Jacob Black Doll

EDITED: Stop the Presses! The below just in:

The picture of the three dolls are indeed Tonner dolls, but are all three repaints and the one of Jacob is actually a Basic Matt O’Neill painted to resemble Jacob by a friend of mine. Here is the ebay link(auction now expired) so you can see what I am talking about:

Twilight Poison has scored a look at Tonner Dolls’ latest creation, Jacob Black.

If you want more info on their upcoming line, you can attend the Tonner Convention.


  1. It kinda looks like the Brooke Shields doll I had when I was a kid.


    Like Michael Jackson!!!

    Yet KStew Doll looks at it with lust… no shocker there!

  3. kehacakes says

    I don’t like it. Too pale.

    OMG It does look like Brooke Sheilds!

  4. Keri Lynn says

    I was thinking it looked like the character Gil(member of Hep Alien) from Gilmore Girls with black hair.

  5. JoubertCG says

    not impressed. too pale, too long of a head.
    Edward doll has more color in his lips than this one.

  6. These are the best looking dolls amongst the ones out there.

  7. lirael cullen says

    i like it… it defines what he looks like. and yeah even though the skin is pale that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look native. i’m full native and my skin is light. hmmmm i really like.. except i’ll wait until they bring the dolls for the wolf pack. presuming their going to be turned into dolls or action figures too.

  8. elsie_1994 says

    Really scary. Aaaaaaah!

  9. I like it! I think it looks super good.

  10. lol! brooke shields…. yup. i don’t think it’s scary, though. a little too pretty to be Taylor Lautner, but i think that doll would’ve made an excellent Jacob Black haha

  11. wtf green…blue….hair?

  12. Ummmmmmmm…….No Comment.lol
    He kinda reminds me of Brad Pitt from Interview With The Vampire 😛

  13. Not a great likeness.

  14. I like the look on the Edward doll’s face in the background. Haha but jeez Jacob looks kinda freaky to me! I’ll have to agree with Monica. He DOES look like Brad Pitt in Interview With The Vampire! LOL.

  15. heatherh says

    these look weird.

  16. creepy!!!!!!!

  17. HAHAHA! Totally Brooke Shield’s spawn!

  18. Rachel A. says

    Yes, unfortunately this doll does look like Brooke Shields. And are those grey streaks in his hair?

  19. Hi, unfortunately Twilight Poison is mistaken. This is not a doll that is being produced by Tonner. It is actaully a tonner “Basic Matt” doll that someone has repainted to look like Jacob Black.

  20. hello! I love these dolls! I am so interested in buying them! { for a reasonable price of course!} They are so cute. I’m sure the actors are very flattered – I would be if somebody made a likeness of me. If any one has any info on how to buy these let me know! bye people!!!!!!

  21. Im sorry, but he looks too pretty.

  22. Twilitex57 says

    well that is just creepy!
    who would buy one of these again?

  23. Lunna-san says

    “Edward doll has more color in his lips than this one.”

    I second that. Holy Crow, these doolls are so creepy. And why Edward’s doll has so much lipstick on? Ugh!


  25. Twilight Nymph says

    HAHAHA, LMAO, I agree it does look like Brooke Shields and Brad Pitt in interview with the vampire. LMAO.

  26. No Way....REALLY??? says

    Wait…what? Jacob is a…GIRL?????

    I guess Leah wasn’t really the first one to break the “passed down to the grandsons” thing…


    (P.S. Can someone tell me how s/he does her eyes? I’ve been looking for that sultry-wanna-maul-you look…)

  27. Those are creepy.

  28. twilightgurl77 says

    Wow thats really creepy!!


  30. Um…..horrible! That’s how it looks.It just creeps me out.And what’s with the green hair and pale skin?I think they should stop making anymore dolls.

  31. jane volturi says

    i hope they make a emmett!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I think the pallid complexion is due to the lighting. Look at the hair closest to Bella and his face: it’s green.

    I applaud the effort; it’s a good marketing idea, but it’s really creepy. I wouldn’t want to be created in doll form. :S

  33. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Kat Cassie says

    HE HAS BLUE HIGHLIGHTS. Come on guys He Did better than what most of you would have done. You would make big muscles and better looking than Edward when we all know its about Edward.

  35. OMG, check out the updated post and the eBay link…HE HAS A WIDDLE HAT!!!

  36. Keri Lynn says

    In some of the other pictures it actually looks relatively decent.

  37. I dunno… these are good… but I think this guy is MUCH better… just going on the Edward. http://noeling.deviantart.com/art/Doll-Repaint-Twilight-Edward-118706067

  38. The paint makes it look like he has a broken nose. $750, really? I love the look that the Edward and Jacob dolls are giving each other in the 2nd pic of the trio on the ebay page. It made me laugh.

  39. NezziLautner says

    omtl! i mean i now im team jake 100%… but i dont know if i want this doll. hey do they have one for him like they do for edward and bella at borders yet?

  40. Okay, so does that mean these three are all one of a kind?
    The Jacob doll sold for $750 so that’s what I’m assuming.
    Also, I feel stupid for not realizing they were “repaints” because I noticed that these look a LOT more detailed and accurate.
    On these 3 one of a kind dolls, I noticed that the Bella doll looked actually kind of strained like she should. Like, she actually looked like Bella/KStew as opposed to the original Tonner doll.
    Then the Edward doll changes were obvious. The repaints gave him that plum colored lip stick like he had in the movie and complained about in the commentary and it also gave him the unmistakable darkness under his eyes. Somehow, it made him look all determined and deep too. Just like Bella, the repaints made him actually look like the real Edward/RPattz.
    I think that’s the most thought I’ve put into dolls since I was maybe eight years old.
    But I think that these “repaints” should be the dolls that Tonner is distributing. Not the so-so originals.
    I think, if I had a thousand or so dollars, I would actually buy these three.

  41. Ahahahahahaahhahaa.


  43. That Twilight Girl says

    Holy Jesus, he looks…freaky EEEEKKKKKKKKK!!! Well i don’t really care because i’m a edward fan 🙂 Haha

  44. KatlynCullen says

    the dolls look nothing like them im never going to buy them who ever does is not that smart!!!!!!!!

  45. edward doll is lovely 🙂

    jacob black doll looks okay. Definitely 100% prettier than Taylor Lautner.
    The movie would have been better if they picked a jacob black that resembled this doll (and not Taylor Lautner!).

  46. he sexy in the real movie but UGLY as this doll ewww and wat up wit that gray in hes hair


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