Mark Kermode of BBC Radio Review: OMG Someone Gets It!

Finally, finally someone gets that the abstinence thing in the greater context of vamp literature. TY to Tess for the heads up!


  1. Wow…that is THE most spot on discussion of ANY part of the saga I’ve seen in the media…ever. It’s even more impressive coming from a show made up of men. Figures it’s a British show. I find it highly unlikely any American broadcast made up of men would have this in depth of a discussion on it, since our media has pegged the whole thing as an insipid, drippy teenage girl thing. How incredibly refreshing.

    • I think the Brits have much more respect for, and are much better acquainted with, literature in general. And they are therefore, on the whole, better able to understand the underlying themes within a film such as this: Romeo-Juliet romantic love, abstinence vs. indulgence, friend vs. lover, etc. More importantly, this fellow gets the important question within this story, as it is with many vampire stories, of the immortality of the soul vs. the mortal human life. Most male reviewers in this country don’t get any of this because they don’t have the literary background. Sometimes I wonder, not if they’ve read the Twilight books, but whether they’ve read ANY books at all other than comic books. It’s funny how everyone keeps mentioning the wolf pack going around without their shirts, as if they do it just to show off their abs. Maybe something should have been said in the film about their clothes always shredding when they transformed, so that topic would have been understood. Anyway, yeah, it’s nice to find an intelligent commentary after all the trash talk.

      • alwaysedward says:

        i agree with you totally. There is more to the Twilight Saga. It is not drivel – and girls/women (and some boys/men) get it – that is why is has such a following. The themes of self-control – because of love, because of personal integrity, because its right, the themes of loyalty, friendship, sacrifice, true acceptance of how each character is. Like in the movie – I love the way Jacob just says okay, no more music – no questions asked, just acceptance. I love how Edward is still bargaining for more human years for Bella – because we know its coming in Eclipse tent scene (at least in book) that he almost wishes Bella would pick Jacob so that she can have a normal life (even if it causes him pain) and that if he can manage to put the “change” off, that might happen. Awesome stuff – that’s what appeals to us women in the books and the movies – that struggle – to live for one’s own desires but for the better of those we love.

      • Yisel_Cullen says:

        Well…I’m officially impressed. Luthien and Mura…you said it all. I agree 100% with your comments!

      • Yes, the Brits really get it. I would hazard a guess that the US male reviewers had to read Romeo and Juliet in high school English. But, as a hs librarian, I bet they had their girlfriends do their homework or they just blew it off and took the zero!

      • WoW I couldn’t agree more with you. These 2 guys really get it. I think that the Twilight films make alot men feel uncomfortable. One you have Edward Cullen who is extremely good looking and he knows how to treat his lady. He treats her like a human being that deserves respect. But he loves her and is putting her safety and well being first. He treats her like every woman would love to be treated. Alot of men have forgotten how to do this.

        Then there is Jacob all buff and beautiful. That in itself is intimidating for boys taking there girls to this movie. To top that all off he, too, treats Bella like she is a human being that is to be respected. He, too, thinks of her first.

        I think that young girls are screaming out that they want to be treated like this.

  2. Diamondgirl says:

    Awesome!!!! I wish I could get my hubby to watch/listen to this discussion. Then maybe he’d get it.

    Mura: I think Ryan Seacrest is reading the books on air and having discussion, but you are right, nothing like this discussion. Too bad.

  3. I agree, he got it. I like this guy!

  4. Bravo to the BBC! Finally some male reviewers get this whole Twilight thing! Is “New Moon” perfect? Nope. But as they said in the interview/review, you can’t help but like it.

    • alwaysedward says:

      I liked this commentary also – except the whole beefcake part. First, Jacob does take his shirt off -and that is to the tee in the book – and yes, every girl screamed – but seriously, its not like the camera paused in any way on his body – it was very quick and not sexual. Bella didn’t drool, it was an observation. Same with the rest of the pack – there was never this overt, in your face, naked bodies – it was in character with no sexual overtones at all. Like I’ve heard Kristin try to say in each interview, albeit somewhat teasing, that there’s a reason they are dressed like that. And Edward’s was totally because of showing himself in the sunlight – even there it was not this “ogling” thing. (Sure he looked great, lol) but this movie (and the book) was about friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, love – AND as the reviewer so well put, self-control.

  5. Woah, that’s actually really, really smart and insightful. Makes me want to go check out these two guys’ other reviews.

  6. daisyduck says:

    Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo are legends of film review! If you liked this, then I strongly recommend their podcast. Really interesting discussions- I never see a film without listening first.

  7. Well said!

  8. That was probably the most intelligent discussion of New Moon that I’ve seen from a male yet. Wow.

  9. the Brits have done it again! I wish more American men understood and grasped the meaning of this series the way these guys do.And he is very right it is time that the boys are the ones to walk around half naked!

  10. Wow….. Really wow! They got it!! Hats off to the insight and intelligence of British men. 🙂

  11. yeah… well… i kinda like all the vampire zex thats in True Blood.

    • Nah the True Blood vamps are just like every other vamp story with the sex and gore. Nothing wrong with that but it’s nothing new.
      That’s what’s wrong with sexual based stories it get’s old and if you noticed what’s missing from marriages is the romance and that’s why Twilight is so popular with all types of people especially women.
      I’m happy with this video and wish most American guys got it. But we all can’t have everything haha .. But we can’t judge all American men because I know lots of guys who love the Twilight books.

      • OMG sia, I couldn’t agree with you more. Twilight is about loving someone on such a deep level that you are willing to do just about anything for them. In the scenes in the books where Edward so tenderly touches Bella he’s expressing love in it’s truest and deepest form.

      • Twilight Nymph says:

        Wow, you totally nailed it. Absolutely agree with you, I mean it’s the fact that it’s not a sex centered relationship that attracts me to the books. That’s one of the reasons that I love the books. It doesn’t surprise me that the British get it more than the US. I mean I’m from here and the U.S. and I know that we have the lowest literacy rate, so it doesn’t surprise me that the British get it more. Yet, on the bright side an American did write the series.

      • Yisel_Cullen says:

        I agree 100% with you. The beauty of these books consists in that message that true love is emotional and not physical…that you can love someone and be willing to give everything for that person without having gone to bed with him/her. In Midnight Sun, the chapter when Edward goes hunting with Emmet and they talk about how Emmet & Rosalie’s relationship is so physical, Edward says something that for me is the purest manifestation of love you can give anyone…he tells him that he can’t even think about “that” with Bella because she’s precious and fragile..That ultimately he would have to leave because he can’t ruin something so beautiful and pure…I mean…the fact that he is willing to live in hell forever if that means that she will be safe and happy says it all. The fact that he insists so hard on waiting so it can be the best it could be (Esme Island—sigh)…not only because is dangerous for her but because it is the right thing to do! Yes…it definitely takes a real man to get Twilight…to see beyond the superficial stuff and find the true meaning of this story.

        I like the Sookie books…I have read them all and like you said Sia…there is nothing wrong with the story (it is actually good) but there is nothing new about it either….and True Blood…I barely got thru the first season…all the Jason stuff they put was unnecessary and dumb…anyway…that’s for another discussion in another place..I guess…

  12. I thought the discussion was brilliant…although I wish they knew the reason why these boys run around with only shorts on. I think it should have been mentioned in the movie. I understand the target audience, but I wish more people understood that there is a logical reason behind it and not just because the wolf pack likes to look at themselves.

    • Yeah in every interview I saw for NM they always talked about the shirtless wolves and seemed to only associate it with them being warm. People who haven’t read the books or just saw the movie will think they are trying to show off or something. Its mentioned in the book so I’m not sure why they couldn’t narrarate it into the movie somehow.

  13. Wow, this was amazing. I can’t believe that these two men actually got it. Kudos to them!

  14. I kind of got tired of hearing “mopey” all the time! If he read the books, he’s understand Bella’s depression is more than just moping.

    But other than that, the guy actually got it a lot better than our “macho” media in the U.S.

  15. LilliAnn! says:

    Wow, what an excellent film review. Finally, men that really understand.

  16. Wow, didn’t expect to see this on the front page!
    If you liked this, you should hear him respond to someone who emailed in saying that he film was masochistic and that Bella was just a dog on a lead for the Cullens. He immedietly said that Bella is a strong character and a strong female role model and that the books aren’t in any way masochistic.
    And you should check out the show, because its grat ;P

    • Do you have a link to the one where he responds to the email? Cause I’ve been checking out his show, and I’d love to hear it.

      • No, unfortunatly its not on youtube, or I would’ve included it in the email. You can download the podcast from itunes (BBC Radio Five Live, Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s film review) and download the Paranormal Activity review. The talk about New Moon starts at 13 mins 30 secs. That’s the only way I can think of to listen to it, sorry!

        • That’s what I ended up doing – thanks! The email reactions and responses were great – and show even more how much they understand and like the books (though I’m worried what will happen when Breaking Dawn comes out…)

          • I know! It was just an email spoiler and that got them worried. But I’m glad you liked it and the rest of the show, its great to listen to on a Friday coming back from school.

  17. Well whoever he is I LOVE him.

  18. Hallelujah!!!!!! Finally a commentator who sees past the teenage love story angst and appreciates the background nuances of the complex emotions and moral dilemmas faced by the characters. And it’s coming from a MAN! Go figure there is hope for the male species yet:)

  19. I’m speechless. This is THE most insightful media commentary that I’ve heard on the Twilight Saga, and it’s coming from a man. My heart is bursting. Wow. I feel like sending this guy a beer.

  20. It takes a real man to get Twilight 😀

  21. The Title to this post should be “OMG Some MEN Gets It!” Because we here obviously all get it, it’s just most men and some women as well or even teenage girl *cough* Miley Cyrus* cough*

    Anyway in response to #1. Luthien, They do explain why the wolf pack go shirtless, it’s just in Eclipse, when Bella asked Jacob why he has to go around without a shirt all the time, Jacob explains that their clothes shred when they transform and it’s hard enough to carry his shorts tied to his ankles.

    I hope David Slade keeps that conversation in the movie as we can see it’s made non-readers think they’re just showing off their abs for the fans!!!

  22. That was wonderful hearing men talk about and getting the overall view of New Moon. It was almost like a breath of fresh air…”finally,” someone other then females, understands.

  23. I absolutely loved their critique. While I tired just a little of him implying that Bella mopes around too much (if he only knew how much she actually moped in the book), I thought this discussion was on target and great. It was thoughful, and I must say even I learned a thing or two from it. Much more than what you will ever hear from reviewers – or others – here in the States, but then again, that’s par for the course. But, I digress….These guys have a new fan. I will be tuning in often.

  24. This is about the best description of hat it’s all about I have read anywhere! It’s kind of funny that it takes him almost 8 minutes to explain it all – I have the same issues when someone askes me what Twilight is all about…I just stammer and stutter trying to get it all out where someone who has never been drawn into this world would understand!

  25. I’m glad to see some guys stand up and say positive things about the Twilight saga. Of course this reinforces what Stephenie said in an interview,that the guys in Europe don’t cringe away from the series,because it’s looked at as a “girls book”. Most of the narrow minded distaste I’ve seen have been from the guys here in the States. We have small following of guys that are fans of the series and I wish there were more. Perhaps over time the so-called line being drawn between seeing the series for teens and women will disappear. The Twilight series just like any other should entertain any reader,whether male or female.

  26. I love these guys! Thanks for an honest, fair, and insightful review!! It is much appreciated by fans =)

  27. This great review from a guy who gets it and the discussion his review has generated are some of the major reasons why I love the Twilight saga.
    Actually both guys get it. The little details they correct each other on shows they know the story line….

    But, to go one step further on the abstinence discussion….
    Do we really believe that Edward is only concerned about the danger of turning Bella and her losing her soul? I don’t think that’s all of it. He actually talks about waiting until they are married because he believes it is the right thing to do, vampire or not. With all the “bad” he has done, he wants to have one “right or good” thing. And that is waiting until marriage.

    So, is this a deeper meaning to the vampire, soul, no soul issue? If you abstain, is it just so you don’t get turned? Or is it more than that? And could being turned be analogous to not waiting? Both of which could mean the loss of your soul.

    I know that as the mother of 14 and 10 YO daughters, I can see that it might be a way to broach this whole concept. I know that I have used several scenes from the books and the movies to talk about important things with both girls. Their Dad has read all the books and seen Twilight almost as many times as we girls have. And he took me to New Moon’s opening night as a date night, knowing that I was going again Saturday with the girlfriends. And he is eagerly awaiting the DVD release.

    He also uses the saga to talk about important things with the girls. The common ground has opened up lots of opportunities to talk about joy, friendship, curfew, depression, obsession, love, abstinence, forgiveness, the list is almost endless.

    So, for me it seems to be more than just the danger of being turned.

    Just some thoughts I have running around in my mind.

    • Yisel_Cullen says:

      Great comment you have there and I do agree with you and I’m glad the saga has provided you and your husband the opportunity to talk to your daughters about this issue….isn’t that great? That’s why I love Twilight so much and that’s why I get so mad at the haters who can’t see the beauty of these books.

      There is a part in Eclipse (I believe) when Edward talks with Bella about waiting to have sex…not just because it can be dangerous, but because it is the right thing to do. He says that his virginity is the only pure thing that’s left on him…that he has committed every sin possible, but in that sense he is pure and in a way he wants to preserve that and make things right. In a world when young people want to loose the virginity as soon as they can because is cool or whatever…it is so good to read something like this because I believe in those principles…and it isn’t about the physical aspect of what being a virgin represent…it is the emotional aspect what matters the most. The beauty of keeping yourself for someone especial, of waiting for the right moment, of having a wonderful experience…it is about making love and not having sex. I love that Stephenie made them both virgins…that she put them both equally in the same position….and that it was him…the man…the one that tried hardest to do things right….and there is the beauty of Edward…that is the essence of why he is beloved by so many…because he always thinks in Bella first…because despite the fact that he desires her (Midnight Sun) and have the ability and the strength to change her and keep her for himself any minute…he decides to take the long road for her own sake…he is unselfish enough to leave her so she could have a normal life, so she can be with a human, so she won’t loose her soul. That is so beautiful…and that is the meaning of true love…and ultimately of happiness…being happy by making happy the person you love.

      Woaw…these books are truly amazing!

  28. swapsomestuff says:

    I agree with all of you who say they really nailed this review. They understand what the story is really about. But, I think the sulkiness in the beginning that they talk about is a necessary part of the story. When you love someone to the depth that Bella loves Edward, and when you believe with every part of you that the other person feels the same way, then when that person chooses to leave you, sinking into the depression the way Bella did seems totally reasonable. She’s a teenager too and she eventually comes out of it, but she is forever changed by Edward’s love; the same way he is changed by hers. It’s an otherworldly bond and isn’t supposed to be completely realistic.

  29. It’s quite popular among us British Males to be honest, some of the quotes from American males really suprise me, surely they can’t all be that ignorant. How can you hate on something you have never read?
    I have Twilight discussions at work quite often and I work in an all male enviroment in heavy engineering at a Coal Mine. I must admit some just dont get it but they haven’t read the books either.

  30. This is just one of the many reasons why I love the Twilight Saga-THE FANS!!! I love how thoughtful and thought provoking the comments are. It’s refreshing to visit the site and see that so many other people-share the same views regarding the characters and events that I love so much. I’ve become invested in them-I’m right there-living and breathing-caring about what happens to them. The funny thing is that I’ve NEVER felt like this about any other series.
    I get it. We get it.
    Thank you (again) Stephanie!

  31. OMG Robert Pattinson broke up with Kristen.
    Guess who is his new girlfriend now??
    MILEY CYRUS… Pictures are below:

    I still can’t believe this

  32. What a brilliant review…and the funny thing is the radio show it is for is called five live…it’s predominantly sports commentary. I love that it’s the sports show that makes the best review!

  33. Finally got to watch this and it’s great! Make a note to find his review for Eclipse next year and post it, stat!

  34. Glad someone understands that we’re not all in love with twilight just because Taylor Lautner just happens to not wear a shirt for most of it

  35. blackbella says:

    i guess im the only one who thinks that yes u should talk about abstinence with your child but also be realistic and also talk about contraception…

  36. I thought Michael Sheen was AMAZING as Aro! For me he made the Volturi scene.

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