The Egyptian Coven as Red-eyed Vampires

More great makeovers from Adonis!

Coven Leader: Amun portrayed by Omar Metwally

Omar’s mate Kebi portrayed by Andrea Gabriel


Benjamin who can literally move the earth portrayed by Rami Malek

Benjamin’s mate Tia as portrayed by Angela Sarafyan


  1. StaceyGal says:

    Benjamin looks YUMMY!!!

  2. Not bad so far. Really. They did a good job there at Summit (simply hope they haven’t wiped Kachiri out 🙁 )

  3. Question: are there any vampires from BD that have not been cast? …Maybe some Volturi…? If they haven’t been cast, does that mean that they will not be in the movie?
    And there are some Quileutes missing too, right?

    • Gigi Cullen says:

      Yes, the wives have not been casted yet & I think afew more of the wolves as well. And they have not casted the Volturi witnesses either. Tons more to cast. WOW!

  4. Spot on with the casting – almost what i imagined, freakily what i imagined. So excited for BD!

  5. alphabetty says:

    Typo: “Omar’s mate Kebi portrayed by Andrea Gabriel”

    Sorry to nitpick – i love your site.


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