Black Friday, Shopping With Alice Giveaway

Tis the season where people start shopping! We will be coming out with our Christmas Twilight Saga buying guide later this week. We usually get bombarded at Christmas time with people emailing and asking “what do I get my daughter, girlfriend, wife, etc. This year we are going to do a list.

To kick things off we are giving away an Alice doll made by  Tonner Dolls.

The official product description reads(you can also see the full body photo here):

“Ashley Greene Head Sculpt w/ 16” Ballerina Bust Tyler Convertible Body; Amber Eyes with Wigged Hair and Cameo Skintone

ALICE CULLEN is the latest member of the CULLEN clan to join Tonner®’s line of TWILIGHT TCF™s. ALICE arrives wearing a costume reproduction from NEW MOON, and includes a striped blouse with bow tie collar, slim cut twill pants, plush corduroy vest, knit socks, and faux leather ballet flat. ALICE’s CULLEN crest necklace is also included. Includes display stand.”

So, if you would like a chance to get the Alice doll as your very own, just tell us in the comments why you like Alice Cullen. We will pick a random winner on Thursday at 11:59pm est, so you’ll know in time for Black Friday whether you have won or not. As with all of our giveaways where we are in charge of mailing the items out, you can be any place in the world to win.  So it doesn’t matter if you live in Topeka or Kuala Lumpur, we will find a way to ship the prize to you.

A huge thank you to Tonner Dolls for supplying the doll for the giveaway! You can see all their Twilight dolls including Bella, Edward, Jacob (award winner), Victoria, James, Laurent here


  1. I love Alice Cullen because she is graceful, spunky, and kind hearted. 🙂

  2. Crystal DeLeon says:

    I like Alice Cullen because she doesn’t judge people, likes everyone regardless of their past, is super sweet and has great style!


  3. I like Alice because she reminds me so much of myself. I am also hard to rein in when it comes to planning things now if only I looked like Alice id be one happy girl.

  4. I luv Alice because she is sweet, kind, smart, graceful and stylish. Don’t forget funny of course and is not one to mess with if you cross her or her family.

  5. Who *doesn’t* like Alice Cullen? My ADHD self appreciates her impulsivity. She’s clever, fun, loving, and she’s the one person who really goes head-to-head with Edward when he is being unreasonable.

  6. I love Alice because she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. And she was willing to defy Edward and make Bella immortal 🙂

  7. I love Alice Cullen Because Of Her Alliance with her Family and Friends. She is A very caring person and Sweet. Alice is A fighter for whats good and doesnt judge.

  8. I love Alice because she is the most beautiful person ever, she is smart, fashionista (just like me!) 🙂 and she is overall amazing! She is everything I dream to be.

  9. Maria Kaltcheva says:

    I love Alice. She’s always been my favorite character in the twilight saga! Without her the books and movies just wouldn’t be the same! I love Ashley Greene as Alice! They are a perfect match! So fun and spunky and absolutely gorgeous!!! I’d love to own the Alice doll!!!

  10. Kim Hollein says:

    I love Alice because she loves to plan parties and is always positive about everything in life. She’s someone who is always there for the Cullens no matter what.

  11. i dont have any of the dolls so i would love to win the alice doll. im a bella fan myself but alice is my best friend so i have to win this doll….. it would make my holidays so much better. 🙂

  12. I love her sass and her sense of fashion! Plus, Ashley Greene is gorgeous and so sweet. 🙂

  13. I love Alice because she demonstrates herself as a great friend, devoted “wife”, supportive sister, and concerned daughter time and time again! She also has no problem speaking her mind!!

  14. I love Alice because she is the best friend every girl would like to have!

  15. I would absolutely LOVe this as a gift for my four year old daughter. She is the biggest fan of Twilight! We have all three sountracks to the movies. She can hear a song and tell me exactly what is happening in whichever movie it is from! She already has the Bella doll and LOVES her!

  16. StephanieCullen says:

    I love Alice and she is my favourite because she is vital to the Cullen Coven. If it weren’t for her they wouldn’t see when danger was coming. She is smart, funny, quick on her toes and knows how to make everyone feel at ease. She was one of the first ones to make Bella feel like she was already apart of the family. Even though she is small she can do just about anything. Please let me win this Doll, I would be so grateful! Thanks

  17. I love Alice because Alice is one-of-a-kind. Besides that fact that she can see the future, she has a non-vampire sense of choosing the best outfits for anyone, being pleasant without being annoying, being cute without being irritating, as well as being so charming it is hard not to like her and fall for her. Furthermore, she’s small, but she is a feisty one, which makes her even more awesome and a perfect role model.

  18. I love Alice for her deep sisterly love of Bella, her strength in believing in herself, and her feistiness of course!

  19. I love how high spirited she is, always optimistic, cheerful…she’s funny…and she truly cares about everyone….

  20. Honorable Gucci says:

    I like Alice because she’s the typical sister: crazy, curious, would be fun to shop with or have coordinate any party… and she can see the future, how cool is that? =)

  21. I love Alice because I love her happy and bubbly attitude. I also love that she’s a bit smug about her gift. She makes me laugh=) Thank you for this opportunity!

  22. I love Alice Cullen because she´s awesome and she´d be the best kind of a friend.She could warn me of smtg that could happen in the future and give me fashion advice(God knows I need it!).She´s a role model,being so sweet,wise,full of energy and all smiley.

  23. She brings life and comic relief to the books. She is the definition of true friend and cares for eceryone she love. She literally goes to the ends of the earth for her family.

  24. Alice is my daughter’s and my favorite Cullen. She is so funny and light hearted. She always puts everyone at ease with her forsight and confidence in her family and their love for one another. Her acceptance of Bella and Edward’s relationship from the very beginning is unshakable. I’ve even styled my hair after her with the headband and flipped hair. WE LOVE ALICE!!!!!
    I would love to have this doll for my daughter. Money is very tight this year and she will be getting very little for Christmas. This doll will absolutely make this Christmas wonderful for her!

  25. My daughter and I love Alice because she is so nice and spunky. She says what she thinks and is always herself no matter what anyone else says 🙂

  26. She is SO cute, and is the perfect best friend for Bella! =)

  27. I love Alice because she is so sure of herself. She does what makes her happy, and in turn makes those around her happy (even if they are doing something they didn’t want to do)

  28. I love Alice because she is a great best friend and an even greater sister. She is sweet and willing to do anything to save her family (as evidenced at the end of BD).

    Alice, we <3 you!

    • I love Alice because she is loving and sweet while being bold and strong! Having a daughter who in real life is a teen Alice is the kind of girl that I’d want my daughter to bring home.

  29. I love Alice because in spite of being put in an institution by her previous family she still has a heart full of love. She is the eternal optimist and loves her “family” more than anything else. She also makes the best of every situation and chooses to enjoy life to the fullest with bells on.

    She is the best sister, friend and aunt that anyone could ask for.

  30. I love Alice!!! She would be the best friend ever!!
    She’s always up for a good time, but can focus and become a force to deal with!

  31. tammy ramey says:

    i like Alice because even with all of her abilities to tell the future she is still a compassionate and loving person

  32. Why do I like Alice? I don’t! I LOVE HER!! She is the perfect best friend. Caring, compassionate, fun to be around, knows what’s good for you (even if you don’t know yourself). She is talented, spunky, truthful, speaks what’s on her mind and not to mention beautiful (inside & out). How can you not love Alice!

  33. I love Alice’s spunk and individuality!! She is one of a kind!!

  34. I love Alice’s loyalty and her pure (albeit frozen) heart. She wants the best for her loved ones, and she is unselfish in the things she does for them. I’d love to have a best friend like that!

  35. I love Alice’s personality. She’s playful, sisterly, caring, yet strong and willful. She’s also usually a snappy dresser.

  36. I love Alice because even though she has the ability to see into the future she only uses it for the good of others rather than using it for personal gain. Plus who woulden’t want to know someone who could pick out a perfect outfit for you and give you the best birthday party (even if it dosen’t end the way she hoped!)

  37. I love Alice because she makes things happen. Even if she didn’t have the visions, she would still be the go to girl to get things done perfectly.

  38. I love Alice because of all the reasons listed above, but also because she really took Bella under her wing and made her feel accepted. She is a perfect buffer to Rosalie. And I love her determination to protect those she cares about. In NM, she is the only one who comes back to check on Bella, and keeps Jasper and Emmett out of it so they don’t risk themselves. What’s not to love?

  39. I love Alice because she’s so sweet and helpful. I also love her so much that I was her for Halloween this year! 🙂

  40. Alice is the ultimate best friend, sister, or daughter ever! Wouldn’t you love having her in your family as any of the above? I would, she was so faithful and loyal to Bella & Edward when everyone else had sorta given up hope. Alice has to be nearly everyone’s favorite character. Including mine! You are welcome at my house for Thanksgiving Alice (of course with a slight change in the menu! lol)

  41. Alice is my favourite character in the Twilight saga.
    This doll is great!

  42. I love Alice because she is such an optimistic person. Something that can go negative, she makes sure to turn into a positive. Just her hair for instance: it’s a relic of her time in an asylum, yet she turns it into a fashion accessory. But even with her love of clothes, she isn’t shallow; she knows when to turn her attention/efforts to her family.

  43. I love Alice for the unconditional love she has for Jasper…..they are such a sweet couple!!!!

  44. I love Alice for her sense of style and her and Jasper’s relationship!

  45. I love Alice because she is loyal and optimistic.

  46. I love Alice Cullen because she is so full of life even as a vampire.

  47. She is always looking out for the best in everyone. She likes to nurture her family and always wants to show her unconditional love in her unnatural world. She is a true friend and devoted to her family. What more could you ask for in a person?

  48. I Love Alice Cullen!! Everyone should have a sister like her!!

  49. I love Alice because she is so upbeat. She has not had the easiest life but she has such a positive attitude that it makes everyone love her.

  50. I love Alice because she is full of positivity, and she is always there for her family even if its risking her life for them. Also for her conditional love for Jasper through everything that has happened!

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