Taylor Lautner Now a Jacob Tonner Doll

Tonner Dolls, the company that has Edward, Bella, Victoria, James, and Laurent dolls now has added a Jacob doll to the line. MTV’s Hollywood Crush got the exclusive look.

Which Tonner doll do you like best?  We’re kind of partial to the Victoria one.


  1. Victoria looks like Celine Dion more than either of the actresses for… Victoria. Jacob’s is okay considering it’s likeness towards Ken. His skinny elbow freaks me out a little 🙂

  2. How cute and it looks like him too!

  3. Looks like Adam Lamberts face

  4. i think its good, but are his eyes blue?

  5. Still think victoria would have made a fabulous rosalie, rather Rach would have made a beautiful Rosalie! lol They all kinda mesh after awhile.
    Jakes doll is awesome.

  6. bahaha! The arms look ridiculous! And it does have a good face (better than those scary action figures), but it looks too young… reminds me more of a Seth than a Jacob.

  7. Wow those are some skerry arms

  8. He should be tan-ner.

  9. HA! His arms are really weird looking

  10. I think it looks like Adam Lambert.

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