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Vote for Your Favorite #TwilightStories Now

Supposedly (there seems to be a bug in the link at the moment, but we're betting they will solve it shortly) the 40 finalists from the Twilight Stories contest is posted over at Tongal You have to log in either with an email, Facebook, or Twitter to vote, but at the … [Read More...]

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The Twilight Saga: Extended Editions Triple Feature Blu-Ray and DVD

Via the official press release from Lionsgate they are releasing extended versions of the first three Twilight movies. Note at this time there is no extended release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 or Part 2 in this package deal. The Breaking Dawn Extended Edition Part 1 came out as a solo item two years … [Read More...]


Top Ten Characters for #TwilightStories Film Shorts Announced

The Tongal website has announced (see chart below in no particular order)the top ten Twilight characters selected in the fan voting to be featured in the new female fan written short films.   Time to start dusting off that five-year-old fanfic and reworking it.   The next stage is the … [Read More...]


Win a Copy of The Official Guide to the Twilight Saga!

Thanks to the announcement of more Twilight Saga film content surrounding The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga, knowing the back stories to some of our favorite characters has become more important than ever!  Here is your chance to catch up on all the info you may have been missing. … [Read More...]


Revised: 6 Twilight Stories We Think Have The Biggest Twilight Storytellers Potential

So clearly this is our subjective and highly biased view given that we helped to edit The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide , but here are the six stories in no particular order that are found in the The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide. (You can buy the guide from Barnes and Noble … [Read More...]

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Attention Filmmakers: Here’s How You Enter a Twilight Storyteller’s Film

At this stage there are opportunities for both screenwriters and directors. In future stages, there are opportunities for performers to submit themselves for casting consideration in the winning entries.   Essentially everything you need to know is here at the official website … [Read More...]

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Vote For the Characters You Want to See in the New Twilight Short Films

The Twilight  Storytellers, the new Twilight Short Films, have launched their official website, and they want your (even if you are not submitting a film) to vote for what characters you want to see in the new short films. You have to join Tongal to vote (it's easy, you can sign in via Facebook or … [Read More...]

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Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer and more kick off new Twilight Movie

MTV has the exclusive video where Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan, Stephenie Meyer and more talk about the Twilight short film project. Get More: Movie Trailers, Celebrity News According to MTV: But before all of that can happen, you need to the make the movies. Phase 1 of The … [Read More...]

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Bill Condon Gives Twihards a Sneek Peak At Side Show

Bill Condon, the Academy Award winning director of Breaking Dawn I and II, has directed the revival of Side Show that is opening on Broadway shortly. Apparently some enthusiastic fans tried to sneak in to see the rehearsal process, and Bil Condon was really nice about the whole thing. According … [Read More...]

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Kellan Lutz Reacts to New Twilight Films.

MTV caught up with Kellan Lutz, who played Emmett in the Twilight movies, about the new, Twilight saga short films that are being planned. Here is what he had to say. “Well, that’s very innovative. I have to hand it to Summit and Lionsgate. That’s a great way to reach the masses again,” he … [Read More...]