Breaking Dawn Causing Seizures?

When we first heard this we figured it was a hoax. Now there are 3 incidents. So in the interest of providing information, here are the two best videos we’ve found on this with medical personnel giving explanations and more importantly advice on how to avoid the problem if you are sensitive.


  1. You know, it’s interesting because I have seizures & I know what to look for before one… and I wasn’t the least bit sensitive when watching the movie. Everyone has their own triggers, but I have a hard time accepting this one. If so, I hope they’re ok, & glad they found out watching a movie instead of driving a car!

    • There are way too many accounts of people having seizures for this to be a simple hoax. While it is true that people who are known to have seizures or even epilepsy have stated that they haven’t had seizures, one of the other things that has been brought up is the fact that many of these people are likely on medication to already control their seizures, so they might actually be protected from having a seizure, if it does occure.

  2. what I found hilarious about this story was one of the guys who passed out didn’t want to be identified. Too manly to pass out from Twilight I suppose….(hope he’s okay though)

    • Well he’d never get a date again if he was identified…no woman in their right mind would date a guy who passed out from Twilight…LOL.

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    Well it’s not really anything to do with “Twilight” but the various colors used in filming. Rapid image processing can cause seizures. I have a friend who can’t play videogames…period… he couldn’t watch Avatar in the theatre either.

  4. On a slightly related note, I saw BD on an IMAX screen (yes, even though it’s not optimized for it–they have a lovely disclaimer for that, by the way) and the first twenty minutes or so I thought I was going to be sick from the motion.

    I’ve watched tons of movies on IMAX with no problems, and this was the first time I felt nauseated to the point where I was looking for an empty popcorn bucket on the floor. (And no, I wasn’t having sympathetic pre-wedding jitters.) LOL.

    I did hear about people passing out or vomiting during the birth scene. Of course, the passing out might’ve actually been a type of seizure.

    • CullenCoven says:

      Well the birth scene is pretty graphic. My friend started crying and my brother threw up. I was just kinda freaked out. But I don’t think BD would cause seizure.

    • Twilight_News says:

      I have that issue all the time in IMAX in general. I saw Eclipse in IMAX…HUGE mistake if you are photosensitive.

  5. for all those that find it hard to believe that photosensitive seizures happen, really watch the two (2) videos with this posting and / or google it. It happens. It is real. It is known. I’m surprised they did not make choices to avoid the effect.

  6. Interesting. I hope everyone is okay.That would be scary.

    I for one didn’t think the birth scene was that bad, I expected A LOT worse. (And I sometimes hate watching shows like CSI because of the blood & guts.)

  7. One of the (many) times I saw Twilight in the theater, a woman had a seizure during the “death is easy” scene where all the colors start flashing as Bella remembers things that happened to her, so it’s not surprising to me that Breaking Dawn is having the same effect.

  8. EdwardsNana says:

    Seizure’s????? Please, please tell me you are kidding?? I’m a retired nurse.
    Well, look at the bright side. “Twilight” did it again!!!! If it hadn’t been for “Breaking Dawn 1” movie, these people would have gone through life not knowing there was something physically wrong with them. Now after the movie, causing the seizure’s to emerge…….I am sure by now they have been to a Doctor and have found they have some underlying problems that because of this awesome movie, these symptoms have surfaced and they can be diagnosed with their real health issues. It is not uncommon for a patient to go on without knowing for a long time. So not only is “Twilight” bringing so many of us together in the twilight world, but now it is causing symptoms to surface and possibly saving lives…………go figure.
    Jacob says…………. “What a Marshmallow” .

  9. My son had a seizure during the birth scene. I’m collecting information about cases to help in guiding his medical care and the care of others affected:
    Another case was recently reported in Canada

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