remember him before he released that video? Did anyone who wasn’t a Star Trek fan remember him? Nope. Guess that video did a bit of what it was really intended to do – get his name back in the spotlight. By the way, the video begins with Shatner and Fisher trading rather comical insults about Leia’s metal bikini from Return of the Jedi (an opening that was VERY obviously supposed to be comical) and moves on to Takei displaying a picture of himself shirtless next to shirtless pictures of the male actors of Twilight – if you still took the whole thing seriously after that, then it obviously went over your head.

      By the way, I also responded to your other post above. But you still haven’t answered my question about what those other movies have in common . . .

      • Stephen king said Meyer can write worth a dawn

        Anne rice called twilight a failure of the imagination

        miley cyrus is a teen girl like yourself, so her opinions matter as much as yours….sory

        You said twilight haters don’t give reason why they hate twilight…well let me give you some reasons

        1, twilight is sexist….Bella is an idiotic Mary Sue one dimensional character that needs a man to survive

        2, twilight is shallow….rob and taylor are famous for their looks and not acting

        3, twilight is badly written…..jeez why we need to be reminded of Edward’s beauty on every page of the book?

        4. Twilight promotes suicidal attempts and stalking

        5. Twilight cannot differentiate between love and lust

        6. Bella is a horrific role model to young girls, there is no balance in her life neither does she has any goals and aspiration than to sparkle with Edward forever

        7. The films are poorly rated with mediocre and laughable receptions

        8. There is no plot to an already shallow story…..that is why BD 1 is a 26% rotten on RT

        9. Ex boyfriend are husband material to your daughters

        10.Only dumb down teen girls and MTV are twilight fans



        THE OSCARS





        This are all prestigious and respected organisation/sites….I wonder why lexicon pays no attention to them, they only pay attention to MTV


        I truly wonder

        • I hope by now you’ve moved on to something you actually do enjoy rather than trolling fansites for something you hate, but just in case you’re still around, I want to point out something you seem to be missing:


          Sorry for using all-caps, but I didn’t think you’d mind, since you do it yourself so often.

          Stephen King and Anne Rice and Miley Cyrus and anyone else who has expressed an opinion, positive or negative, about the Twilight books and/or movies aren’t declaring a once-and-for-all judgment that the rest of us must agree with. They’re just saying what they think.

          As for your list of reasons not to like Twilight…again, that’s all just opinion. There’s no objective way to prove it, because enjoyment of books and movies is purely subjective.

          Please go find something you do like and spend your time focusing on that, rather than being rude to people who like something else!

  7. What are you even talking about, Dolly? The original post that you started responding to was a news blurb about MTV’s biggest news stories of the year, nothing more. The Lexicon was only reporting the story. What do Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB and Metacritic have to do with a post about MTV?

    Dolly, Dolly, Dolly, you disappoint me. (Sigh.) I hate that I had to lower myself to throwing insults at people that I respect just to get you to respond directly to one of my comments. I hate that it worked.

    What Mr. King said was that “Meyer can’t write worth a darn.” (Not a “dawn.” Hon, you still need that spell check.) In the same interview –

    ‘King also drew a comparison between Meyer and Perry Mason mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner. “He was a terrible writer, too, but he was very successful,” he said, going on to criticize prolific thriller author James Patterson – “a terrible writer but he’s very successful” – and fellow horror author Dean Koontz, who although he “can write like hell”, is sometimes “just awful”.’

    So, King doesn’t like Meyer’s writing. He doesn’t like a lot of people’s writing, apparently, but that’s his right. He can choose to like or dislike things, just like you and me. I don’t even like King’s writing style (though I’ll readily admit that he can come up with some great stories), but plenty of people do. In any event, King’s opinion about Meyer’s writing doesn’t keep me awake at night any more than my opinion about his keeps him awake. Either way, I respect him all the same.

    As for Ms. Rice, you actually got her quote right, but there have been several quotes from Rice about Meyer, including this one –

    “I very much love the new vampire authors, no doubt of it. I have unqualified praise for the originality of Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer and for their success. This is fun, guys, all these new vampires roaming the fantasy world.”

    So Twilight is a failure of the imagination, yet she praises its originality. I don’t know what that means, but hey, I can respect her right to hold an opinion, even if I don’t understand it.

    The point is, King and Rice, whatever their opinions may be, are perfectly entitled to hold those opinions. Just like you are entitled to hold yours, and *we are entitled to hold ours*. In the end, they’re only opinions. They don’t change anything, and everyone’s is different.

    And they’re certainly not so obsessed with (hating) Twilight that they spend as much time on Twilight fan sites as you do . . .

    And (insert big cheesy grin here) your comment about me being a “teen girl” like Miley Cyrus had me laughing for a while. (Oh, to be young again!) Unfortunately, I left my teen years behind me more than a decade ago and am well into my 30’s. I’m sure Miss Miley is much closer in age to you than me, though I pray that her command of spelling and grammar are better than yours.

    Another reason that I’m disappointed in you is that you continue to spew the same vitriol about Twilight that haters have thrown at the fans for years now. Tell me what fandom you belong to, and I can easily twist the facts and details of the story to make it sound just as bad as you try to make Twilight sound. The fact that I can type them won’t make them any truer than your accusations about the plot of Twilight.

    Another disappointment about you – you have yet to explain how $650 million and rising is a “laughable reception.”

    You also have not proven what Rotten Tomatoes has to do with . . . well, anything. (BTW, while you’re touting Rotten Tomatoes, glance over to the other side to the percentage of the audience that liked it. For Breaking Dawn, audience approval was 68%, not that far off from The Kids Are All Right – audience approval 72%, which was nominated for multiple Oscars, or Rabbit Hole – audience approval 70%, which was also nominated, or Salt, nominated for an Oscar with only 62% audience approval. Gasp – less than Breaking Dawn, so even the public can agree that there are times when they don’t like Oscar nominated movies any better than they like Breaking Dawn. And Oscar nominated movies are supposed to “great,” right?)

    What I truly wonder is why it is that you’re here? What are you really trying to prove? By now you must have figured out that no one here shares your opinions . . . so why do you keep posting? All you do is make yourself sound bad. The only reason I’m still responding to you is that you amuse me. 🙂 And because I’m still waiting for you to produce the links to those interviews . . . and to answer the questions I asked you several days ago.

    Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas . . . 20 minutes late. 🙂

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