Full Name: Jane

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth:

Date of Change: Unknown but very young (PC10)

Originally from:

Hair color: “Lank, pale brown hair trimmed short” (NM20)

Eye color: Vampire burgundy

Height: Petite – “smallest members of the guard” (BD36)

Physical description: “Slim and androgynous” figure with a pretty face, wide-eyes, and full-lips (NM20)

Special Talents: Inflicts pain with her thoughts (NM21) but only one person at a time (BD30) — it’s a very effective form of torture (SMW)


Family members: Member of the Volturi Guard – Alec is her twin brother (PC10)

Personal history: Jane and Alec are considered witches when they were human. Aro is aware of the special talents that the twins had and wants to acquire them when they are older.  When they are being burned at the stake for witchcraft, Aro steps in to save them and slaughters the whole village.  Being burned at the stake intensifies their talents as vampires.  Alec is all about no pain, and Jane wants to inflict that pain on others.  (PC10/BD Concert Tour – Seattle Q&A)  Jane always wants to please Aro since he is the one person of significance in her life besides Alec.  She loves being Aro’s prize, his jewel.  (From Stephenie Meyer Fan Junket The Villainous Volturi on TwilightSeriesTheories.com)

Jane arrives and asks Edward, Bella, and Alice to follow her.  (NM20)  She greets Gianna along the way.  When she sees Alec, they kiss “each other’s cheeks on both sides.”  She laughs when Alec compliments her on bringing back “two…and a half.”  Alec and Jane lead them to the turret room.  Aro is delighted to see Jane and kisses her lightly on the lips.  He is pleased that she brought back Edward and is ecstatic to see Bella and Alice too.  When Aro finds out that Bella is immune to his talent, he asks Jane to try her talent on her too.  Edward lunges towards Jane to protect Bella.  Even though no one touches him, Edward is on the ground in agony as Jane smiles at him.  When Aro calls to Jane, she looks away, and Edward relaxes.  Aro then motions to Bella, and Jane smiles at her with no reaction.  Jane is so frustrated that she prepares to spring, but Aro calms her down.  Aro tells Edward that he is brave to endure Jane’s torture in silence.  He understands since he was curious and asked Jane to test her talent on him.  Jane and Felix scowl when Aro asks Edward to join the Volturi.  Jane is offended when Aro compares Bella’s potential talent to hers.  Jane and Felix are also disappointed when Aro lets Edward, Bella, and Alice go.  (NM21)

Bree notices Jane and three dark cloaked figures in a “perfect diamond formation” walk towards the house where Victoria and Riley are.  Jane wants to know what Victoria’s intentions are and is curious how she has eluded detection.  She finds out that Victoria has not made the decision to attack the Cullens yet.  Jane gives her an ultimatum – decide what to do with her newborn army or they will destroy her “as the law demands.”  Victoria asks for time to prepare her army.  Jane gives her five days and then they leave.  (BT)  Jane did not want to go to Victoria since she wants the Cullens to be destroyed especially Alice.  She’s making her own decisions that could get her into trouble.  (From Stephenie Meyer Fan Junket Release #7 on TwilightSeriesTheories.com)  Jane knows that Aro wants Alice.  She is so jealous that she would risk Aro’s anger to kill Alice.  (From Stephenie Meyer Fan Junket The Villainous Volturi on TwilightSeriesTheories.com)

Jane and the other Volturi guard arrive after the fight with the newborn army is over.  Edward greets Jane.  She notices Bree and seems annoyed.  Edward says that she surrendered.  Jane seems half confused and half frustrated with Carlisle since he is willing to help Bree.  Jane passes on Aro’s regards to Carlisle.  After she questions Carlisle about the newborns, Jane asks about their creator.  Bree knows that she is lying.  Edward says it was Victoria and indicates that he already destroyed her.  Bree is defiant when Jane asks about her name.  Jane tortures her with an agonizing fiery pain.  Then the pain disappears as if Bree is imagining it.  Bree tells Jane her name.  Jane smiles again at Bree, and the torture resumes.  Edward tells Jane that Bree will answer her questions without being tortured.  Bree confirms the number of newborns but does not know anything about her creator.  She tells Jane about Riley and why they came to destroy the “strange yellow-eyes.”  Bree senses that Jane is relieved that Riley did not tell her or the others about her visit to see Victoria.  However, Bree hopes that Edward would read her mind and know the truth about Jane.  Jane was hoping that Victoria’s army would have destroyed some of the Cullens at least.  She asks what was the motivation behind Victoria’s attack.  Edward replies that Victoria had a grudge against Bella.  When she could not torture Bella, Bree discerns that this was not normal for Jane and it was driving her crazy in spite of her nonchalance.  Jane says that there is nothing left to do, and Edward replies that it was a shame that they had not arrived earlier to fulfill their purpose.  Bree senses her time is up when Jane looks at her.  Jane has what she needed but is not aware of what Bree told Edward via her thoughts – “the vampire cops were dirty – really dirty.”  Carlisle volunteers to take responsibility for Bree and teach her the rules.  Jane states that there are no exceptions.  She says that Caius will be interested to know that Bella is still human.  Alice replies that the date has been set.  Bree notices that Jane hates Alice ten times more than she hates Bella.  Jane tells Felix to destroy Bree and then they leave.  (BT/EC25)

Alice sees Caius sending a hunting party that includes Jane and Alec to see if Bella is human.  She sends a wedding announcement to delay them.  (BD27)

Edward tells Bella that Jane and Alec are the Volturi’s “greatest offense.”  Where Jane can make you “feel the worst pain imaginable,” Alec makes you feel “absolutely nothing.”  (BD30)

The Volturi arrive at the clearing “with pageantry.”  They are in a “rigid, formal formation” that seemed to flow in “perfect synchronicity” — “it was the pace of the invincible.”  The entire guard, the wives, and their witnesses are also present.  Bella sees Jane and Alec next to Marcus with Demetri on their other side.  Jane smiles smugly at Edward as he walks towards Aro.  Jane is not happy to learn that Aro gave Bella a necklace as a gift.  (BD36)

While Aro, Caius, and Marcus counsel, Jane tries to attack Carlisle and some of the Cullens’ witnesses, but Bella’s shield is protecting them.  She is furious that no one is affected by her “fiery assault.”  When Bella smugly smiles at her, Jane snarls and crouches to spring when Alec stops her.  He comforts his sister then turns his attention to the Cullens and their witnesses.  Edward explains that Alec’s gift is slower than Jane’s.  With the arrival of Alice and her witnesses, Aro casts the deciding vote and announces that he sees no threat from the “half-vampire children.”  He turns to the Volturi guard and tells them that they will not fight today.  The guard resumes their formation and departs along with the wives and their witnesses.  (BD38)

Portrayed in the films by: Dakota Fanning

Prepared by: Anny