Catherine Hardwicke on Twilight

Catherine Hardwicke talked to ABC affiliate KTKA in Texas about her Twilight experience and upcoming projects. Catherine reiterates what has been said before, that she was offered New Moon but turned it down due to time frame.

What’s also clear again, is that fans owe Catherine a huge debt for insisting that the script was rewritten to be closer to the actual novel than the barely recognizable version that she was originally presented with. In our opinion, Catherine’s insistence on going back to the book is what is set this up as a viable mega-franchise and not just another teen flick flop.

According to the interview: “Since I loved the books in a way it made it easier because I knew what made me love it and got swept away by the cool romance,” explained Hardwicke. “I thought how we can put that to screen, because you just can’t do books on tape, because we already have that. We had to make it visual and bring it to life and that’s what I had to dream about everyday on how can I make this scene cool and capture the feeling of the book.”


  1. She rules! Love Catherine! <3

  2. Twifanatic Amanda says

    I love Catherine and anyone below who says she’s just trying to “cash in” on Twilight can suck it. She’s the reason the movie is what it is. If the script had not been rewritten we’d all be rpetty pissed off fans with a barely recognizable version of a book we’re obsessed with. And she’s from Texas like me and I saw her at the DVD release!


  3. “She’s the reason the movie is what it is. ” –> I agree 😀 She’s a fantastic woman

    • Rachel A. says

      “She’s the reason the movie is what it is”

      Yes, I will agree with that. But I don’t think that is a compliment.

  4. Oh please. It’s because of the huge fan base that Twilight was as successful as it was. If Twilight didn’t have that, it would be in the bargain bin right now.

    • Twifanatic Amanda says

      I didn’t say it wouldn’ be successful. I said the fans wouldn’t be as happy with it cause it would’ve been way freaking different <3

  5. Catherine rocks. Her enthusiasm and passion for Twilight is so amazing.

  6. Thanks Catherine!

  7. Sorry, I am glad she had moved on to other projects. I look forward to Chris Weitz’s vision.

  8. With a big thanks to Catherine, need to also thank Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter. From interviews I’ve seen of her, she too wanted to be faithful to the book.

    So can only hope she and Chris can give us the same feeling with New Moon.

    Just another seven months to go…

  9. I guess her vision and mine were different 🙂 However, I don’t think she was in the project to “cash in” on it.

  10. Catherine brought a really enthusiastic vision to the movie. However, given Chris’ background, I’m really excited to see what he will bring. I’ve heard a lot of people freaking out about the fact that he’s a man trying to direct a movie from a girl’s point of view, but his movies (Ex: The Golden Compass!) had a great atmosphere.

  11. Rachel A. says

    I was not a fan of the first movie, I definately believe that the movie was a success because of the fans of the books, not because the movie was great. I also think the movie would have been a lot better in different, more experienced hands (compared to Melissa and Catherine). I go back and forth between blaming Summit, Catherine and partially Melissa (the script was weak, admit it).

    I am looking forward to NM with Weitz as the director, and I am glad that he has some screenwriting experience (so that he can improve on Melissa’s subpar version).

    • I read that he already did improve on the screenplay. Ashley said a couple of months back that he did a re-write, I don’t know if it were the entire screenplay or if he just added/removed a couple of things. I’m assuming the director of Eclipse might have to do the same thing as well.

      I actually don’t blame Summit because funding the movie is the studio’s job and they did do that. It seems like they bought the rights to Twilight prior to it becoming a huge hit, so as far as they were concerned it was just another Indie movie. And from what Catherine said the president of Summit offered her a five picture deal and the Twilight screenplay just happened to be the one she picked. That’s how she became the director.

    • I liked parts of the first movie, that said, I agree with your post. I believe Catherine worked very hard, but her vision just was off. To say she kept to the book is only partly true. I also think the fans of the books carried it way past what it would have done based on it’s merits alone.

      Of course the script that Summit inherited from whoever had the rights to begin with was day and night from the book. And not in a positive way.

      And I’m finally glad someone noticed the script was part of the problem with the first movie. I know, I know, film is a different medium and some changes are unavoidable, but, a person writing an adaptation should know this too. Some lines just don’t work being spoken. One glaring example was the lion/lamb line. Even Stephenie said this was a cheesy line. There are many other examples. They used voiceover well in some parts. Too bad they didn’t use it more.

  12. whats done is done.
    im so over Catherine, the twilight movies done and over
    her 15 minutes of fame should be up by now.
    i honestly done mean o be rude but,
    im sick of hearing about her

  13. With all due respect if your sick of hearing about her, you don’t have to read about her, just skip over it. Just sayin’.

    She had a difficult task to do and I really liked how she pulled it off. I hope Chris is as dedicated as Catherine was.

  14. I loved her as director she really put her heart into it 🙂 and I’m glad new moon will be close to the book and not compleatly differnt

  15. Male Twilight Fan says

    I am glad that they stuck to the book as much as possible. Twilight was the first movie where I had read the book before seeing the movie. The were able to take the essential parts that made of the book and string it together in the movie.

    I got interested in the book because of how Stephanie came out writing it and being a first time author. I have an interest in persuing writing so wanted to know how she did it. Among the four New Moon was my favorite book though to be honest some of the wording in them were cheezy but as I thought about being I am older and a guy who’s never been in love etc. and this is coming from the thoughts of a teenage girl it fits. Two guys. One you know you are in love with while the other who is your best friend who secretly pies away wanting to have a relationship with you AND to be sworn supernatural enemies. I considered how many teenage girls have’nt been in that situation at least once in their lives. One quesition came to my mind, did Bella fall in love with Edward because of his character as a man or as he puts it everything invites her in to him. What’s also interesting is Edward and Jacob do not have any big expectations of Bella and accept her for who she is. Unlike Mike or the girls who want her to kind of conform. A best girlfriend or someone to date. I like that the books have combined a good teenage drama juxtiposed with a bigger supernatural storyline which looks prevelent in many young adult books today. She hit a pulse with alot of readers. It’s been a savy marketing campaign all around with the sale of the books and the relase of the movie. I bought mine at Target haha. I commend the owners of the Lexicon for creating a site that the most update information. You guys are able to find everything. I like the new information on the pre production of New Moon.


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