Bobby Long: Early Report

The Cullen Boys Anonymous has an article up abou their interview with Bobby Long at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel yesterday before his second round of NYC based shows.

“With his performance at the Lakeside Lounge on April 13th, Bobby Long officially launched his first US tour. Self-described as “shy” by nature, Long has found himself amidst an eager audience of Twilight devotees. However, having had the chance to meet this humble 22 year old, one can see that he has a wealth of talent which allows him to step out of the long shadow of friend Robert Pattinson and into his own well-deserved limelight.”

Check out the rest of their story here.

Be My Escape will be back later with video and her own story.

Bobby Long in NYC

Bobby Long performed his first show last night in NYC.  The turn out was large for the venue and his performance was great.  People arrived as earlier as 6:30pm for a 10pm show.  Some things people should know, Bobby is a fantastic musician in his own right.  He has an acoustic folk style that is appealing and his voice is truly beautiful.  If Bobby is playing in your city I highly suggest stopping by a show to enjoy his music.

For those of you in NYC he has 3 shows tonight at Arlene’s Grocery.  This is a 21+ plus.  For those of you who can’t attend check out Bobby’s myspace page and his single, Left to Lie, is available on Itunes.

Robert Pattinson’s Music Roots Run Deep

It seems like you can’t turn around lately without hearing something else about Robert Pattinson, his taste in music, his fellow musician friends from the UK, and his music ambitions. Here’s the latest run down:

It seems that Robert gave an interview to a Czech publication where he states he likes the group Tokio Hotel, and wouldn’t mind seeing them on the soundtrack.

The LA Times ponders if Rob’s ambitions extend to Grammy or Oscar dreams.

The Examiner has dubbed Rob’s group of musician friends: Bobby Long (pictured left via EW), Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley ‘The Brit Pack”. Let Me Sign, sung by Rob in the Twilight movie was co-written by Bobby and Marcus. Rob also performs Never Think written by Sam Bradley in the Twilight movie. Entertainment Weekly just did a big article on Bobby Long who just played to a packed crowd in New York last night.

Now they certainly owe their exposure to Rob singing their material in a blockbuster movie, but the person who was actually instrumental in getting this all to happen in the first place was the seldom mentioned Nikki Reed. If Nikki hadn’t shown Catherine Hardwicke Rob’s music, and Catherine hadn’t insisted that it be put on the soundtrack, probably none of this new found exposure would be happening to the degree it is.

Twilight Music Happenings

This upcoming week has a lot of Twilight music happenings. Check out the list below and if the shows are close to you I highly suggest checking out some of these amazing musicians.

Bobby Long will be arriving in the states for his first tour.  He will be kicking it off in NYC on Monday 4/13 at the Lakeside Lounge and then on Tuesday 4/14 at Arlene’s Grocery.

You should definitely stop by and make Bobby feel welcome.  I’ll be there with NoMoreMarbles.  Hope to see all of you there too!  Something of note both of these shows are 21+.

For all you Canadian fans Sam Bradley will be performing in Toronto on 4/16 at The Drake Hotel (19+ show) and 4/17 at The Gibson Showroom which is an all ages.   show.   US fans do not fear Sam will be playing a show with Bobby in Nashville at the Lindsley Bar and Grill on 4/22 and 4/23.

And last but certainly not least the Twilight Music Girls will be performing a 18+ show in LA at Whiskey A Go Go.  The show will also feature Bobby Long (are we sensing a theme here?) I have seen the girls perform live and they are not to be missed. You can pre-order tickets for the event on the TMG myspace page. I also suggest checking out their latest contest.  Win an Ashley Greene autographed Special 2 disc DVD. Check out all the details here.

Hope to see some of you at the show on Monday or Tuesday

Be My Escape

Music As Important As Ever For Robert Pattinson

Rob has said more than once in interviews how much music means to him. He’s even talked jokingly about music being a back-up plan if acting didn’t work out.

According to People magazine, Rob recent stopped by the after party of the Juno Awards, Canada’s equivalent to the Grammy Awards, that took place at Vancouver’s Velvet Room inside the Opus Hotel.

Rob’s also been a huge supporter of his friends’, Sam Bradley and Bobby Long, musical careers. Both are currently touring the US and Canada. In fact some fans ran into Rob and Sam the other night. If you want to catch Sam in a live performance, he is slated to appear at in the near future in Vancouver. See Sam’s MySpace for details.

Twilight Music News

Rob Pattinson’s buddies Bobby Long and Sam Bradley who have jammed with Rob at various clubs in the UK are both tying to expand to a wider audience. Who knows, maybe even the New Moon Soundtrack?

Sam, co-author of Never Think, gave an interview to The Examiner. Sam also has a couple of upcoming club dates in the US and Canada.

Bobby’s Left To Lie is now on ITunes, and he’s got a packed schedule in clubs across America.