Chapter Sixteen – Paris

Chapter Number: Sixteen

Chapter Name: Paris

Page Numbers: 363-381

Date of Chapter: Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Summary: Just as Bella is about to die, Jacob pulls her out of the water. As Bella regains consciousness she is disappointed Jacob saved her and Edward’s voice has faded once again. Jacob and Sam decide to move Bella off the beach and take her back to Jacob’s home; Sam returns to the hospital.
On the way home, Bella asks Jacob how he found her. Jacob replies he was looking for her but anger resonates in his tone. He is upset that Bella went cliff diving without him especially as Victoria is still on the loose. Bella asks Jacob if the pack has found Victoria yet, but he tells her they haven’t. Instead, she jumped in the water, and he was worried she would find Bella on the beach.

Bella asks why Sam returned to the hospital and Jacob informs her of Harry Clearwater’s heart attack. Bella immediately worries for her father as he and Harry are good friends.

While at the Black’s home, Jacob finds Bella some dry clothes. Bella asks him to stay with her and they both fall asleep. Jacob’s snoring soothes Bella to sleep. Instead of a nightmare Bella enjoys a regular dream for a change. Her final dreamy image is a stage with a girl on a balcony in a nightdress. This image reminds Bella of Juliet, and as she awakes from her dream Bella ponders Juliet while Jacob continues to sleep.

Bella lingers on Juliet’s story. She wonders what Juliet would have done had Romeo left her. What if Romeo lost interest in her? Would she be able to resume her regular life? Bella thinks not. She identifies with Juliet, and is convinced Juliet would never be the same after Romeo’s departure. But what about Paris? Would Juliet hook up with Paris? If Paris was Juliet’s best friend—the only one she could be herself around—Juliet just might consider finding what little happiness is available to her with him. Of course Bella is thinking of her relationship with Jacob. She realizes she loves Jacob. The love she has for Jacob is nothing in comparison to her love for Edward, but she does love Jacob too.

Thinking of Romeo and Juliet ends up frustrating Bella. She decides Romeo never would have left Juliet, and therefore, her story is vastly different from Bella’s. Bella switches gears and thinks about her life at present. She recognizes how dumb it was to jump off the cliff. Had Jacob not been there, Bella would have died. She knows that would have killed Charlie and the rest of those who love her. Bella knows she needs to change her ways. She can no longer risk her life and safety to hear Edward’s voice. She thinks she might be able to live without his voice if she has Jacob in her life. She recalls seeing Edward’s beautiful face as she was drowning. While thinking of the drowning experience she recalls the strange, orange fire she saw on the water.

Billy returns home and tells Bella and Jacob of Harry’s death. All three are devastated.

Jacob decides to drive Bella home. Bella considers telling Jacob about everything: Edward, her hallucinations, and feelings. She knows he will think she’s crazy, but also knows Jacob will accept her anyway. Jacob loves her, and she wants to make him happy even if she doesn’t feel exactly the same way. When they arrive at Bella’s house, Jacob stops the car and hugs her. Bella considers kissing Jacob’s shoulder, but hears Edward’s voice say, “be happy.” Immediately, Bella freezes up. Jacob senses Bella’s discomfort and stops hugging her.

Jacob then begins to shake and starts the car. Bella asks him what is wrong, and Jacob tells her “vampire.” He knows there is a vampire nearby because he can smell it. They begin to drive away when Bella spots Carlisle’s car. She tells Jacob to stop—it’s not Victoria. Jacob is horrified Bella will risk her life just to see the Cullens. He  begins to sense just how attached Bella is to the vampires. Bella is elated at the sight of the car and hopes more of the Cullens are with Carlisle.

Jacob doesn’t want Bella to go into the house. He cannot protect her. He’s on Cullen territory now and must leave before caught. He tells Bella she must take herself back to her home. Jacob jumps out of the car and runs into the woods.

For a moment, Bella doubts her decision, but returns her gaze to Carlisle’s car. She knows it is his car and drives forward. Bella is nervous as she enters her house. She begins to think over the day. She remembers what Jacob said about Victoria swimming in the water—the orange flame Bella saw on the water was actually Victoria’s hair blowing in the wind. Bella is now terrified as the light flicks on and she sees her guest.    

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Billy Black, and Alice Cullen (implied).

Character Mentioned: Edward Cullen, Charlie Swan, Harry Clearwater, Sue Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Victoria, and Mike Newton

Places Visited: La Push Beach, Billy’s House, and Charlie’s House.

Memorable Quotes:
“If Romeo was really gone, never coming back, would it have mattered whether or not Juliet had taken Paris up on his offer?”
~Bella’s thoughts

“Romeo wouldn’t change his mind. That’s why people still remember his name, always twined with hers: Romeo and Juliet. That’s why it was a good story. ‘Juliet gets dumped and ends up with Paris’ would have never been a hit.”
~Bella’s thoughts

“Be happy.”  
~Edward’s Voice

“Bye, Bella. I really hope you don’t die.”
~Jacob to Bella as she chooses to go home knowing there’s a vampire there

Important Information learned:
Jacob pulls Bella out of the ocean and saves her life.

The werewolves can’t protect Bella on the Cullen’s territory.

Vampires can swim fast in water.

Harry Clearwater dies of a heart attack.

Bella contemplates her feelings for Jacob.

Bella chooses the Cullens over Jacob.

Carlisle’s car is in Bella’s driveway.

Chapter Prepared By: Ellabelle