Stephenie Meyer in Vainity Fair Influential 100

Stephenie Meyer has made the list of Vanity Fair magazine’s “The New Establishment 2009” in the number 82 position.  It’s basically a list of what you could call the movers and shakers of the past year.

STAGE OF GLOBAL CONQUEST: The Mormon housewife’s Twilight teen-vampire romance novels sold nearly 29 million copies in one year, capturing the top four positions on the USA Today best-seller list for 2008, making her the first author ever to do so. (J. K. Rowling came close with Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 5 with her Harry Potter titles in 2000.) The movie version of Twilight grossed $191 million in the U.S., and the film adaptation of her second book, New Moon, opens in November. Meyer has also inspired hundreds of Web sites from fans who call themselves “Stephen-ites” or “Twi-hards.”?”

So congrats Stephenie, and anyone ever referred to themself or heard her fans referred to as “Stephen-ites” before? That term is a new one on us.

Via Twilight Examiner.


  1. Do you mean VANITY FAIR, not Vogue?

  2. Stephen-ites???

    Vogue totaly made that one up.

    And how lame is it of them to open by labeling her ad a Mormon and a housewife?! Vogue is a very pro-woman magazine. You wouldn’t think they’d find it necessary to define her as anything more than a successful writer.


    • Simone St Paul says:

      100% agree with Chloe! As a non mormon, non housewife, I would be equally upset to read an article about Stephen King that starts out “Father of four, 12 stroke handicap author Stephen King……”. I respect Stephane’s faith and the care she provides to her family, but come on, why are these labels necessary? When was the last time you read about J. K. as the former poor mother who didn’t have two potatoes to make a soup writer.

      • viariousfun says:

        I think it’s because Stephenie is conservative in her values and it comes out in her work, kudos to Stephenie for that, and media types can’t stand that.

  3. Some women are very proud to be Mormon and housewives. I know I am, and I would be if I were a housewife.

    Writing doesn’t necessarily trump housewife/stay at home mom.


    • I agree with Dawn.

      I’m very proud of my faith and the fact that I’m a housewife. Those two factors of my life trump anything else I could EVER do!

  4. Whoop go Stephenie!
    Wats with the stephen-ites? that ones totally lost on me.

  5. Don’t care if she drives a garbage truck (no offense
    garbage truck driver people) I am a Twi-hard, but I’ve never heard of that made up one. Pro-Stef always, just ready for more!

  6. Congrats Stephenie ! YOU DESERVE ALL THIS !

  7. Stephen-ites would be a play on Mormon terminology… I’ve never heard it before, but it is a little funny.

  8. do you know that she is number 26 in top 100 2009 forbes?

  9. LaTuaCantante says:

    Er…Stephen-ites? That’s the first I heard of it. I consider myself a Twilighter. It just flows 😀

    But congrats to Stephenie on her accomplishment! It just amazes me that this world was developed from one single dream. Amazing!

  10. Can honestly say I’ve never heard of Stephan-ites before either. Sounds pretty silly if you ask me, I think Stephan as in the boys name, not Stephanie. Oh well.

    Congrats to her!!

  11. Yeah, I’ve never heard of “Stephen-ites” either. Wonder where they got it.

  12. Well another new word to label the Twilighters, LOL!!! Congrats Steph!!!!

  13. um..where did they come up with “Stephan-ites” its kinda catchy but ive never heard of that before… :S

  14. I’ve never heard that before. I’m quite surprised myself.

  15. “The Mormon housewife’s Twilight teen-vampire romance novels” How is Mormon relevant here??? You wouldn’t say The Black Housewife, The Jewish Housewife, for that matter why not just Author, what is wrong with Author?? Or Author, wife and mother?? Does anyone know what JK Rowling’s religious affiliation is or if she even has one? Nor should we its not relevant!! And its not a question of being proud to be a Mormon or a housewife or a Mormon Housewife. If she wants to label herself fine but it is not appropriate for the writer to do so. For the record I am not Mormon, I have no political or religious affiliations. The “I don’t get it crowd”, of which SK is among can’t seem to make up their minds on how to pigeon hole this series. Its either a YA series and all of its fans are screaming teenagers (which is BS) or it is some secret code filled with Mormon religious lessons due to the lack of sex! Hello which is it guys if its YA then yeah the lack of sex would be appropriate don’t you think? Or how about GASP it is a really well written series with wide and universal appeal?? Nay, it was just a one off, right…….Oh wait there are 4 books so it was a one off 4 times? And the movies, ummmm how to explain that oh yeah back to the screaming teenagers! And no I am not a screaming Teenager; I am however really feed up with the “I don’t get it” crowd. OK you don’t get, so what, a hell of a lot of us do!!

  16. Stephen-ites???
    Wow, thats just…new

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