Register Today for the Twilight Prop Auction

Don’t forget folks that you have to be registered ahead of time in order to participate in the Twilight Saga prop auction. The two-volume hard-copy catalog is also now available for pre-sale. Check out the full details regarding auction procedure on the official site, and register there as well.

We got a look at some of the items at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year. You can check out our thoughts here



  1. Allyson Peterson says


    I worked on the film and have the entire hotel bedroom set from the first film, night stand lights, a coffee table and the laundry hamper from Bella’s bathroom. I am ready to sell the whole lot. DO you know how I can get ahold of the people running the auction, or can I make a post on your site? (I was a set designer on the film)


    Allyson Peterson

  2. Makenzye DeVore says

    I would love to get to meet jacob black and Edward cullen in person for real at my school Which is Dunbar middle school dunbar west Virginia us and I love Stephanie’s twilight books I have read all of her books and have watched all the twilight movies.