Bobby Long on Twitter Trends and New Music on Myspace

Bobby Long now has over 500,000(I am sure music fans can help that number grow) hits on MySpace !  He just added new tunes and photos with more music to come.  Bobby was also number one on Twitter Trends, yesterday.

Bobby has just posted “Who Have You Been Loving” which was one of my favorite songs when I saw him perform in April in NYC and if you haven’t checked out his music do it!! Also “The Rattle and Roll” is great.  In case anyone needs reminding he co-wrote “Let Me Sign” with Marcus Foster.


  1. Who is this guy and why is he on the Lex?

  2.…SEXY *sigh*

  3. Thparkle says:

    He is really hot.

  4. Thparkle says:

    He kinda looks simular to Rob

    • I don’t think he does at all.

      (I’m not trying to be offensive just stating so don’t bite my head off please)

  5. I really don’t understand why the Twilight websites keep mentioning this guy…sure, he’s friends with Rob and co-wrote a song that ended up in the movie, but……..??????? So what? When I check these sites, I would like to read relevant news, and this to me does not seem relevant. I’m not saying he’s not good or anything, just why in the world does he get so much attention here? Nobody puts Muse, or Linkin Park, or Blue Foundation, and their songs were on the soundtrack too. I’d rather not read about another Bobby Long concert. And this is coming from someone who has “Let Me Sign” as their favorite song from the soundtrack, and favorite scene in the movie. I just don’t get it.

    • That’s EXACTLY what I’m trying to say.
      Thanks for putting it into words.
      If he had actually sung a song on the soundtrack, maybe, but then you have to include the others.
      Not fair, and I really don’t care about this guy.

  6. Wow, the comments=(

    So what if he isn’t Twilight Saga related! If you don’t want to read it, keep scrolling until something else catches your eye. There is no need to bash the “unfairness” that something else was posted.

    Just a suggestion!

    P.S He has a ton of fans who come here on a regular basis who don’t mind reading up on him from time to time. In fact, I love it!

  7. michelle says:

    what part in the movie was “let me sign” in(since you said it was your favorite part)? its not actually on the official soundtrack….i have it and checked just in case. but i do hate it when songs are left out of soundtracks. im trying to put together my own little soundtrack including Stephenie Meyers’ playlist that she has on her website.

  8. I dislike MySpace music. MySpace is too dirty with spam; I saw that some tools like this one: MySpace Music Plays Increaser allow so called musicians to get popularity on MySpace with black advertising. I think that really cool musician doesn’t need black advertising, it will be popular anyway, event without fake plays. So if MySpace is full with black web promotion, it is place of bad musicians. It is my opinion. waste only


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