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Bobby Long’s music along with Marcus Fosters and Sam Bradley’s first caught widespread attention when it appeared in the Twilight movie sung by their friend Robert Pattinson. Bobby is now launching his solo album and gaining some nice critical acclaim.

Bobby Long Launches Album and Looks Beyond Twilight and Never Think

Back when Twilight was the little indie movie that could, back in the day when Summit didn’t realize what they had, and the media, save for MTV, was largely ignorant to the franchise, director Catherine Hardwicke chose songs written by Robert Pattinson’s friends: Bobby Long, Sam Bradley, and Marcus Foster to appear in the movie.

Bobby Long has just released an album, but he’s not relying on that Never Think Let Me Sign feel as the Wall Street Journal found out:

“While Bobby Long was at university in London, he fell in with a group of musicians that included Robert Pattinson, future star of the “Twilight” films. “Let Me Sign,” a song Mr. Long co-wrote and said he performed only once in public, was sung by Mr. Pattinson in the first “Twilight” installment with all the intensity of Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks.”

There are worse ways to launch your career, but Mr. Long all but disavows the song. “It’s not really who I am and what I’m doing now,” he said when we met one recent frigid morning at the Cake Shop, a club here on the Lower East Side a short walk from his apartment.”

See the whole story on the Wall Street Journal.

Marcus Foster and Bobby Long on the Road

Cause=Time has a great interview with Marcus Foster from when he was in L.A. Marcus talks about his music, future plans and England in the World Cup. There are also two songs you can listen while reading the article. 

C=T : Your music has been selected on two different occasions to appear in cinema. How do you decide if you want your work to appear in said works?

MF: One of the films had Christopher Walken in it and I’m a big fan of his so I couldn’t say no and it’s a great movie called ‘Five Dollars A Day’. The other film was different because a friend of mine sung the song that I wrote and I didn’t know he recorded it but when I found out I thought why not.I would like to do some more music for film, I like the idea of doing something like Neil Young in that film ‘Dead Man’ where he just watched the film and played his guitar. I also write a lot of instrumental stuff on the piano.

The rest of the article can be found HERE     photo by Todd Roethe


The Boston Herald has an article with Bobby Long, who will be performing at Club Passim in Cambridge, tomorrow night.  The article has some insight into how “Let Me Sign” landed on the Twilight soundtrack and what Bobby’s plans are for the future.

Long has a likable, rough-hewn voice, a catchy way with a chorus and a style that evokes early Bob Dylan. His musical heroes are all-American country, folk and blues artists, such as Woody Guthrie, Neil Young, Hank Williams and John Hurt.   

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

Bobby Long in Germany

Bobby Long recently performed in Germany at a Twilight Event.  He co-wrote “Let Me Sign” with buddy Marcus Foster, and Rob recorded it for the Twilight soundtrack.  Celebuzz has all the details including some great photos. Check out the excerpt below and for all the details!

I’ve been in the beautiful city of Berlin and played my first German show on the 5th June, I played a show at the Knaack klub and the support I got was incredible. Some people had travelled 800 miles to see me so it was nice being able to say hello afterwards and the people and say thanks to them properly.

Bobby Long: Music Feature Interview

Bobby Long as been featured several times here at the Lexicon and now we bring you an indepth interview from the up-and-coming musician.

Bobby is known in the Twilight world for co-writing Let Me Sign and has recently released his song “Being a Mockingbird” on Itunes.

Definitely worth checking out. You can listen to all Bobby’s current music at his MySpace page. Bobby will be touring the US this summer be sure to check out a show near you. He will also be performing at Twicon.

Photo Martelli Photography

Bobby Long and Itunes

The Land of Dreamers, a Bobby Long fansite, has nominated today Mockingbird Wednesday.  Bobby’s song, Being a Mockingbird, is now available at Itunes and the goal is for all his fans to purchase the song tomorrow to show their support of his music.  This particular song was recorded live at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC this past April.  I was at that show and can tell you the song is fabulous.

You can check out Bobby’s latest blog on his MySpace page. And stay tuned this weekend for our interview with Bobby.

photo credit to Kim Grewell

Bobby Long Headed to Germany and Needs Fan Input!

Bobby Long Announces Berlin Show on June 6th
But Looks to Add Gig on June 5th with the Help of Fans

Up All Night Music is looking for a location on June 5th in Berlin, Germany for a live music show by solo acoustic performer Bobby Long from the U.K.  We are in need of a venue for our artist with a capacity of approximately 200 people.

Bobby co-wrote “Let Me Sign”, a song co-written by Marcus Foster and recorded by Robert Pattinson for the Twilight Soundtrack – the soundtrack debuted at the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts and claimed top position worldwide.

Bobby has already played a sold out tour in North America and will be returning to tour the States during the summer and autumn months. 

He continues to perform in select venues in England and since he has never played in Germany the fans have been flying to the U.K. to see him play.  As a result, a large fan base has developed in Germany.

Bobby will be playing at the Twilight fan event taking place in Berlin on June 6th – this event is already sold out so he would like to book a small live music venue as a special thank you to the fans that have traveled all the way to the U.K. to hear his music in the past. 

Check Bobby out at His new single, “Being a Mockingbird”, was recorded live at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC and is set for digital release during the first week of June.

Please contact with venue booking information in Berlin.

Bobby Long on Twitter Trends and New Music on Myspace

Bobby Long now has over 500,000(I am sure music fans can help that number grow) hits on MySpace !  He just added new tunes and photos with more music to come.  Bobby was also number one on Twitter Trends, yesterday.

Bobby has just posted “Who Have You Been Loving” which was one of my favorite songs when I saw him perform in April in NYC and if you haven’t checked out his music do it!! Also “The Rattle and Roll” is great.  In case anyone needs reminding he co-wrote “Let Me Sign” with Marcus Foster.

Tonight Twilight Music Girls & Bobby Long

The Twilight Music Girls are opening for Bobby Long (writer of Let Me Sign performed by Robert Pattinson in the Twilight movie) tonight at Whiskey a Go-Go in Hollywood. There is no age minimum for the show, so under 21’s can get in! According to the TMG:

Hey all! We are so excited to see everyone tonight at the Whisky.

Just a few things to remember….

***If you have bought tickets ahead of time online, you will need to make sure you’re there by 8pm for our set to ensure that you are admitted into the venue

***We are playing our set at 8pm. If you want to stay for Bobby Long, he will be playing right after us at 9pm! We will NOT be performing onstage together.

***We will have CD’s available for sale at the venue. If you purchase a CD at the show, you will be entered into our drawing to win a DVD (see detail on our page)!!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Stay Sparkly!

The Twilight Music Girls

Bobby Long at Arlene’s Grocery

Last night Bobby Long played two shows are Arlene’s Grocery where people like  Jeff Buckley and the Black Crows have played.  The first show was for the press that he had met with earlier in the day.  The second show he played to a large, enthusiastic crowd of fans.  In case you are interested there is a fansite, The Land of Dreamers, is dedicated to the music of Bobby Long, Sam Bradley, and Marcus Foster.

I can’t say enough good things about Bobby’s performances.  He is an amazing guitarist. Many of the people around me were commenting about things he could do with a guitar and still be focused singing.  His voice is hard to describe.  I want to say there is a texture to it but every word I think of, smokey, raspy, doesn’t quite do it justice.   You’ll just have to listen for yourself and tell me what you think.  He is amazing to see live.  I highly suggest checking out his myspace to listen to all his songs and if he is coming to a town near you stop in and check out his show.

Bobby can been seen in LA at Hotel Cafe on 4/16 and the 18th (21+) and Whiskey a Go Go on the 17th, all ages show.  Then in Nashville at 3rd and Lindsey Bar and Grill on the 22nd and 23rd (18+).

There is a video below of him performing last night.  The first song was recorded during the first show and isn’t the best visually but the sound is good.  The second and third songs were recorded during the second show.  The recordings don’t do him nearly enough justice but I hope I you can get a sense of how good he really is.

For some reason in this video the names of the songs overlapped.  This song is called Dead and Done. And yes, I know it cuts off about the last 20 seconds of the song but the song itself was too good to scrap altogether. So enjoy!