Meet the Egyptian Coven: Andrea Gabriel, Omar Metwally, Angela Sarafyan

We had the chance to meet and interview the entire Egyptian Coven at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere.

Andrea Gabriel Talks About Image in Her Blog

Andrea Gabriel who plays Kebi in the upcoming Breaking Dawn II has her own blog. She just updated it yesterday.

“Really gets me to thinking (surprising, huh? Coming from someone writing a blog)… I live in Los Angeles and I know it is so easy to swallow the cultural Kool Aid that we are ALWAYS supposed to look one way and NEVER supposed to age, as if aging is icky, that the subtle changes in our bodies are wrong, as if nature has to be stopped. It breaks my heart to see breathtakingly beautiful mature women walking around altering themselves compulsively, almost apologizing for their natural development into their next beautiful stage of life. We hear the phrase “young and beautiful” as if it were one and the same. True, beauty can be young, but it can also be many different ages. Since about the time I turned twenty-one it seemed I was aware that accumulating years was something to fear and that I should enjoy my youth “the bloom was still on the rose.“ True, every one should enjoy their youth, but isn’t it hard when people are telling you it’s all down hill from here?”

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Video: Andrea Gabriel on Vampire Camp and ‘Rock Star’ Kristen Stewart

So what do you think about Andrea Gabriel’s information ( she plays Kebi )? Were you a fan when she played Nadia on LOST?

Andrea Gabriel Talks to Hit Rock Bottom About Breaking Dawn and Lost

Andrea Gabriel who plays Kebi ( the love interest of Amun played by Omar Metwally Benjamin played by Rami Malek oops had too much Rami Malek on the brain ) talked to Hit Rock Bottom about her work on LOST (she played Nadia) and Breaking Dawn.

“Let’s talk about your next “big break”, Breaking Dawn – how’d you get involved in that?

Well, I auditioned… again. It was just a good audition – and I think I found out about that in August, and they didn’t make the announcements for the Covens because they have A LOT of Covens in this one. I don’t think I’m releasing any spoilers because the books have been published – I’m not sure what’s in the book and what’s in the script, but it’s – for people who love the books… this is seriously… they are going all out, this is prom. You know what I mean? [laughs] This is formal.

Let’s get to the first Twitter question…

Oh, cool.

@Twilightfreak72 wanted to know what it was like on the set of Breaking Dawn – and what was your favorite part of playing a vampire?

[laughs] It’s a lot of fun – the vampires are a blast… all of the people who are in this cast… it’s a wonderful group, and it’s very diverse. Just like there’s not two of any one kind – it’s a real bonding experience because we’re all in the same boat, we’re all on location and our families, our homes and our pets are all [laughs] very far away. So it does feel like camp. And then, my favorite part of playing a vampire is… I guess just being a badass. [laughs]

Are you wearing a lot of makeup in this role?

Not a lot, no. There’s certain vampire traits that I have, but no… I mean these are hot vampires. [laughs] These are runway vampires, they’re very stylish, they’re very cool… there’s not a bad looking one in it that I can see. [laughs] I think this vampire thing is a good racket if you can get it because they’re going to surrounded by hot co-workers.”

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The Egyptian Coven as Red-eyed Vampires

More great makeovers from Adonis!

Coven Leader: Amun portrayed by Omar Metwally

Omar’s mate Kebi portrayed by Andrea Gabriel


Benjamin who can literally move the earth portrayed by Rami Malek

Benjamin’s mate Tia as portrayed by Angela Sarafyan