Melissa Rosenberg Signs Twilight Scripts & Straightens the Breaking Dawn Rumors

We just received the following press release from Melissa Rosenberg’s representatives:

Script Signing at the LA Times Festival of Books
Melissa Rosenberg will be signing copies of TWILIGHT!

Melissa Rosenberg

Saturday, April 25, 2009

2:00pm – 3:00pm

405 Hilgard Street
Los Angeles, CA

Melissa will be signing copies of the TWILIGHT script at the LA Times Festival of Books this Saturday, April 25 at 2pm.

You can purchase a copy of the TWILIGHT script (proceeds benefit the Writer’s Guild Foundation) and Melissa will happily sign it for you!

More information can be found here:

Entertainment Weekly tracked down Melissa and asked her about the story on The Wrap about Breaking Dawn being in the works. Looks like Melissa has a whole other point of view because she hasn’t written the script yet:

“The most I’ve heard from Summit is ‘re-read it and start thinking about it.”

Additionally, EW states that More telling, she hasn’t yet received one of the manifestos Meyers(sic) famously puts together before Rosenberg begins turning one of her books into a movie.”

Stephenie Meyer Speaks to Australian Press

Stephenie Meyer gave an interview to The Courier Mail about her feelings on the whole book to movie process.

“That was when that really hit me [that her book was being made into a movie]. I was sitting there at dinner the first night. Everyone came in costume, because they’d just done a photo shoot. I was like, ‘Wait a minute, these are imaginary people and here they are’ – very weird.”

The DVD is just coming out in Australia and Stephenie’s interview follows recent interviews given by Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene to the Australian press.

Twilight Tourists Hit Portland

According to the TDN, a large number of people have been visiting Kalama HS. Kalama is where the infamous parking lot crash was shot. Kalama’s gym was also the site of the volleyball game, and their weight room was turned into Bella’s hospital room.

“It’s just a daily thing now since the DVD came out,” said Kalama School Superintendent Jim Sutton. “About 15 to 20 people visited the parking lot each day last week while students were on spring break. Generally, they come in groups. They take turns staging themselves in the same spot as the actors in the film. They’re definitely some serious fans.”

Catherine Hardwicke on Twilight

Catherine Hardwicke talked to ABC affiliate KTKA in Texas about her Twilight experience and upcoming projects. Catherine reiterates what has been said before, that she was offered New Moon but turned it down due to time frame.

What’s also clear again, is that fans owe Catherine a huge debt for insisting that the script was rewritten to be closer to the actual novel than the barely recognizable version that she was originally presented with. In our opinion, Catherine’s insistence on going back to the book is what is set this up as a viable mega-franchise and not just another teen flick flop.

According to the interview: “Since I loved the books in a way it made it easier because I knew what made me love it and got swept away by the cool romance,” explained Hardwicke. “I thought how we can put that to screen, because you just can’t do books on tape, because we already have that. We had to make it visual and bring it to life and that’s what I had to dream about everyday on how can I make this scene cool and capture the feeling of the book.”