Chapter Twenty-One – Verdict

Chapter Number: Twenty-One

Chapter Name: Verdict

Page Numbers: 462-484

Date of Chapter: March 20, 2006

Summary: The chapter begins as Bella, Edward, Alice and the members of the Volturi guard enter the Volturi castle. While Bella is relieved to be out of the underground tunnel, Edward’s tension increases. Bella notices that the vampires of Volterra have red eyes. She also notices a striking human in the employ of the Volturi. Alec greets them, but Edward remains tense; Edward wants to confront Felix, but Alice stops him.

Jane and Alec lead then into a large room where Aro, who is one of the Volturi, and other vampires mingle. Aro greets Bella and Alice as if he knows them, which surprises them, He seems quite excitable.

Aro expresses envy for Edward’s ability, and Edward explains the similarities and differences between his and Aro’s abilities. Caius and Marcus arrive. Although Marcus does not speak, he allows Aro to touch him in order to communicate the surprising intensity of Bella and Edward’s relationship.

Aro shows surprise at Edward’s ability to refrain from drinking the blood of his “la tua cantante” and refers to it as a waste. Aro marvels at how strongly Bella’s blood calls to Edward and says that Edward has surpassed Carlisle’s self-control, which Edward denies.

Ever curious, Aro wants to test his gift on Bella, since he and Edward share a similar gift. Aro’s gift does not work on Bella. Next, he wants to test Jane’s ability on Bella. Edward steps between Jane and Bella to protect her. Alice holds Bella back as Edward writhes on the floor in silent agony. Then Jane tries her gift on Bella, but fails. This angers Jane immensely.

Aro asks Edward, Alice and even Bella if they would like to join the Volturi. They all refuse. Caius insists that the law claims them, since Bella is human and knows their secret.

Edward argues, pointing out the humans involved in the Volturi operations. Caius explains that the difference is that they will change or kill the humans there and Edward plans to do neither to Bella.

Aro asks Edward if he intends to change Bella. Edward does not answer and will not allow Aro to touch him in order to read his mind. Bella believes that Edward would rather she die than become a vampire. However, Alice lets Aro read a future with Bella as a vampire. This satisfies Aro and he allows them to leave. But before they can go, Heidi arrives with a group of tourists in order for the Volturi to feed. This horrifies Bella.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jane, Felix, Demetri, Gianna, Alec, Aro, Caius, Marcus, Heidi, the woman with the rosary, assorted vampires, assorted tourists

Characters Mentioned: Carlisle Cullen

Places Visited: Volterra, Italy; the Volturi’s castle

Memorable Quotes:
“They send you out for one and you come back with two… and a half.”
~Alec, pg. 461

“I love a happy ending… They are so rare.”
~Aro, pg. 461

“Marcus sees relationships. He’s surprised by the intensity of ours.”
~Edward, pg. 471

“But still – la tua cantante! What a waste!”
~Aro, pg. 471

“I certainly never thought to see Carlisle bested for self-control of all things, but you put him to shame.”
~Aro, pg. 471

“Don’t be put out, dear one… She confounds us all.”
~Aro, pg. 476

“Think of the possibilities! They do not join us today, but we can always hope for the future. Imagine the joy young Alice alone would bring to our little household… Besides, I’m so terribly curious to see how Bella turns out!”
~Aro, pg. 480

Important Information Learned:
The Volturi have humans involved in their operations.

Aro has a mind-reading ability similar to Edward’s. While he must touch people to hear their thoughts, he can hear every thought they ever had.

Marcus has the ability to see relationships. The intensity of Bella and Edward’s relationship surprises him.

The Volturi refer to Bella as Edward’s “la tua cantante,” because her blood sings for him. They see Edward’s restraint as wasting her blood.

Aro believes that Edward’s self-control is stronger than Carlisle’s because he can resist the temptation to drink Bella’s blood over and over again.

Aro cannot read Bella’s mind.

Jane has a gift of mental torture. Bella is also immune to Jane’s powers, which makes Jane quite unhappy.

Edward and Alice refuse to join the Volturi. Bella refuses to let them change her so that she can join them.

Aro is interested in Bella as a vampire. He clearly believes that she will have an unusual power.

Edward balks at agreeing to make Bella a vampire, but Alice lets Aro see into her mind and indicated that Bella will be a vampire.

Bella is horrified when she realizes that Heidi, a vampire, has brought in a group of tourists for the Volturi to feed on.

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