Twilight Series Theories: More Fanjunket Friday Information

The crew at Twilight Series Theories has another segment of the Stephenie Meyer fansite interview. Partial transcript appears on their site (a snippet is below) . Full audio and full transcript on their site.

“Q:Well we did fall in love with Bree, and we were trying to figure out why she was destroyed.  We can’t figure out a rule that she broke.  She didn’t reveal herself to a human, she wasn’t in a fight… So we want to save her… So, why? Why is she not around?

SM: She’s not around because, there are the specific rules, there are general rules… Don’t attract attention.  And, the specific rules, and armies are against the rules.  So once you’ve screwed up enough, so that people are noticing, and people are noticing big time with this, you all are gone!  If they just said, “This member of this wild coven was bad, and this one was bad… We’ll kill them!  But you guys did okay.”  That’s not how you rule with terror.  You know!  Iron fist, man!  You all suffer!

(Everyone Talks!)

SM: She would have been fine if she hadn’t been a part of that group. Yah… Bad decisions.  Her and Riley both.

Q: I was just wondering if Jane had an ulterior motive with that?  There was something between her and Jane.  Did Jane see her (Bree) in the trees?

SM: No. Jane didn’t know.  Jane came into it thinking… She didn’t know what the newborns had been told. She had that one exchange with them. She doesn’t know. And, what has this girl (Bree) already told them? You know, she was ready to… She wanted to make sure the statements on the table at the end were the ones that they should be.  Even though she’s not in control, she is pretty high up.  She has a sense that at some point it’s going to hit the fan with the Volturi, that the Cullen’s are of special interest.  But at the same time it would embarrass her, the people in charge (her bosses), if she slipped up. She was all flying on her own with this one.  But she was impatient, she was like, when are they going to do this? We’re (Volturi) getting embarrassed because this all out there.  So she finally goes to Victoria and says you have to do something or I’m going to have to kill you all.  She doesn’t want to do that.  She wants the Cullen’s to get killed. And, she’s all along making her own decisions which could get her in a lot of trouble.  You know?  So, she’s very tense for Jane. She doesn’t usually have to fly solo for stuff like that.”

See more on Twilight Series Theories.


  1. TwilightRocks!!!! says:

    I think this is my favorite part of the interview so far! Thanks for posting!

  2. Twilight9009 says:

    I really like all of these interviews, but I really want to see something about the Twilight Saga Official Guide. We’ve all been waiting so long for it and I think I heard they discussed it during this interview. But keep posting these, I love reading Stephenie’s answers to the questions us fans are interested in.

  3. I know this isn’t the right place to post this, but I consider all Twilight fans as family, so here I go:

    It’s been a while since I visited the Lex, so I wanted to ask something, has the Hillywood show already made an Eclipse parody? If yes, then can someone post me a link to it, please? Otherwise, can someone just answer me? Thanks. 🙂

  4. Why is this being given out in bits and pieces?
    In what order are these bits and pieces being posted?
    When is the transcript going to be done?
    Where is it going to be posted all together?
    logically it should be Stephenie Meyer’s web site, but logic doesn’t seem to be any part of this.
    SM had a good idea, the fan sites delivery leaves a lot to be desired.
    I am not of the video game/music etc generation, these bits and pieces are driving me crazy trying to follow any kind of conversation/interview. There are teaser questions, but no answers. Please can’t someone just trascrib the interview and post it all in one piece as it happened?

    • Thank you Pam! I totally agree. I was so excited when it was first announced that SM was doing this. But, honestly, I’m feeling like those 4 lucky fansites are acting like they’re the “in group” and oh aren’t we special. The fact is, the way these 4 groups are giving out the info from this interview, I don’t really care anymore.

  5. in this latest one-at the end-the person who transcribed it says she ran out of time to finish and will try to finish as soon as she can–
    -she asked for volunteers to help—
    if you have ever done any transcription from audio, you know how time consuming and mind numbing it can be-listen to a bit-stop the audio-type a bit-listen a bit-type a bit-on and on-and then go back and listen to larger pieces and make the changes from the mistakes/misheard/mistyped—
    and these people have real lives like the rest of us—
    so, if it’s not getting out fast enough, you could volunteer to help or be patient otherwise
    …. just my $.02 ……
    thanks to those who are working on this transcription-it is fun to see inside steph’s head and heart!


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