Melissa Rosenberg Signs Twilight Scripts & Straightens the Breaking Dawn Rumors

We just received the following press release from Melissa Rosenberg’s representatives:

Script Signing at the LA Times Festival of Books
Melissa Rosenberg will be signing copies of TWILIGHT!

Melissa Rosenberg

Saturday, April 25, 2009

2:00pm – 3:00pm

405 Hilgard Street
Los Angeles, CA

Melissa will be signing copies of the TWILIGHT script at the LA Times Festival of Books this Saturday, April 25 at 2pm.

You can purchase a copy of the TWILIGHT script (proceeds benefit the Writer’s Guild Foundation) and Melissa will happily sign it for you!

More information can be found here:

Entertainment Weekly tracked down Melissa and asked her about the story on The Wrap about Breaking Dawn being in the works. Looks like Melissa has a whole other point of view because she hasn’t written the script yet:

“The most I’ve heard from Summit is ‘re-read it and start thinking about it.”

Additionally, EW states that More telling, she hasn’t yet received one of the manifestos Meyers(sic) famously puts together before Rosenberg begins turning one of her books into a movie.”


  1. so what does that mean? Re-read it and start thinking about it…i dont get it

  2. i agree, didn’t quite understand that last part. It’s been a long day

  3. She’s talking about Breaking Dawn.she’s saying they haven’t told her if they are making it a movie but told her to reread it and start thinking about it in terms of making a script, ya know?

  4. I think it means that Melissa should start considering what she would put in the script it it does get greenlit.

  5. and as for last part on meyer’s manifesto … evidently stephanie writes out what cannot be changed and guidelines to be followed while writing the script …and melissa hasn’t received this yet …but come on seriously, after all the money they have made on just twilight and all they are going to make with new moon and eclipse they’re going to make breaking dawn…no doubt

  6. I’m hoping that if Breaking Dawn does become a movie, a new screenwriter will step in. MR did not write Twilight’s full potential (meadow scene, absence of integral information, etc.) and I’m sure that Summit can do better now that they can actually choose from any number of screenwriters falling over themselves to helm a Breaking Dawn. Who knows? Maybe the ideal option — Stephenie herself — will happen. Okay, maybe not Stephenie HERSELF, due to her inexperience in writing screenplays…but she could always CO-WRITE it with someone else more film-script-savvy. Who knows.

  7. Are we sure that she actually read the books in the first place? I hope they bring in a new voice as the screenwriter, I wouldn’t mind a Stephenie Meyer manifesto, considering that there was plenty already lost with Melissa’s work you can only guess what the last movie would look like.

    • Ahahahahahahah!!! You took the words right out of my mouth! Yeah, she did an awful job the first time around. 🙁

    • They should not change the screen writer because she already wrote the script and if they get someone else they may just mess the whole thing up so stop being a hater okay.

    • For all of you that have a problem with the screen writer they have now you need to stop hating. I like the movie better then the Twilight book. So i think she did a good job.

  8. I agree. Melissa is not cool.
    Im mad shes doing New Moon, cause NM is my fave.

    She totally butchered Twilight.
    I don’t want her doing BD.

    And who would wanna get a signed script from her?
    I wouldn’t bother.


  9. Alu Rathbone says

    I don’t like her either… but i would like a copy of the script… but no idea where to get it… since i’m not lucky enough to live in LA…

    They need a new script writer for sure!

  10. Ok is everyone like totally forgeting about Eclipse? because i haven’t heard it mentioned at all. why are we already talking about the Breaking Dawn movie? don’t get me wrong i wan’t that movie out REALLY bad but seriously what about Eclipse???

  11. MR is already on the job of Eclipse….what’s to say?

  12. i justt hope they make itt into a movie.
    itt would be amazing if they did ! (=
    & i agree with twilightfan416… no one has evenn talked about eclipse in awhilee.
    we need to startt hearing more about eclipse before breaking dawn.
    all the books/movies are importantt & hopefully the restt of the movies live up to the amazingness of the books ! (=

  13. I don’t want this woman anywhere near the Breaking Dawn script. BD is only going to work with a good script AND good director.

  14. Why are they having her do any more after the first one? Please get a new screenwriter. Unless the director is the one who butchered the movie. Than problem solved we got a new director. But if New Moon is also butchered than why take on MR again. I don’t mind that they have to take out some parts, Small parts. But when you start adding crap and rearranging parts I have a big problem with that.

    • Rachel A. says

      I think it was a team effort of both Melissa and Catherine to make the movie the way it was (aka bad). Since Weitz has some screenwriting experience I am hoping he can repair whatever Melissa handed in for NM.

  15. apart from some of the passion missing from the first film i thought it was pretty good, although for me its the books all day long. currently re-reading eclipse for the 3rd time.
    I would like to see another script writer to have a go and actually portray NM, Eclipse and BD as they should be.
    God I love the twilight saga, it makes an otherwise very mundane life much more bearable.
    Thank you SMeyer x

  16. Leah, Jessica, Sue, Jadey, et al: We are SO on the same page.

    As New Moon is in production, MR’s script is something I try not to fret over. Or even think about. It sounds as if she already has a green light for the Eclipse script. GROAN!! And, it is the stuff of nightmares to think of her hands on a BD script. I choke up just thinking of it.

    Even though I completely blame Catherine Hardwicke for the final version of Twilight, I know MR is equally at fault. The only thought that gives me hope is Chris Weitz. I know for New Moon he is still an unknown. But, several things I have seen have given me hope.

    And, one other major point, when you listen to the commentary of Catherine, Kristen and Rob on the Twilight DVD, you hear numerous times Catherine saying we had to rewrite here and here, etc. We made this up and fixed it later in editing, I wrote this, and I wrote that, we added this at the last minute. We will probably never know if the script was so bad that Catherine raised it up, or did her endless rewrites kill it? With a new director, it is a new recipe (new ingredients). What choice do we have but to sit, wait and watch.

  17. I think it is a good sign they told her to re-read Breaking Dawn and think about what the script will be. You know they are going to make the movie. It really needs a good director, I think a good director could work with the current screen writer and produce a good movie.

  18. I guess I don’t understand why everyone has such a problem with MR. She must be doing something right or why else would Summit still keep her on? Just a thought.

    • Probably because she’s cheap or maybe she has worked with Summit in the past. If she was really that great Chris wouldn’t have had to re-write portions of her script.

  19. She could be working for cheap.

    But in response to a few earlier posts, I don’t hate MR. I just thought the script for Twilight was a train wreck. But, see my comment in post #17 about the script.

    • Ashley has said in an early interview that Chris has re-wrote parts of New Moon. Chris does have experience as a screenplay writer, along with being a producer, director, and knowing his CG. That’s why I was happy Summit picked him. I’m just worried about Eclipse and now BD because you do need a good screenplay, especially for BD. And if the director doesn’t have experience in writing (Catherine)then you’re going to have another Twilight again.

  20. The press release mentions copies of the script will be sold at the event. Does anyone have any idea how those of us nowhere near LA can get their hands on one? I’ve seen them floating around online, but would love to see what the “official” script looks like.

  21. Ever since i heard the rumor about Breaking Dawn going into production and then the movie coming out later the same year i’ve been very scared, because clearly Breaking Dawn needs to be made into two movies. But now i’m feeling a bit releaved with the statement above. Not the part about Summit Telling Melissa to re-read Breaking Dawn but the part of Stephenie’s manifesto. Obvsiously this means that SM has alot of say on what needs to stay in the movie and what could possibly be left out. Which gives me hope that SM will fight Summit on Breaking Dawn being made into a two part movie, because she clearly stated before that she couldn’t possibly see it as just one movie.

    This gives me alot of hope that SM has more to say then what i ever imagined.

    • hey rain,youre comment is great.My question is does anyone remember when they said potter (goblet of fire) should have been made into 2 movies?It cleary became one movie.I feel that b.dawn will only be 1 movie..They will just take the most important parts of the story and leave out all the other stuff.I guess we will see…

    • Rachel A. says

      BD the book is long enough to be made into two movies, but the climax is when Reneesme is born/Bella turning vampire. Before that and especially after that things are slow and there are a lot of details and events that could be cut out. If there was an actual fight (meaning combat) at the end then there would possibly be reason to make BD into two movies.

  22. Hey Twifriends,Really of course they will make breaking dawn into a movie…Lets face it they wont just stop at eclipse.The fans will go bonkers.Summit does a good job of wiring up the fans,they want to make as much money as posssible. Also im sure the cast is willing to make b.dawn, its their money maker(not to sound rude).They are all a very talanted cast and i enjoy seeing them in other movies as well.Cant wait to see n.moon….

  23. Hey does anyone what exact panel Melissa will be at for the Festival???

  24. I think MR did okay. I mean there were parts I did not care for (the field trip into the green house, next to the bus, and the hospital) other than that it was great.

    I understand why so many things were cut out like the bio/ nurse scene. It has happen in every book to film I’ve watched and frankly I don’t mind. I think she did the best possible to combine many aspects of the book into movie form without it seeming lame or corny to twilight fans and newcomers.

  25. I dint’ think MR should be replaced and if there is any reason to believe so then it will be shown in New Moon.
    So sit back relax and enjoy the anticipation leading up to the second movie. 🙂
    (sorry for commenting twice)

  26. I’d be happy to pay $20 for a copy of the script, but the more important question is, WHICH booth or signing area will Melissa be signing the scripts? The festival is spread all over the campus of UCLA, which 419 acres of land. I can’t find her name anywhere on the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books webpage; she’s not listed on the authors page, the exhibitors page, nor on any of the panels or stage schedules.

  27. I think Melissa did a good job with Twilight. I mean it was a 500 page book. Don’t get me wrong i’m a little worried about New Moon since it was all done real fast but still….idk. I think when we want something we really have a passion for, we will always worry about it, right? No matter how “good” the person in charge is because we really want it to be perfect and all.

  28. I really hope they do New Moon, heard they are worried as it is so detailed….just make the movie longer i reckon…

  29. I hope thare is a new moon hopfully with robert and jacob they were so good in twilight


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