Andrea Gabriel Talks About Image in Her Blog

Andrea Gabriel who plays Kebi in the upcoming Breaking Dawn II has her own blog. She just updated it yesterday.

“Really gets me to thinking (surprising, huh? Coming from someone writing a blog)… I live in Los Angeles and I know it is so easy to swallow the cultural Kool Aid that we are ALWAYS supposed to look one way and NEVER supposed to age, as if aging is icky, that the subtle changes in our bodies are wrong, as if nature has to be stopped. It breaks my heart to see breathtakingly beautiful mature women walking around altering themselves compulsively, almost apologizing for their natural development into their next beautiful stage of life. We hear the phrase “young and beautiful” as if it were one and the same. True, beauty can be young, but it can also be many different ages. Since about the time I turned twenty-one it seemed I was aware that accumulating years was something to fear and that I should enjoy my youth “the bloom was still on the rose.“ True, every one should enjoy their youth, but isn’t it hard when people are telling you it’s all down hill from here?”

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  1. This really does get you to thinking. She is very right.

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