Stephenie Meyer Speaks to Australian Press

Stephenie Meyer gave an interview to The Courier Mail about her feelings on the whole book to movie process.

“That was when that really hit me [that her book was being made into a movie]. I was sitting there at dinner the first night. Everyone came in costume, because they’d just done a photo shoot. I was like, ‘Wait a minute, these are imaginary people and here they are’ – very weird.”

The DVD is just coming out in Australia and Stephenie’s interview follows recent interviews given by Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene to the Australian press.



  2. 2 days


  3. 2 more days!! can’t wait! & i’m going to the trivia at borders for the release too!

    • My Twilight DVD kept getting scratched, from taking it in and out for case, so it has officially taken up permanent residency in my crappy magnavox DVD player. You might want to do the same, until you’ve watched it was least 20 times or two months.
      Don’t forget the commentary, Robert is hilarious. Oh, and the hidden message: “If you actually watched all the credits you should be treated for OCD…Obsessive Cullen Disorder”
      Once you’ve think you’ve seen it enough, try finding movie mistakes(can find list on-line).
      I’m really excited for you guys…enjoy!!

      • I ended up buying 2 copies. The Target edition with the 3 discs, and the Borders edition with the photo cards so that I can watch the target version over and over again and still have a back up copy if anything bad happens to it! :o) (*knock on wood* that nothing bad does happen to it)

        • Nice! Does Target still have the 3 disc? I have the regular two disc, which doesn’t have the Target special features. Target, here i come!

  4. cant wait to get my copy of the DVD! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever! and i was so excited to see the twilight thing in the paper yesterday 🙂

  5. I got mine last week. I was so surprised. For some odd reason I got mine sent to me before most Aussies. The DVD is amazing. I force my whole family to watch it with me.

  6. Woo, the Courier Mail is the paper from Queensland; my state! I’ll have to look out for that!

  7. I got mine Thurs 16th, don’t know how. I preordered it from Sanity (single disc edition – to get the bonus disc), and Borders (two disc special edition – to enter the competition for all that Twilight merchandise) but I don’t get that one till Wed 22nd.

    I’m also contemplating buying it from Big W (on Blu-Ray, not that I have anything to play it on but because I don’t want to double up on copies) because they have a competition to win a trip for 2 to LA for the New Moon premiere (*freaks out* *wonders how she can rig the competition* :P)

    • I wasn’t a big Blue-ray or HD person, but after watching a couple of Blue-Ray movies (Twilight for 5th time) at a friends house. I would totally recommend getting the Blue-Ray. The clarity of it all is amazing.
      I forgot, does Blue-Ray DVD have different special features than the regular?

  8. Fun article. I love reading new tidbits about Stephenie–like here, the fact that her husband didn’t know what she was writing and was annoyed that she was “hogging the computer.” 🙂

    • If you haven’t already, you should totally check out her website ( Tons and tons of info on there that you’ll love. Examples: “Rosalie was originally “Carol” and Jasper was first “Ronald.” The original title she had for “Twilight” was actually “Forks”.

  9. Stephenie Meyer is such a sweetheart.She’s incredibly amazing.I think of her as my mother.Love you Stephenie!

  10. Where do you download some blue ray movie trailers in HD ?,*.