MTV Finds Out: Why Is Breaking Dawn a Repeat Hit at the Box Office?

MTV decided to try and figure why Breaking Dawn has such a buzz, with lots of fans (moreso than the last film) talking repeat viewings. By repeat viewings we don’t just mean two times, we mean like 4 plus. One of the people that they asked was the Lexicon’s Laura. It’s not often that we get taken by surprise around here, but you can see what Laura said to MTV. A massive shift in emails, Tweets, and blog comments spurred us to make the referenced poll.

“Twilight” expert Laura Byrne-Cristiano, who runs, said she’s noticed a lot of fans changing their opinions about “Breaking Dawn” the book now that the film version has opened.

“I’ve also noticed a real shift in opinion that caught me by surprise so much so that I ran a poll about it,” said Byrne-Cristiano said. “When the novel ‘Breaking Dawn’ came out, it was a love/hate thing. But from what I’ve seen, people have really started to change their minds about it, and have come to like it.

“The people who got into ‘Twilight’ after the movies came out seem to pick ‘Breaking Dawn’ as their favorite book by a landslide, which is something that never occurred to me in a million years because of all the backlash when it first came out.”

Apparently MTV is on to something, because the amount of sites linking to this poll is unlike anything we have ever seen. Like we said earlier, we don’t get totally blindsided around here too often. This one took us by surprise, Check out other fans and experts giving MTV their opinion here.

Did you participate in yesterday’s poll? Were you surprised at the results?


  1. BD is my favorite of the books and I did read the books after watching Twilight.
    I enjoyed Twilight but didn’t read the books because of the movie.. my teen daughter talked me into reading them and I am so grateful she did.. I have now read them 10 times and LOVE them

    • Eternal Love says:

      Sabrina, yeh, I finished reading the series 13 times until I could finally put them down… I understand completely.

  2. i liked breaking dawn, but new moon and eclipse are still my favorite. i think because i went to forks/seattle for the release of new moon i have that whole experience to make it extra special. otherwise, my favorite movie and book would be eclipse. i read all the books before the movies came out and actually refused to watch the first movie (which i finally did after it was out on dvd for a while and hated it.) eclipse is just such a great mix of both edward and jacob, i think that’s why it’s my favorite. as far as multiple viewings i went to see both new moon and eclipse four times…and it’s looking like i’ll be seeing breaking dawn four times, i guess 4 is my lucky number.

  3. sparklevamp says:

    I was totally surprised. Eclipse is still my favorite book, but Breaking Dawn is my favorite movie from the franchise so far, yet Eclipse is still my favorite movie of all. . . ? I don’t even know. I guess I just really like movies that make me cry. And that all the actors really shown their skills in this movie, especially Rob and Kristen. Her “death” has me crying every time! :’)

  4. Eternal Love says:

    I don’t understand why it’s such a big mystery to everyone. The appeal of all the Twilight books/films/everything is ROMANCE, pure and simple. It’s not even because it’s about vampires.

    The most romantic idea of all is someone so completely in love that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the person they love. Edward sacrifices by leaving Bella for her own safety and also sacrifices loving her without s-e-x until they are married. Bella sacrifices her human life in order to be with Edward forever.

    I worry that BD part 2 won’t be as romantic just because it centers around the Cullen clan’s survival. If there is a lot of romance between Edward and Bella, it will be a box office hit.

    • I trust our man,Bill,because he truly wanted to capture the esscence of and I think BD part 2 is going to deliever on the romance as well as the action/mystery aspects. Part 1 was such a success that some feel it will be hard to top. However I think we’ll be blown away by the finale next year.

  5. Here are just some reasons why:

    The toasts. (Only fans really got the part about Bella not sleeping.)

    Jacob asserting his alpha status (as strange as it seemed to many at first).

    Alice being Alice: don’t smudge the makeup!

    The last shot before the credits, followed by the pitch-perfect song.

    The mid-credits extra scene.

    The many callbacks to the first movie – a treat for the fans, not the critics nor haters.

    The strange visceral horror of the half-vampire pregnancy and birth that shows that Stephenie Meyer has more brass than Stephen King, Anne Rice, Steve Niles et al. Steph is the true queen of vampire authors.

    (Which is it, Twi-haters? Is Twilight too bland or is it too weird & transgressive? Because it can’t be both! BTW, Twi-hater ‘vampire police’, vampires impregnating human females with hybrids IS folkloric; Rice’s impotent vamps are the ones that break the so-called ‘rules’.)

  6. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I particularly loved the fan from Italy’s comment:

    “So, what is it about these films that has fans so engrossed and committed? It’s a ‘clean movie’ with universal appeal, according to fan and repeat viewer Alessandra Sorgato, who wrote to us all the way from Milan, Italy.

    “I’m glad that so many people can identify themselves with the characters of ‘The Twilight Saga,’ ” she said. “It kind of surprises me because Stephenie Meyer wrote a love story which is anything but ordinary — it’s not based on sex, adultery and things like that. Lately it has become quite unusual to see movies focused on morals like eternal love, true friendship, the value of family at the top of the box office,” she added. ” ‘Breaking Dawn’ is a ‘clean movie,’ still it’s very successful all over the world, and I love it.”

    And the movie is wonderful because it was based on a wonderful book. Kudos to Bill Condon and everyone who worked on this wonderful adaptation of a great story.

  7. Tara Pryde says:

    Why do I see this movie again and again? Because it deals with pivotal moments that almost all of us experience: marriage, giving birth. Because it is the cumulation of everything that has been building since the first book. I’ve enjoyed, very much, all of the movies, but I can identify most with this one personally. I became a TwiHard after the first three books came out, and I loved Breaking Dawn–am surprised to hear about the backlash, since it is my personal favorite. I loved this movie. The birth/transformation scenes are AMAZING.

  8. I liked breaking dawn, the book but admittedly not as much as the first three ( and believe me from a die hard fan its hard to admit that you may infinitesimally liked a book a smidgeon less). But the movie is such a beautiful visual representation of the events in the book, the cast seem relaxed and ‘happy’ no ‘angst’ to report. The scenes from the wedding to the honeymoon to the birth and her transition are visually stunning. I’ve been twice and already booked in for two more sessions in the next week….and thats just with friends, that does not take into account any sneaky sessions on my own!
    Cant wait until a break from my heavy workload so I can reread the series over the christmas break! Furthermore i cant wait to read Breaking Dawn again after seeing the movie and enjoying the intertextuality that emerges from a visual job well done influencing and shaping the way text is interpreted.

  9. It all comes down to romance. Twilight is pretty much the only romantic blockbuster out there. Look at this weekend, there are three “family” movies coming out, plus two already in theaters. Then there’s a whole slew of “action” and male-oriented type movies coming out around Christmas. Twilight is the only film out there for the female audience. I think Twilight would be successful regardless, because look how successful the books are even with lots of other romantic books. But romantic movies are so rare that Twilight has that audience all to itself. And Breaking Dawn is the most romantic of all the Twilight films. As long as there is a huge audience for old-fashioned romance and no other movie caters to it, Twilight will make megabucks.

  10. Sasha snap says:

    I really think if you didn’t read the books, you really can’t understand the draw. The movies got progressively better. Eclipse was my favorite book and movie. The movie of Breaking Dawn mesmerized me. There were things that those of us who read the books saw the humorous part in the movie. Haters will always look for ways to put the books or movies down…I’m sure that explains the 138 million dollars it made the first week end. Best to just ignore them and enjoy what we love.

  11. I don’t see the movie until tomorrow, my daughter is coming in for Thanksgiving then ans ask me to wait to see it together… its killing me. Initially when I read Breaking Dawn, I didn’t like it, it was being in Jakes head that disturbed me, once out of his head I enjoyed it. After reading it the next time it became my favorite book. After about 6 times more reading it, I knew for sure it was my favorite so I have high expectations for the movie. But what everyone seems to forget, it is one story, just one. Albeit the story is a long one necessitating the need for 4 books. Its still one long love story…

  12. I will be really honest….I didnt like BD….not because of some of the reasons everyone else didnt….I thought it was rushed..I thought everyone new in the book was rushed past me and the Cullen family somewhat left out. I dont know…I just didnt think it was as good as the other 3. I have not seen BD the movie yet…waiting for the theaters to calm and kids are back in school, so I can go in and really watch the movie. I hope I like the movie better. 🙂

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