The Host HIt Theatres Last Night; Did you see it?

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Did you see The Host last night? What did you think. Share your opinion with fellow fans.



  1. For the most part, I was very pleased with how The Host turned out. And, much like Stephenie did, I found I was balling my eyes out by the end of it (like I did when I read the book), so I suppose I’d have to grade this movie a B. Everything was done well, the actors were brilliant, and the movie did embody the core aspects of the book. I think the two main things I would change, though, would be the following:

    1. Less scenes with the Seeker. I understand why there were so many (as the movie needed a threat and main antagonist), but I almost felt like they cut to her too much, and the movie became a bit disjointed for the fact. Going to her every now and then was fine, but I didn’t think it was needed after every cave scene.

    I also found it a bit odd that Lacey was nice in this rendition, and the Seeker the bad one (when at the end of the book, you almost sympathized with the Seeker for having Lacey in her head all the time), but that’s not that big of a deal, and I understand why they did it.

    2. Getting into the Souls’ mindset more. To me, the brilliance of The Host comes from the moment you realize there isn’t a black and white right or wrong here. Of course we sympathize with the humans, but as time progresses in the book, you do kind of see how the Souls thought they were doing something good (it’s their code to be kind, generous, etc.), and wonder if we can really blame them for what they are?, etc. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I missed some of the deeper concepts being delved into: like how we value the individual whilst the Souls value the populace. Things like that would have really driven this movie home for me (more than it already did), so I do miss their inclusion a bit.

    Other than those things, I really truly enjoyed this movie, but since there were a few other things I would have changed (not as big of deals, though), I suppose I’ll list them below for the heck of it.

    1. I wanted more of Wanda. I felt like this movie sort of catered to Melanie a little too much (which is understandable, as that would market better). But as someone who ended the book with Wanda as my favorite character, I’m sort of sad we didn’t get to learn more about her (like knowing she was a teacher, that she hated seeming weak, hearing her “Rides the Beast” story, etc). Especially since one of the reason I loved The Host was that originally, like most people, I went into it hating Wanda and the Souls, and was solely rooting for Melanie. Then, though, when I started trying to see it from their perspective (and saw what a dear Wanda was), she became my favorite character in it. As Stephenie designed it, it’s an amazing and beautiful thing to see humanity from the eyes of someone who’s not human, and I miss that. I miss seeing her struggles about what’s right and wrong, and seeing how she gave up everything for her new loved ones and family.

    To that end, I also sort of wish it would have taken longer for people to accept that Melanie was there with Wanda. I get why they shortened the process in the movie, but I do miss all of the turmoil there. Honestly, I guess I would have just done some of the things with Wanda somewhat better. I miss seeing more of her and Melanie’s relationship (they almost seemed too cross with each other in the film, but maybe that’s just me). I miss the confrontation between Jared and Wanda at the end when she was going to kill herself for them, but mostly… I think I miss the Jamie scenes.

    One thing in particular that stood out to me is the scene Jeb gave Jamie the gun in the movie. I was waiting for Wanda to freak out about it, like she did in the book (because if Jamie was on watch duty he’d be in danger), but it didn’t happen. And seeing how the rest of that scene DID happen in the film, I feel like it was a wasted opportunity not to include it. Things like that were key to Wanda’s character and what showed the humans that maybe they were wrong about her, but alas scenes like that weren’t as explored as much as they could have been.

    Yeah… I really wish Wanda and her relationship with everyone would have been explored just a bit more. And I’m a bit sad that it was Melanie telling Wanda advice in the movie, when in the book it was the other way around. Melanie was blinded by her joy at being with Jared again, and wanted to tell him everything. Wanda, though, knew Jared would perceive it as a lie, and was the one to tell Melanie not to react… But that’s not too big a departure, and I can see why they chose to go that route (they had to have Wanda being the one speaking aloud, and Melanie the one in her head. If they’d had too many conversations going on in their mind, it would have been confusing).

    Okay, looking back at it, maybe there are three things I would have changed: less Seeker scenes, more sympathizing with the Souls’ mindset, and more of a focus on Wanda. And though this comment might be a bit of a downer, and make you think otherwise, I DID love this movie. The things they changed I understood, and they did capture the heart of the book beautifully on film.

    If it were me, though, I just would have done things a tad differently. Like, including the scene where Wanderer sees “hope” in the two souls walking with a purely human child. Other scenes, like things with Sunny and Walter, also would have been nice (fortunately, I knew they weren’t in it beforehand, so I didn’t get my hopes up about it), but maybe they’ll include Sunny in the next movie? Stephenie did say she was going to be an important character…

    Once again, despite what this review makes it seem like, I DID love this movie quite a lot. And I’m so happy with how they handled things, and that they accomplished as much as they did. Still, nothing’s perfect, and I hope I illustrated that here without being too harsh?

    Well, with this really long comment, I’m going to sign out! -dreams of going to see The Host again and again and again-


  2. I did. I thought the movie was ok/good. It started off great then started to dwindle a bit. The chemistry between Ian and Wanda wasn’t believable to me, it seemed rushed. In actuality everything in the middle and end seemed rushed. Had I not read the book I would have been confused. Overall, I do think they did a good job in adapting such a long book. Still would like to see The Host 2 made. The ending left me wide eyed and interested in the progression of story line.

  3. I saw it last night, and I have to say, I think they did an excellent job of adapting such a large book to screen. However, I think they could have done a lot better with an extra half hour to develop Ian and Wanda’s relationship and include some more scenes. They did a great job of developing Melanie and Jared’s relationship, and I think all of the actors did a great job with their roles. The sets were awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Melanie’s voiceovers did a lot to lighten the mood with her sarcasm. I will be seeing it again soon 🙂

  4. I agree it was rushed, but well done for the detail that was in the book. I think the part that was the worst done and least believable was when Wanda saw the removed Souls on the table. In the book they were all over the room and it would have looked horrific, I think it should have had the same dramatic horror as the book in that part but it didn’t come close.


  6. I saw it today and thought it was okay. Not great just okay and that makes me sad.
    They did follow the story from the book, mostly, but should have kept it as an adult story. After all it was her first adult novel and to cast young, even teenagers was a miss in my opinion.
    Melanie, Jared, Ian, and Kyle were adults. Then maybe the romantic encounters could have been more meaningful.
    I agree Wanda and Ian’s attraction was rushed so its believability was lacking.
    Also I didn’t like how they did Melanie’s voice in Wanda’s head. There was nothing subtle about it. It was to loud and very annoying.
    They did such a great job with Edward’s voice in Bella’s head during New Moon. It was ethereal. I understand Melanie was angry at times but the way they did it came off as silly and cheesy.
    People were mocking it as I was leaving the
    Theater. It was done poorly.
    I did like the music and I thought William Hurt made a great Uncle Jeb.
    Stephenie wrote specific details and some were graphic or harsh, romantic and real. Why as in some of the Twilight movies don’t they put them in there as they are in the book. It’s like she’s afraid to actually see what she herself wrote and put in the book.

  7. I thought, like everyone else said, the movie was rushed. I absolutely loved Ian and Wanda’s relationship in the book and wanted to see more in the movie. But, I love how they made the scenery. I don’t know if I can really explain it, but let’s just say I couldn’t really imagine it all in the book. I like how they made the souls, the “cave,” the high-tech stuff, the cars. Also, Melanie was pretty funny throughout the movie smart talkin’ to everyone. A lot of people laughed in the theater at those parts of hers. Well, I hope to see a second host soon and rate this an 8/10.

  8. I had a lot of problems with it, and did not rate it highly. It came across (ironically) as soulless.
    While the acting was generally good in a technical sense, the scenes came off as stiff and formal and did not engage me at all. I felt no investment in the story or their characters, something I definitely did feel in the book.
    I felt that the story was so quick that people who haven’t read the book would have trouble following it. Also, the Ian/Wanda relationship had only the tiniest amount of time spent on it, especially considering how important it is to the overall story. I couldn’t buy their relationship, given how fast it developed. I realise that it probably took place over a passage of time, but that was not clear in the movie, especially since they kept intercutting the scenes with all that rubbish with the seekers. Constantly going back and forth between the two was not a good idea and made it seem very disjointed.
    I also though Melanie talked too much, especially at first, and I found her very irritating. I didn’t like Pet either, and I thought the scene where she was introduced was the stiffest in the film. I did not see any chemistry at all between new Wanda and Ian.
    In short the film was a big disappointment for me. Two out of five stars.

  9. I have not seen it yet but plan on it this week, ironically those reviews sound just like Twilights reviews, rush rush rush, was what I heard in those reviews too. It’s sad they never spend any time developing relationships, especially when they have three movies to be able to do it with.

  10. I Loved it!!! And so did my husband. I had read the book and he had not. We both agreed that it was really good. The casting was perfect! I really don’t get the nit picking against this movie. The book was 600+ pages and I read every page. I also have listened to it on audiobook. I love Stephenie Meyers, but honestly, she can be pretty long winded. The movie cuts to the main story; sure some parts were abbreviated; like the fact that in the book Wanderer/Melanie “wanders” in the desert for about a hundred pages. Too long! the movie did the story a big favor by condensing it. GO SEE IT. IT’S GREAT,

  11. I thought it was ok. I love the book so much I had high expectations for the movie. Definitely too much seeker, violence and not enough story line in the caves. What happened to death with a simple pill? So much was missing. I almost think it would have been better to have two movies (don’t know how that would have worked either, but…) I definitely did not like Wanda’s host at the end, Pet. She did not look anything like the description in the book: long, golden, wavy hair, beautiful, resembling an angel. Not even close! Why not? That was the biggest disappointment of the whole movie.

    • Christina says

      I haven’t seen the Host yet and am not sure I want to, but I’ve been keeping track of these comments just to see how everyone else liked it, and after reading this comment I thought “Oh, I wonder what actress plays “Pet”?” and Googled it. Now I’m just confused. Apparently the actress who plays her is “Emily Browning”? Wasn’t there this huge controversy when they casted Twilight because a ton of fans wanted Emily Browning as Bella? Personally I think she looks nothing like Bella, I think Kristen looks exactly as I pictured Bella but LOL it just seems funny they’d cast her as “new Wanda”, doesn’t it?!?!?!?? So Wanda moving forward is going to be played by an actress many people wanted to see play Bella? Confuuuuuused.

  12. I’m sorry that so many of Stephenie’s “loyal” twifans have apparently boycotted her non-vampire movie. It shows in the box office numbers. If even a quarter of her fans had chosen to buy a ticket to The Host, if only to support an author who has given us so much pleasure with the Twilight saga over the years, then perhaps it would currently be described as a modest hit instead of a bomb.

    I saw the film and I loved it. I would give it an 8 out of 10. Ii think Andrew Niccol did a wonderful job of keeping the integrity of the novel. In any adaptation I think you have to judge the movie on what it has not what it doesn’t have. It was a huge book to adapt to 2 hours and he did a great job. So please fellow twifans, if you havent been to see The Host yet, please do it before it leaves your local theater, which could be soon.

    • SM’s fans enjoyed Twilight, but there were many of them who didn’t embrace The Host, even as a novel. I know a number who tried it and couldn’t get through it. Some just aren’t interested in sci-fi. The book didn’t sell as well as the Twilight series, so it was always going to do less business unless it proved to be a phenomenal movie. The general opinion is that this is not the case. I think it’s unfair to suggest that they are not loyal just because that story was not to their taste. That’s the risk an author takes with a new series. Regardless of the merits of the writing, some people just might not find it as appealing.

      • You really can not compare the sale of one book, The Host, to the Twilight series, which was 4 books. I think The Host sold really well, sorry I don’t know the exact numbers.

  13. I saw The Host last night and I really enjoyed it. I almost didn’t go because of the negative things people were saying and I really love the book (maybe even more than Twilight) but I decided I needed to at least give it a shot. I’m so glad I did. I give it a strong A. Things that bothered other people didn’t really bother me. I didn’t mind seeing more of the Seeker and of course Ian and Wanda’s relationship was rushed but I thought they did a solid job shirking down the book. I thought the acting was all solid, I never felt taken out. There were a few things with the Seeker where I was like, “mmm I don’t think that’s how it really works” but it didn’t bother me enough to really detract. I understand why they made the changes they did. I think this film hasn’t done as well because people don’t know where to put it. It’s a sy-fy with an all female lead cast, which I think is awesome, but I think a lot of people don’t know where to put it. My husband, after reading rotten tomatoes, expected the worst movie of all time and he enjoyed it. There were things he thought were cheesy (but to be honest, didn’t bother me) and a few things I explained to him after the movie which helped him understand more but I had to do that with Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight too. If you are on the fence because of negative reviews go and make your own decision. I really enjoyed it and look forward to it coming out on DVD.

  14. I finally saw The Host! Why did no one like this movie? I LOVED it. Saoirse is so, so, so beautiful and such an amazing actress. I saw most of the things I wanted to, and didn’t mind or even notice most of the changes they made (such as making Jamie younger). The only thing that I REALLY, REALLY did NOT like was “Pet”. I’m sorry, but I just don’t find that actress aesthetically appealing, but even if I did, she’s basically the exact OPPOSITE of what Pet should have looked like. Other than that, I loved the movie. I felt real chemistry between Melanie/Jared, Wanda/Ian and loved the way Saoirse made Wanda seem conflicted about her and Ian’s romance. I didn’t feel like it was so rushed as to be unbelievable. I thought Uncle Jeb was great. And who can hate a movie with many shiny Lotus Evora’s in it? I don’t get why this movie bombed…I suppose because if you didn’t read the book maybe it would be hard to follow? IDK.

  15. what i really want to know is… what is the name of contacts that you used for everyone that had a ‘soul’ inside of them?