Chapter Twenty – Volterra

Chapter Name: Volterra

Page Numbers: 443 – 461

Date of Chapter: March 20, 2007

Alice and Bella rush to save Edward, driving through the winding, crowded streets of Volterra.  Alice tells Bella they have to reach the Palazzo dei Priori, or the clock tower.  She explains that Edward will be waiting in an alleyway, getting ready to step into the sunlight.  On their way, Alice bribes a guard with a thousand dollars to let them pass.  They make there way through the narrow roads until they reach the point where Bella has to take it on foot.

Bella darts from the car, pushing her way past the crowd.  When the clock tower starts to chime, Bella begins screaming Edward’s name in the small hope that he will hear her and see that she is alive.  Pushing through more people, she spots Edward and yells for him to look at her.  He doesn’t hear her, so Bella charges at him, flinging her self against his body.  Edward has difficultly believing that she is alive and keeps speaking as if they are both now dead. 

Once Bella convinces Edward that they are both still alive, she states that they have to run before the Volturi arrive.  The warning didn’t come fast enough and Edward and Bella are soon met by two dark shapes.   Edward tries to tell them that their services aren’t needed any longer, but they insist that Edward and Bella follow them.  Edward wants them to let Bella go, but again, Felix says that Aro has requested they both come along.  Edward tried to fight for Bella’s freedom, but Jane arrives and he agrees.

As they follow the Volturi, Alice explains to Edward  that she had made a mistake with how she interpreted the vision of Bella cliff diving.  Edward keeps his arm around Bella, protecting her.  When they arrive at a small drain in the street, Alice slides down first to wait for Bella.  Edward helps Bella down and Alice catches her.  Edward joins them and again wraps his arms around Bella.  He strokes her face and holds her tight against him.

The dark tunnel slants downward.   They are led deeper and deeper into a cold, damp area.  There is a grate at the end made of thick iron bars.  On the other side is a room with a low, heavy door.  They enter, and Edward tenses up while still holding on to Bella. 

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Demetri, Felix, Jane,

Places Visited: Volterra, Italy

Memorable Quotes:
“Is this a joke?”
“Only if you think it’s funny.”
~The guard and Alice discussion her bribe.

“Amazing.  Carlisle was right.”
~Edward upon seeing Bella for the first time in Italy and thinking he was dead.

“Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.”
~Edward quoting Romeo and Juliet

“I don’t think I will be requiring your services today.  I would appreciate it very much, however, if you would send my thanks to your masters.”
~Edward to the Volturi guard.

Important Information Learned:
Edward believed, if just for a moment, that he had been able to reach Bella in the afterlife, proving that Carlisle’s theory about their souls was correct.

The Volturi move in shadows and do not take no for an answer.

Jane, although tiny, is someone powerful enough that even Edward does what she asks without fighting her. 

The Volturi reside under the city in cold, dark, damp tunnels.

Chapter Prepared By: Alphie