Vote for Breaking Dawn as Best Movie Ensemble on MTV’s Hollywood Crush

Wild surprise we know, but right now we are neck-in-neck with the final installment of Harry Potter. Head on over to MTV and vote for your favorite!


  1. Idike Evelyn says:

    good one

  2. I voted but it was a hard decision, I am a total POT HEAD also, but in the end I voted Breaking Dawn, because I really enjoyed it better than the very dark Deathly Hallows. It is a shame tho, cause I love them both so much. But as for movies, had it been New Moon or Eclipse, Harry would have had my vote. But I truly enjoyed Breaking Dawn so much, I can’t wait to go see it over & over.

  3. Harry Potter finale deserves this one I think, there’s always next year, but I preferred Eclipse to Breaking Dawn, so…

    It’ll be a breath of fresh air for the awards when twilight bows out next year though, the voting wars must make the other movies feel like crap lol.

  4. Christina says:

    I just went to vote around 5:45 East Coast time and we’re ahead by about 1%!! Keep voting people!! I enjoy HP and come on, Edward and Bella all the way.

  5. hmm

    I just stumble upon this page and I saw this list and I am going to be fair,I have to go with DH2 or bridesmaids..BREAKING DAWN IS AWFUL…THE RATINGS AND PUBLIC RECEPTION DONT LIE

    I cant choose a movie like BD part 2 which is a 26% and so badly rated that it has become a joke to indusrty experts .


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